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Electric Owners: $1000 Challenge to Prove Your Temperature

Would you like a chance to win a $1000 cash prize?  Cryosauna Reviews is sponsoring a cold-challenge!  Simply film yourself testing your electric-chamber’s temperature reaching below -120°F, share a link with us, and you could win one grand in cash!  Here’s the catch: we know that you will not be able to. We have been trying for the past two years to find an electric chamber that gets colder than that.  It is merely out of our concern that we are finally publicizing the problem: electric cryotherapy chamber temperatures are being falsely advertised.

We Tested 8 Electric Chambers

To test the most popular electric chambers in the marketplace we followed a simple procedure: we scheduled appointments and measured the temperatures with two digital thermometers.  We used a Reed C-370 RTD Thermometer and an Omega Precision RTD during the sessions.¹  Each thermometer was held in a gloved hand and kept steady at 8 inches away from the chest.  We required the testers to wear a facemask for protection and to prevent breathing on the temperature probes.  While it was comforting to watch both thermometers perform quickly with highly accurate results the final temperatures were alarming.  This included the electric chambers owned by friends and colleagues.

Our Reviews Are Not Sponsored

Cryosauna Reviews does not make or sell any cryo chambers.  We have independently reported on every cryotherapy chamber on the market, from nitrogen to electrics and now hybrid machines.  What our reporting and study over the past 24 months has found is startling: no electric chamber can reach lower than -120°F degrees in the central area of the chamber.  This is where the client would stand and receive the benefit of the cold air.  Most machines we have tested placed their temperature monitor (thermocouple, thermometer, etc.) so close to the cooling element that it produces a manipulated reading.  The temperature where the person stands is not -160°F or even -150°F.  Some machines did not even reach -100°F, yet the large digital display of the chamber read temperatures much colder.

Did You Buy A Fancy Freezer?

Cryo chamber manufacturers have become adamant on advertising the lowest possible temperatures as part of their marketing.  Consumers have become attracted to the “colder is better” mentality, and ultimately it is the business owner who pays the price.  The cryogenic environment begins at -160°F.  Temperatures that are not that low are by definition not cryogenic.  Unfortunately if you purchased an electric cryotherapy chamber you may have just bought yourself a fancy freezer.  Will it produce results?  Yes.  But did you pay too much?  Probably.

What Electric Cryo Owners Can Do

If you cannot prove that you electric chamber actually performs as advertised there is not a whole lot you can do.  We called 8 manufacturers and asked about their temperature claims and weather or not the client’s position would receive the same temperature air as the installed thermocouple.  None of their responses were satisfactory and it became clear that without industry regulations there is little a consumer can do when a manufacturer misrepresents their product.

As an alternative you can focus on how much a client’s skin temperature drops rather than the interior temperature of the machine.  In our polling it appears that clients are interested in seeing how their body responded to cryo.  If you are able to switch off (or cover) the temperature display it may actually help your business to do so.  Clients will instead focus on their own skin temperatures instead of the digital displays that are misleading.


  1. We initially only used the Reed thermometer and became concerned that it was defective when it would not reach the lower advertised temperatures.  We then purchased the Omega thermometer and tested them side-by-side only to learn that both worked accurately.  It was the chamber that was not accurate.  This launched the beginning of our investigation which lasted over two years.
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Will Cryotherapy Help Your Sex Life?

This Valentine’s Day you may find yourself tempted to buy roses and chocolates for your loved one. But would a trip to a cryotherapy chamber be more romantic? Can cryotherapy help your sex life? Yes, and in more ways than one! Furthermore, cryotherapy and its resulting benefits can help lead you to a happy and healthy sex life and give you the boost that you and your partner need.

Getting freezing cold this Valentine’s Day might just help your sex life.

Inflammation and Sex

One of the greatest frustrations for a healthy sex life is erectile dysfunction (ED). According to Harvard University ED is caused by an insufficient blood flow.¹ This is often caused by inflammation of the endothelial cells that line the inner layer of arteries and veins. In an effort to study how anti-inflammatory medications affect the endothelial cells researchers studied how common NSAIDs affected ED. The question was basic: will an anti-inflammatory pill reduce endothelial cell inflammation and cure ED? Unfortunately not. In fact, it made it worse. According to the American Urological Association not only was the ED made worse, it brought higher levels of endothelial inflammation.²

Exercise and Inflammation

Inflammation as an issue can seriously derail your sex life! Muscle soreness is no fun when you are trying to be intimate with your partner. But one common problem with athletic people is muscle soreness due to inflammation. It is common for people to take an Advil or aspirin after a hard workout, but this can make ED worse in some men. Cryotherapy can provide quick and drug-free relief from inflammation and hopefully remove any need for an after-workout aspirin. Tylenol can substitute for those who still need a bit of pain relief after exercise but who are worried about ED complications as it is not an NSAID.³

Cryotherapy and Women

A woman’s sex life can improve with cryotherapy in a number of ways. Cryotherapy helps build stronger collagen networks, resulting in less wrinkles. The skin benefits alone help me feel better and more confident in myself. Cryo helps me keep a clear complexion and even skin tone over my entire body. After a difficult workout I am often tired and I just want to rest. But after a cryotherapy treatment I am less sore, invigorated with energy, and I feel happy that I did something for myself. This helps me be a better partner with my spouse and maintain a feeling of closeness.

Cryotherapy and Overall Health

Cryotherapy added to an ordinary exercise program can have extraordinary benefits. The first and foremost benefit is reducing inflammation throughout the entire body. Additionally, less sore muscles means less discomfort and an improved desire to work out harder. Healthline reported that exercise can improve a couple’s sex life in 23 different ways. Accordingly this includes benefits that cryotherapy augments, including:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved blood flow
  • Stress Relief

Cryotherapy and Stamina

Stamina is built by stressing the body through exercise and training the body to endure more intense and longer lasting exercise over time. Regular exercise alone builds stamina; however, pairing cryo 2 or 3 times per week helps build stamina because it allows you to work out harder with less soreness. The majority of people who fail at an exercise routine stop working out because of pain or soreness. Cryotherapy reduces soreness and exercise fatigue, so your 30 minute workout can easily become a 45 or 60 minute exercise routine.

How are you spending this Valentine’s Day? A little cold might heat things up!

The Final Valentine’s Verdict?

Most of the time people are conflicted about what to do for their loved one on Valentine’s Day. The best gifts are those that show thought about a future together. Surprise your partner with something he or she may have never tried: whole body cryotherapy! It will be exciting, fun, and you will both laugh at the experience. Regular cryotherapy can help your sex life by helping you reduce inflammation, boost energy, and feel better about yourself. That is a gift any cupid would love.


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Best Cryo Chambers of 2021

After the whipsaw of the 2020 many small business owners are beginning to reopen or restart their business ventures. The whole body cryotherapy market has felt a surge as clients seek out cryotherapy for immune system benefits.¹ Is now the right time to launch a cryotherapy business? Here is our take of the best cryotherapy chambers and cryosaunas for 2021.

How Did We Base Our Decisions?

To keep ourselves objective our findings were based upon measurable features of the cryotherapy machines. We weighed the field to determine our top three choices based upon the following questions:

  1. How much would this machine cost to purchase and run for one year, assuming 20 sessions per month (session base at $35).
  2. In a worst-case scenario what machine provides the safest experience and/or reduces owner liability the most?
  3. Response time of customer service inquiries.
  4. Warranty terms


Known for an abundance of safety features and lowest nitrogen consumption the XR leads the top of the list for cryosaunas. We chose this unit for a handful of reasons:

  • Best nitrogen consumption in class at 3-5 L per session
  • Highly mobile, easy to move room to room on 8 wheels
  • Remote monitoring via cloud software
  • California based support center (very responsive in our tests)
  • Consistent performance and cold temperature
  • Fingerprint security for operator and client
  • Client facing screen showing session statistics and video

Cryo Innovations proved unique in our study also for their ability to scale locations. A single business owner with 4 locations can monitor each chamber simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Additionally every person who operates or uses the chamber must log themselves in with a fingerprint. This provides more safety than any other chamber, and prevents unscrupulous employees from giving away sessions without payment.


The Cryo Arctic has shown great promise, especially in the area of esthetics. It’s cool lines lend themselves nicely to any space. Powered by a nitrogen/electric system the Arctic provides a cold cryo session without any exposure to nitrogen gas. Our other favorite features are:

  • Sleek design available in white or black
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Moveable window that provides for true whole body or partial body treatments
  • Client facing screen displaying remaining time

Two concerns kept the Arctic from the #1 slot: nitrogen consumption is a whopping 12L per session, and it is an expensive machine. Many entrepreneurs have noted that they could purchase two cryosaunas for the price of the Arctic.


The German made LifeCube is an eyecatcher. Standard models have an appealing shape, but LifeCube can design any shape you may like within reason. Available in single or double-room styles, this electric chamber cools down to -166°F. Other features we loved are:

  • Chamber is easily controlled with an app from a phone.
  • Multiple color options available.
  • Surround sound system
  • Automatic door opener

As it is an electric chamber it is categorically more expensive than a nitrogen powered chamber. If pricing concerns are not a problem this may be the excellent addition for your business. One concern we noted is their customer service. We had two staff members contact LifeCube and both inquiries took over 48 hours to receive a response. While not a deal breaker as the company is based in Germany, it may not be comfortable for a business owner who needs help to not receive it immediately.

  1. While cryo itself does not “boost” the immune system it does help people continue to live active lifestyles. This in turn can help develop a stronger body, and potentially a better immune system.
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MMA Fighter Hurt In Cryotherapy Chamber

On November 26, 2020, professional MMA fighter Athena Martinez was badly hurt in a cryotherapy chamber in Syndey, Australia. She suffered severe burns on her legs resulting in large frostbite-type blisters. Her injury required immediate surgery and skin grafts, all documented on her social media and picked up by news outlets worldwide. It is the worst injury made public after the fatal injury suffered in 2015 in Las Vegas. The cryotherapy industry will suffer another setback. It is only a matter of time.

Was CryoMed To Blame For The Athlete Hurt in the Cryotherapy Chamber?

No. CryoMed as a manufacturer is unlikely at fault, but someone was hurt in their cryotherapy chamber. Whenever someone suffers an injury in a cryotherapy chamber the brand of chamber unfortunately receives the blame. All chambers we review are safe to operate, although some have more features than others. The problem is either with the operator acting negligently or the system itself failed, which itself is rare. According to Australian news sources Martinez was provided a six-minute session (i.e., two sessions of three minutes back-to-back).

After Athena Martinez was hurt in the cryotherapy chamber she stated publicly on her Instagram that she was neither told she was receiving a double session nor aware that it was happening. But Martinez is not new to cryotherapy and has used cryo many times according to her trainer and people familiar with the matter. Could a “double session” have even happened? Not according to the manufacturer. The CryoMed has an electric lift that automatically lowers at the end of the 3 minute session. Anyone in a cryosauna would know if the lift was operating. If the double session occurred the lift would lower, stop, and then rise again before the second session began.

Was The Operator To Blame For The Athlete Hurt in the Cryotherapy Chamber?

Why she was unintentionally hurt in a cryotherapy chamber is being debated. It appears the operator was improperly trained or neglected the training provided. 3 minutes in a nitrogen chamber is the industry standard. From our preliminary investigation it appears the operator ran two sessions while Martinez was aware of that fact. But operators can only work on the training they have received. Companies must train their staff rigorously and educate them on why the training matters. Too often we have reviewed training products and found them too simple. This creates a lazy attitude towards cryotherapy and ignores the dangers cryo can present. This event is all the more reason to train your staff well, and train them yourself.

How Dangerous Is Cryotherapy?

Just like any treatment of the human body cryotherapy poses dangers if people ignore proper safety protocols. But the incidence of injury from cryotherapy is much lower than many people think. More injuries happen from treadmills, bicycles, and even tanning beds when people are using them appropriately. Unfortunately cryotherapy receives more attention simply because it is an exotic and sometimes controversial therapy and many people are unaware of how it actually works.

How You Can Talk To Customers About It

This event has been receiving less attention than the Las Vegas death in 2015 of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, but the attention it is receiving is not good. Some manufacturers and reps of electric chambers have used this as marketing fodder, which we do not support. If your customers ask about what happened tell them the truth. Use it as an opportunity to explain why sessions in nitro chambers are 3 minutes maximum. Explain that events like this remind us about why a customer’s skin must be dry and they must wear gloves and slippers. Here are some potential talking points:

  • Yes, that happened, but that is exactly why we always make sure you are dry and that you wear the right PPE. We want to keep you safe.
  • Unfortunately someone was injured, but it only happened because they didn’t follow the rules.
  • This is why we always ask you if you are dry and if you are healthy. Cryotherapy is a serious therapy, and we want you to be totally safe.

Since 2015 our industry has suffered a fatality, a very public injury with Antonio Brown, and now this severe injury to Ms. Martinez’ legs. Be honest with your customers about what is happening, but also assure them that you are doing your best to keep them as safe as possible.

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COVID and the Cryo Arctic

With California and numerous states enforcing stricter COVID rules the question about infection rates has reached cryotherapy. Specifically, how can small businesses that use the popular Cryo Arctic enclosed chamber protect their customers?¹

Is the air inside “safe” without a mask?

Masks Are Never Perfect

Wearing masks for skin protection in cryotherapy is a matter of preference. Some wear masks to prevent cold air inhalation or to protect their lips, others do not. But with COVID making a comeback we must ask: how can we sanitize the air in a Cryo Arctic? If someone with COVID or any respiratory illness does a cryo in an enclosed chamber, how long must the chamber be open to clean the air? What if a person with COVID—who shows no symptoms—infects the chamber before an elderly person arrives?² As a business owner and a medical professional I am concerned for myself and every Arctic owner who is struggling.

Air Quality In Cryo Is The Future

People have been wearing facemasks for nearly a year now, and frankly there is no end in sight. Cryo in the era of COVID now requires hospital-level wipedowns, single-use feet and hand coverings, and facemasks for everyone. Apart from touchpoints cryo consumers have become aware that the air they breathe is concerning. Cold air simply will not disable the virus; there must be an air-out time in between sessions.

What Alternatives Do We Have Now?

For current Cryo Artic owners it may help to keep the door open after a session with a floor fan circulating air through the chamber. Other measures may put your customers at ease:

  • Limit cryo to appointments only to prevent uncontrollable traffic
  • Open all windows and keep the chamber window open when not in use
  • Invest in a hospital grade air purifier
  • Sanitize the entire room with a disinfectant fogger at the end of the day

For small business owners who are uncertain on what type of chamber to add it may be best to review models of cryosaunas that allow the customer to keep their head out of the chamber. The future of our industry is unknown, and investing in an enclosed chamber right now may bring more headaches than anticipated.

What About N95 Masks?

Are N95 masks the solution for cryotherapy? Probably not. N95 masks are effective only if they are fitted and worn correctly. Just buying a box of N95’s is not sufficient. They must be fitted by trained specialists who ensure a correct fit and seal is made. If this was possible nationwide for everyone it would be ideal, but COVID has taught us that it is not. These special masks are most effective in clinical situations by those who are trained to wear them. In a cryo setting a surgical mask or a mask of cloth can provide protection from the cold, but they are not perfect.

This N95 is ineffective as it is too big and not sealed to his face because of facial hair.


  1. I am using Cryo Arctic in this example as it is more popular than other enclosed whole-body chambers. It is not an attack or disparagement of Cryo Arctic at all.
  2. Masks have shown promise in reducing the transmission of COVID when they are worn correctly.
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Do Not Wear Clothing During Cryotherapy!

I love cryotherapy and try to get my cryo in three times per week or more. At home this is easy, but when I travel it can be challenging to find a cryotherapy provider in an unfamiliar city. Despite the challenge I do enjoy trying different chambers and seeing how cryotherapy is growing in the United States. In pre-covid days my goal was to try every chamber and I nearly have. But I noticed a concerning trend in some shops that offered enclosed chambers: people wearing clothes while doing cryo!

How is this cryotherapy? Will this eventually harm the industry?

Wearing Clothes Is Not True Cryo

Cryotherapy is best performed wearing only one’s undergarments. As a woman I prefer a sports bra and my underwear or a bikini bottom. But I am seeing more and more of people wearing outdoor clothing inside the chamber. I recently came across this problem on the east coast where I found a US Cryo C1 Recovery Chamber. I love US Cryo products and was excited, but I saw something very odd when I arrived: two women wearing their clothes inside the chamber! When I asked the operator why they were clothed she gave a conflicting set of answers:

  1. “They said they didn’t like the cold so they were not going to wear their swimsuits.”
  2. “They are still okay because their clothes are loose.”

Specifically these two young women were both wearing the proper PPE of slippers, gloves, and a facemask. But they also had on knee high socks, running shorts, beanies, and t-shirts. The only skin exposed to the cold was their mid-thigh, forearms, and neck. While this could be proper attire for a morning run in city it actually defeats the purpose of doing cryotherapy.

True Cryotherapy Requires Skin Exposure

I love cryotherapy for its therapeutic effects. From a nurse’s standpoint I know that vasoconstriction in a cryo setting simply won’t happen if a person is wearing clothing. The body’s heat will remain trapped–even under a t-shirt–and prevent the cold from doing its work. I personally wear only my undergarments, slippers with low socks, and gloves. That’s it. I want to provide my body with the greatest amount of exposure to the cold to reap the greatest benefits of cryotherapy.

Wearing Clothes Is Bad For Business

From a personal standpoint I can see a cryo business allowing a paying customer to enjoy cryo however they want. But ultimately that is bad for the business. The customer will feel cold but will not benefit from cryotherapy. This doesn’t create a customer who purchases cryo packages or visits multiple times per week. Instead it compounds the problem: the person becomes convinced that cryo is a fad and could even become a harsh critic of cryotherapy, all while never truly experiencing cryotherapy.

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Does Cryotherapy Help Jet Lag?

Will doing cryotherapy help relieve jet lag? People who travel often experience a disruption in their sleep patterns. This leads to poor performance and can lead to poor health if not addressed. With all of the remedies out there, can cryotherapy help jet lag for tired travelers?

Does cryotherapy help with jet lag?

Jet Lag Can Be Relieved with Cryotherapy

“Circadian dysrhythmia” is primarily caused by crossing “two or more time zones. Jet lag occurs because crossing multiple time zones puts your internal clock or circadian rhythms, which regulate your sleep-wake cycle, out of sync with the time in your new locale.”¹ This can cause serious problems for people, especially if they have important business or an athletic competition. Symptoms can be uncomfortable, and according to the Mayo Clinic may include:

  • Disturbed sleep — such as insomnia, early waking or excessive sleepiness
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or functioning at your usual level
  • Stomach problems, constipation or diarrhea
  • A general feeling of not being well
  • Mood changes

Cryotherapy can help immensely with all of these symptoms to reduce or relieve them.

Cryotherapy and Fatigue

One of the quick benefits of cryotherapy is an immediate alertness, similar to taking a cold shower or jumping into a cold pool. Jet lag can harm your ability to function at your top levels, especially if you have a meeting or presentation. For this reason many executives who travel to Europe use whole body cryotherapy to combat jet lag and help them get their job done.

Cryotherapy and Gastrointestinal Discomfort

Many people have experienced stomach discomfort from travel and having their regular routines disrupted. While cryotherapy in and of itself is unlikely to relieve stomach aches it can help with sleep patterns.² This may likely result getting used to the new time zone in less time, resulting in a more regular sleeping, eating, and thus gastrointestinal routine.

Jet Lag and Regular Cryotherapy Treatment

Many peer-reviewed clinical studies have found profound positive effects of having cryotherapy as part of a regular treatment routine. These include:

These studies have furthered the interest in cryotherapy as an addition to a healthy lifestyle. For those that travel often whole body cryotherapy may be effective in helping you feel better from jet lag.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cryotherapy

Rheumatoid Arthritis and cryotherapy
Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause severe pain in joints.

In 1978 Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and cryotherapy connected when Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi invented the first process. Dr. Yamauchi began using freezing-cold temperatures to treat RA in small areas of the body (e.g., hands), and the pain relief became well known. Fast forward 42 years later: patients can now use cryotherapy chambers for treating their entire body. RA is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation when the body mistakes normal synovial fluid and tissue as a foreign invader.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy can help treat the symptoms of RA through its ability to reduce the inflammation response. Researchers believe this is “in part due to the action on the production, release, or degradation of histamine.”(1). Histamine is found in nearly every tissue in our body. Upon release it causes a contraction of smooth muscle tissue and a dilation of blood vessels, often observed as a reddened swelling. As a result people with RA suffer horrible pain by simply doing basic daily routines such as opening containers or tying shoes.

Is it a cure?

No, cryotherapy is not a cure for RA or for any disease. However, cold therapies can reduce pain significantly, and whole body cryotherapy treats the entire person quickly. Cryotherapy works by chilling the body surface down 30-40 degrees to cause a vasoconstriction of the skeletal muscle blood vessels. This pushes the blood to the body’s core to keep the internal organs warm. Because of the sudden and lasting cold the body interprets the situation as a potential threat. The brain releases endorphins and inflammation-reducing enzymes to repair any potential injury. Once the cryotherapy session is over the oxygen rich and nutrient dense blood returns to the surface areas and helps to reduce inflammation naturally. Less inflammation can mean less pain, and increased endorphins in the body add to a more pleasant feeling throughout the day.

Cryotherapy as Routine Treatment

People suffering from RA often develop treatment routines to help them cope with the pain. Many are beginning to use cryotherapy as a part of their treatment regimen three times per week and are reporting significant pain relief. I have personally witnessed RA patients in my practice report decreased pain and (surprisingly) better sleep from not waking up in pain. This improves quality of life and as a drug-free treatment it is easy to add without conflicting with medications.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy and go through the many cryotherapy clinical studies.

NOTICE: Information contained within this website and on all materials, communications, or presentations by Cryo Innovations and Cryo Recovery Lounge is for informational purposes only.  Whole Body Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, hyperbaric chamber, and any and all recovery methods described and/or offered by Cryo Recovery Lounge or Cryo Innovations are neither designed nor advised for treatment or cure of any illness or disease.  No cryotherapy chambers (including the XR) have been tested or approved by the FDA.  Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any cryotherapy or recovery method.  All material contained within this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written permission. All rights reserved. For permissions contact Cryo Innovations.

  1. Wojtecka-Lukasik, E., Ksiezopolska-Orlowska, K., Gaszewska, E. et al. Cryotherapy decreases histamine levels in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Inflamm. Res.59, 253–255 (2010).
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What’s Your Cryotherapy Chamber Worth?

Is your Cryo a Porshe…or a Toyota?

Have you ever thought about what your cryotherapy chamber is actually worth? If your business simply did not work and you had to sell your chamber how much of your investment could you recover? While this is not a comfortable subject it is a necessary one. What if your cryotherapy business fails?

What's your cryotherapy chamber worth?  Logo with frost on it.
What’s your cryotherapy chamber worth?

Do you have an asset or liability?

Spending 40 to 100 thousand dollars on equipment is a big decision. When your business is doing great and you can sell a lot of cryotherapy sessions your chamber is an asset. But what if business stops? Will you be able to sell it, or end up with it in your garage at home? The financial education guru Robert Kiyosaki has taught for over 25 years that “an asset puts money in your pocket, and a liability takes money out of your pocket.” Once you stop making money in cryo your expensive chamber becomes an instant liability.

Best Resale Value – what is your backup plan?

As a consultant I often ask entrepreneurs what plans they have in place if they lose their business. The number one answer is always “I’ll just sell my chamber.” But is it that easy? A quick search on eBay reveals an average of 25 chambers for sale at any given time, and many have been there for months. My search today found (in alphabetical order):

  • Active Cryo (multiple units)
  • CryoMed (two)
  • CryoUSA
  • Impact (multiple units)
  • Juka (multiple units)
  • My Cryo (two)
  • Mobile Cryo units in trailers (three for sale)
  • Revo Mobile

The market for used chambers is already saturated, and none of the units are selling for even half of their original purchase price.

Picture of ebay search window with what is your cryotherapy chamber worth in text box.
A used cryotherapy chamber is not worth much these days….

What’s Your Cryotherapy Chamber Really Worth?

Your chamber is only worth what someone will pay for it, and right now nobody is buying used chambers for more than 50% of the retail price. Chamber pricing models are similar to automobiles: it’s only new until you buy it, and it must be a quality or unique vehicle to hold its value. Once it becomes used the inherent value plummets. The question you need to ask yourself is if your chamber is a quality machine that holds value.

Did you buy a Porshe or a Toyota?

From my personal experience with vehicles I discovered the hard truth of inherent value. I have owned a brand new Porshe 911 and a brand new Toyota Camry in my adult life. When I traded in the Porshe I only lost $14,000 from the original purchase price. But when I traded in my Camry I didn’t even receive half of its original value. The Porshe it turns out is a superior vehicle with a constant market demand, although it was impractical after I had my first child. The Camry was a great family car but for resale it is just too common and simply not a special car.

Compare your cryotherapy chamber with the laundry list of chambers for sale on eBay. There are some models that are noticeably absent simply because they have kept their owners in business or they kept their resale value high and sold quickly.

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Why Start a Cryotherapy Business?

With so many options why start a cryotherapy business? Cryotherapy is one of the newest innovations in the world of health and fitness. It has turned the heads of several fitness entrepreneurs due to its increasing popularity. Professional athletes and trainers rely on cryo to boost their energy and aid in recovery. While cryotherapy provides amazing health benefits to its users, it’s also extremely lucrative for the business owner. Financial analysts project the cryotherapy business exceeding $5 billion by 2025. This is only the beginning for this rising business. Many cities still lack a cryotherapy business in their area and for the moment, it’s still a land grab.

Is Starting a Cryotherapy Business Hard?

Cryotherapy is a plug-n-play business that requires little to no overhead or maintenance costs. After obtaining and installing the machine you can begin selling sessions immediately. Cryo sessions sell for $40, but only cost the owner a total of $5 for the nitrogen used. Therefore, a 3 minute session yields a whopping $35 profit. That alone can work as a business; however, it can also open doors to offering other services for more money.

Is Cryotherapy THAT popular?

Should I start a Cryotherapy Business?  Lebron James in a cryotherapy chamber.
King James in the cryosauna.

You’ve probably seen cryotherapy being used by some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Lebron James uses cryo to continue dominating the NBA. Zac Efron also uses cryotherapy in maintaining and caring for his incredible physique. He even has guests on his fitness show use the cryo chamber after each of their workout sessions. The mainstream attention for this new innovation has piqued the interest of many business owners and fitness consumers, causing a growing market for cryo chambers. Once you have a cryotherapy business in town consumers will be eager to discover what’s behind all the mainstream attention surrounding cryotherapy which will help with marketing.

How Should I Start?

If you’re interested in a cryotherapy business, now is the time to start! It’s so easy to start and maintain that there should be nothing holding you back. Start by first comparing cryotherapy chambers here and reviewing the top performers from 2019.