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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Does Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) keep you from performing at 100% following a workout? This pain is common in all types of exercise, from marathon running to yoga. What makes this pain different from “normal” athletic soreness?

Delayed onset muscle soreness man with sore muscles red black and white photo

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a workout

Different from other types of soreness DOMS results from tiny tears of muscle fibers. These microtraumas are actual tears of your muscles, and they take time to heal. During that healing process there is inflammation causing sensitivity throughout the muscles. Prior thinking in training circles thought lactic acid build-up caused soreness. This was scientifically proven as inaccurate, as reported by Sports Illustrated (click here for the article).¹

Is it soreness or pain from injury?

Pain from exercise comes in two forms: sore muscles or injury pain. Basically sore muscles have a wide area of pain. Injury pain is stinging or stabbing pain in a small area. If you have pain immediately while working out you may have suffered an injury. On the other hand, soreness develops slowly, growing in intensity, until you are in serious pain. Most people simply massage their sore muscles and wait. But athletes who need their bodies to work will use ice packs, creams, stem therapy, and cryotherapy.

Whole Body Cryotherapy for soreness

Cryotherapy takes a space-age approach towards healing and preventing soreness. Instead of an ice bath that takes 20 minutes and is a hassle many athletes are using whole body cryotherapy to help heal soreness in 3 minutes. During a cryotherapy session the chamber fills with cold, dry air that reaches temperatures as low as -230°F. This causes vasoconstriction, which is a squeezing of blood vessels that pushes the blood inward towards the body’s core. The ultra-cold temperatures cause the body to anticipate a shock to the system and respond by preparing the body for healing from the anticipated trauma. This results in a body-hack: the blood is hyper-oxygenated and filled with inflammation reducing enzymes. Once the 3 minutes are over the now-rich blood returns to the skeletal muscles and reduces DOMS faster than any other recovery method.


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Is “breathable air” better?

Breathable air cryotherapy machine with door open in blue, black, and white colors.

Is breathable air better for cyrotherapy? The controversy surrounds the difference between electric and nitrogen based cryotherapy machines. Liquid nitrogen machines chill the air with a cold gas. In contrast, electric machines chill the air in the same manner as a freezer or air conditioner. If you have ever been in either machine you know that breathing becomes noticeable as soon as the cold hits your skin.

What is “breathable” air?

Electric cryotherapy chamber designers use the phrase “breathable air” in their marketing. Sometimes people are afraid that they may inhale liquid nitrogen gas (or “gasiform nitrogen”) in an open-top cryotherapy chamber. But this rarely happens because the person’s head is far above the cold clouds of gas. Nitrogen chamber designers also point out the fact that the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen. Breathing pure nitrogen is not healthy; however, a small whiff of a cloud–such as at Creamistry–will not cause any problems.

Breathable air is harder than you…think?

You are breathing right now, and you have been since the day you were born. But breathing during cryotherapy becomes noticeable as the temperature begins to drop. In the current marketplace you have two options: a chamber powered by electricity alone or by liquid nitrogen alone. Electric cryotherapy chambers are walk-in type of chambers that chill your entire body from head to toe. When I first tried one I was excited as I thought it was a superior method. But I quickly noticed that my breathing was noticeable and that it was VERY COLD air. I did not panic, but the air felt thick and I had to mentally calm myself down.

What is the big difference anyway?

My cryotherapy journey began when my gym bought a nitrogen-based chamber a few years ago. My workout days are the same and I still use that machine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I make my recovery a priority, but my evaluation of different chambers requires an open mind. I like trying EVERY cryotherapy method I find, and they are all pretty good. Whether the air is “breathable” doesn’t matter to me since I am not (and never have) had a problem in an open-top nitrogen machine. What I have noticed is these two major points:

  • Electric machines “feel” colder. When my head felt the cold it made my entire body feel cold. But overall the temp was not as low as what I am used to.
  • Nitrogen machines get the coldest of all but are more comfortable since my face and scalp do not feel cold.

These points seem a bit contradictory: one feels colder but is not as cold as the other. From my clinical understanding the head-in chamber feels colder because my head has all five senses getting cold at the same time. Head-out chambers keep my head warm while chilling me from the neck down so they don’t feel as cold.

Price Points

Blogging in this small field puts me out there. I am approached nearly once a week. Companies want advertising space on this site which we never sell. We don’t do that, so I won’t recommend either type of chamber over another. Instead I will leave you with these facts gleaned from the industry:

  • Nitrogen based machines cost anywhere from 45k to 65k. Most are made in Europe but two are made in the USA.
  • Electric machines cost anywhere of 80k to 150k.
  • Nitrogen machines are roll-in and go. They can operate as soon as they arrive. They do require a vent in small rooms.
  • Electric machines require professional installation and 220 volt power, along with some plumbing.
  • Hybrid machines that use liquid nitrogen gas to make a “breatheable air” environment are not as cold as a pure nitrogen chamber.

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Can I make money doing cryotherapy?

Can you really make money doing cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is popular in professional sports and boutique gyms. But can a small business owner make money doing cryotherapy on a budget? The answer is a big yes! First, cryotherapy appeals to fitness, sports, and beauty-seeking clients. Secondly, there are not many small businesses that can provide a service to that wide of an audience.

Make money with cryotherapy man standing in chamber with pulse oximeter
This unique cryosauna measures blood oxygen levels with the included earclip pulse oximeter in real time.

Can I make money doing cryotherapy by myself?

Many small businesses have started as a cryo-only shop. For example,No Limits Cryotherapy in northern California opened in a strip-mall next to a Safeway grocery store. As a single person operation No Limits has turned a steady stream of customers into a functioning–and profitable–business. The key to making money by doing cryotherapy is locating your business in an area where clients will come to you. Ideal locations are near gyms, yoga studios, chiropractors, spas, and weight loss centers. These locations are already pulling in customers who can easily add cryotherapy to their regular schedules. You may even be able to develop a referral program with these businesses to help one another.

Add cryotherapy to your current business

If you have an existing business you can add cryotherapy to bring in new customers. Businesses often find a point where they have a developed clientele. Adding a new modality can open up an entire new revenue stream. These new customers can then also be brought into your existing services. Bottom’s Up Tanning and Spa introduced whole body cryotherapy and quickly saw a 40% increase in new walk-ins for cryotherapy alone. These clients were quickly upsold into packages of tanning, waxing, and cryotherapy. Bottom’s Up estimates that 1 in 5 new customers call or walk-in asking about cryotherapy. Additionally they offer “Free Cryo Fridays” for new customers to bring them through the door.

Make your cryotherapy free

Many businesses sell cryotherapy sessions for a great profit. However, using specific times and days to give away free cryotherapy results in a higher volume of customers. By all means these owners sell more cryo than they give away. But as an illustration they describe how “freebies” allow them to meet new customers and offer them incentives to become regular members. As a business the bottom line is always controlled by how many people walk through your door.

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What Cryosauna is Right for You?

What cryosauna is right?  Two cryochambers side by side with a man standing inside each.
Choose wisely when purchasing a cryosauna.

What cryosauna is right for you depends on where you will put it in your business. If you have a large warehouse gym with plenty of room then any of these options will work. However, if you have a small space for your cryotherapy chamber then you must decide carefully. Choosing the wrong machine will only produce problems. You must consider nitrogen or electrical supply, venting, and maintenance in determining what cryosauna is right.

What Cryosauana is Right for a Small Building?

Most cryotherapy businesses have only one room for providing cryotherapy. This room must fit the chamber itself and provide enough room to open the chamber door. Additionally you must determine if you will want nitrogen tanks or an electric machine. Nitrogen tanks can be easily delivered and connected. Electric chambers must be professionally installed. They may also require HVAC construction and some plumbing work.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryosaunas are right for small businesses

Small business owners by far choose liquid nitrogen cryosaunas (or cryochambers) because of how easy they are for a startup. Deliveries of the chamber and liquid nitrogen come directly to your door. After uncrating the chamber and plugging it into a standard wall outlet all you need to do is attach the liquid nitrogen and turn it on. This is as easy as attaching a garden hose. The chamber regulates the flow of nitrogen and makes the process automatic. When the nitrogen runs low you can request a delivery and the delivery person will roll the new dewar of nitrogen into your store and remove the empty one. That’s it.

Electric Cryochambers are right for major venues

Electric cryochambers cool the air by a compressor. This is the same way an air conditioner works. Many stadiums use electric chambers because they simply have the room and the budget, and the 220 volt plugs and beefy circuit breakers they require. These chambers are more expensive than nitrogen machines, often costing almost twice as much. Additionally you will most likely have to hire a general contractor, electrician, and a plumber to install the machine. If you are leasing your building this may be impossible.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryosaunas

Liquid nitrogen cryosaunas were designed because of the problems with electric cryochambers. Many small business owners simply cannot afford a $100,000 chamber and hire a contractor, engineer, and maybe plumber. Nitrogen cryosaunas cost half of that and are plug-n-play machines. Roll it in, plug it in, and you are in business. Furthermore, nitrogen cryosaunas are the coldest available, reaching -230°F, while electrics typically reach only -150°F.

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Cryotherapy Chamber Comparison: Aurora vs Juka

Two very uniquely designed cryotherapy chambers that are popular with gyms, medical offices and spas today are the Aurora Cryosauna from Ukraine and the Juka from Poland. Both offer a nitrogen cryotherapy chamber with aesthetic features and modern technology for safety and convenience. Let’s look at each cryotherapy chamber to see how they match up. 

Aurora by Space Cabin

The Aurora offers a unique difference from most cryosaunas–the ability to have just about any color ordered for the outer shell, with a whopping 180 color choices, as well as 12 for the interior upholstery. These cabins can be made wider and taller than their standard build to accomodate large athletes. They offer a double lift platform so that it can hold up to 180kg. It is accompanied by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Aurora

● Quality confirmed by CE certificate

● 10-inch touch screen control panel with simple user interface 

● Daily/monthly/yearly session count 

● Remote diagnostic and maintenance via the Internet (Wi-Fi or LAN cable connection required) 

● Compact footprint: a cryosauna covers only 4 sq.m. 

● Due to modular assembly small cryosauna components can fit through standard doorways 

● Low liquid nitrogen consumption and low power consumption 

● Delivery, assembly and maintenance anywhere in the world 

● Mobile chamber solutions 


The JUKA from Poland is distributed by Cryomachines Incorporated nationwide in the US and select international countries.  The JUKA has a unique design with great looking outer shell aesthetics. There are several choices of design and color to fit your space. The JUKA offers a built-in O2 monitor which sits at the mouth level of your client so that the oxygen is monitored at all times to ensure they do not receive nitrogen, and this reading is sent to the computer digital display for added safety. The JUKA provides a two year warranty.


● Door LN2 Shut off to ensure nitrogen does not escape the cabin while the door is open 

● No Idling between sessions 

● Automatic Timed Shutoff 

● Even cold distribution throughout the cabin for optimal cold exposure 

● Nominal Power Intake: 1.5 KW 

● Electric lift for easy height adjustment 

● An easy to use touch screen controller and fully automated applications, which allows the operator to focus on the client at all times 

● Dual exhaust vents to remove nitrogen from the room 

● Small space footprint for a treatment room 

Both the Aurora cryosauna and the JUKA chamber are state of the art machines made by different companies, and they both look futuristic and advanced and are very well suited to the office, gym or spa environment. There are many more features offered on these two cryotherapy chambers, so be sure to visit their websites below to learn about sizes, safety and purchase options. 


Aurora’s chamber claims that it is CE certified, which alludes to an extra layer of safety that other chambers do not have. All chambers sold in the United States must be UL/CE certified. Aurora’s chamber is not unique or “safer” because of this. Also both chambers have electric lifts, which have been problematic due to the weight-load under sub-zero temperatures. Many manufacturers are incorporating a simpler system of stacking pads for clients to avoid lift complications.

Electric Lifts In Common

Both cabins use electric lift platforms that adjust to account for the height of the client. These systems have one drawback: they break. Fixing a broken lift platform requires a dismantling of the cabin and a waiting period for parts. European systems require international shipping for any broken lifts. Advanced systems, such as Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber use non-mechanical lifts that cannot break: sturdy pads that are stackable for the client to stand on. Sometimes simple is better, especially when a spa has to cancel appointments due to a broken lift.

Broken electric lift after 6 months of use. This will take weeks to have repaired.

The Aurora Cryosauna 

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Cryo°Cabin and Titan Cryo Compared

Here we compare the features of two popular nitrogen cryotherapy chambers: the Cryo°Cabin™, made in Finland by Cryotech Nordic, and the TITAN™ Cryo cabin, from the United States. Both cryotherapy chambers offer thermal imaging options to ensure the safety of the client and high quality remote WiFi operating systems. The Cryo°Cabin offers its features in different size chambers to suit an individual’s stature. The TITAN™ Cryo Cabin offers several chamber options that allow for large and tall persons, such as professional football players to use the chamber in comfort. Below are some of the features that each provides to its users. Both are liquid nitrogen based, both have electric lifts, and both claim to be the safest.

First Up: Finland

The Cryo°Cabin™ offers a low usage of nitrogen paired with a steady ability to treat many clients in a day. It has a sturdy build and state of the art technology for safety. Perfect for the gym, spa or medical facility, the Cryo°Cabin is a cryotherapy chamber that is efficient and strong with smooth Scandinavian design.

Cryotech Cryo°Cabin

Cryotech Cryo°Cabin

  • Wireless-Remote diagnostics and support, 24″ HD operators touchscreen,12″ HD info display for user
  • Patented Tech-Active Vortex Circulation™ cooling safely yet effectively
  • Low Consumption-Precise flow control system
  • Scandinavian Quality- Industrial grade components with exceptional materials
  • Effortless-Smart software providing a fully automated process
  • Intelligent Safety- Active sensors monitoring and detecting in real-time
  • Thermal imaging camera & head sensor
  • Industrial grade automatic electric lift
  • Patented gas circulation for liquid Nitrogen  or Air – consumes 1L per minute
  • De-icing feature guarantees your unit will not freeze when you need it most

The Titan Cryo Cabin

TITAN™ Cryo Cabin features multiple safety features and electronic monitoring of the system remotely. It caters to sports teams that need cryotherapy chambers that work for large build athletes. TITAN serves up modern design and a look that fits any gym, spa or athletic facility. 

Titan Cryo

Titan Cryo

  • Fully Automated Session Controls with remote diagnostics and a 19′′ HD touchscreen Control Panel 
  • Regulated Intake Controls with a balanced Cabin Temperature 
  • Ultrasonic Head Sensor with Auto Stop 
  • Redundant Safety Shut-Off Switches 
  • 1.3L per minute (session average: 6.0L)
  • TITAN has a height 96′′ which allows for client height up to 6’8′′ and 400lbs 
  • Thermal imaging camera with 10′′ display 
  • Fully Enclosed Electric lift 
  • Easy-open door- and a dual emergency shut off for client and tech 
  • Ultrasonic head sensor 

Electric Lifts In Common

Both cabins use electric lift platforms that adjust to account for the height of the client. These systems have one drawback: they break. Fixing a broken lift platform requires a dismantling of the cabin and a waiting period for parts. Finland’s system requires international shipping for any broken lifts. Advanced systems, such as Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber use non-mechanical lifts that cannot break: sturdy pads that are stackable for the client to stand on. Sometimes simple is better, especially when a spa has to cancel appointments due to a broken lift.

Broken electric lift arm after only 6 months of use.
This will require weeks of downtime to repair.

Pricing Comparisons

Titan’s sales team quoted this writer with a price of $65,600. Cryo°Cabin quoted $39,000 for their Standard model, with $1,300 shipping.

Contacting the Manufacturer – Easy or Not?

Cryotech in Finland has one drawback: they are in Finland, which is 7 hours ahead of New York, and 10 hours ahead of California. Their website does not list a phone number of anyone to call, not even a service center. Upon filling out the webform to ask how to buy a chamber Cryotech took two days to respond with an email stating that their sales team would respond in a day. They do have suppliers and resellers of their products in the United States; however, those distributors also have to contact Finland in the event there is a problem. Geographically Finland’s closest neighbors are Russia and Estonia, and while Finland is politically distinct from both the shipping distances from Finland and Russia are similar.

Titan Cryo was easier to reach, although contacting them through the phone number listed on their website led to Google Voice. This resulted in a low-quality call and concerns for the stability of the business. In a spirit of fairness we called this number 3 different times from different numbers throughout the work week. All calls resulted in call-forwarding through Google Voice to personal cell phone or laptop. Most professional cryotherapy companies, spas, and gyms invest in normal phone services.

A Misleading Safety Claim

Upon investigation both the Cryo°Cabin™ and Titan failed in our comparison for a significant reason: their websites both claim that the cabins are in some way certified by Underwriter Laboratories, the global safety certification organization. Titan’s website claims that their Cryo Cabin™ is the “only Cryo Cabin in the world tested and certified to UL standards,” and touts their cabin as having “The most experience and safety.” Cryotech Nordic Cryo°Cabin’s™ website claims that it is “100% CE/UL certified.” While both cabins appear safe these statements are concerning as they purport to assure the user of an additional layer of safety that is only available in their product.

UL has not certified either cabin, only the electronic components purchased by the companies to use in the cabin (e.g., electrical box). This is not special: all electronic components in all consumer machines must be certified by UL to be sold in the United States.



CryoTech Nordic: Unavailable

Titan Cryo via Google Voice: +1(214) 814-0848


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These Money-Saving Tips Are Perfect for New Runners Training for a 5K

For new runners, one of the best ways to start out is to train for a 5K race. Even though running is affordable compared to other sports, in order to train successfully, you definitely have to invest in the right gear. The problem, however, is that high performance often equals a high price tag. An easy way to save money without compromising on quality is to search for promo codes and cashback offers. You can find online offers for everything from shoes and other running basics to the gear you need for different weather conditions. 

This step-by-step guide will help you create and follow a plan that’s right for you while also saving money on everything you need to succeed.

Train with a Plan

Running can be as simple as putting on your shoes and heading out the door. However, without a plan of attack, you’re more likely to encounter a number of setbacks. Experts agree that the best plan for beginners is to do intervals of running and walking. Runners World explains how intervals help you build up to more consistent running, whereas if you try to push yourself too hard at first, you could end up frustrated and even injured. An easy and inexpensive way to start an interval plan is by using a running app. There are plenty of different running apps for every level, and most are free or cost no more than $5.

Strength Training and Cool Down

Your plan is to run a 5K, not enter a bodybuilding competition. That said, you won’t get the best results from running alone. According to Breaking Muscle, strength training reduces your risk of injury, especially when you strengthen your core, hips, and glutes. Plus, building strength makes you a more efficient runner. To achieve the right balance, alternate run days and strength days. 

While you can do strength exercises using your own bodyweight, many new runners feel more comfortable joining a gym so they can ensure they’re targeting the right muscles. To save money on a gym membership, it’s always smart to search for discounts. If you have benefits through your employer, ask if a discounted or free gym membership is included. If you’re a college student, you may be eligible to get a discount with your student ID. Seniors can often take advantage of gym discounts too. For example, if you have a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, you may be able to join a gym for free thanks to SilverSneakers, which provides access to equipment, events, and classes at thousands of fitness centers nationwide.

Whether you’re running or hitting the gym, don’t forget to cool down and stretch at the end of any workout. Along with cooling down, many runners also benefit from using a foam roller to increase blood flow to sore muscles. Foam rollers have become a popular piece of sporting equipment, which means you can often find one for a reasonable price at discount stores.

Dress for Success

This phrase is typically used in the business world, but it applies to athletes too. Instead of a power suit, though, runners need good shoes and clothing that’s made for high performance. Even when you’re on a budget, don’t overlook these “extras” because they can make the difference between a good run and a run that’s miserable. Another savings tip is to determine which items are worth spending more to go higher-end, and when you get away with spending less. For example, having the right shoes is an absolute must for running success, so they may be worth the splurge, whereas you can spend less on things like tank tops and shorts. No matter what you’re purchasing, you can save by using coupons and promo codes from major retailers.

Every runner needs the right gear to be successful, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. There are countless benefits to running — it’s a sport that’s easy to get into, it’s a fantastic way to reduce stress, and the cost of getting started is relatively low. With this training plan and money-saving tips, there’s no reason not to hit the pavement today!
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Zac Efron Heats up the Cold Cryo Chamber Scene

Zac Efron knows how to make cryotherapy fun! Rockin’ a great new look and headed into an ‘impromptu’ dance session in a cryotherapy chamber, Efron does it for his greater good- a better way to healing and recovery. Many Hollywood celebrities are climbing into the cold for rejuvenation, healing from work stress and sports injuries, and to always be looking runway ready.

Earlier this year, Zac sustained an ACL tear injury while he was tearing up the ski slopes, and opted for surgery to correct the major tear and get him on his feet quickly. With post-op recovery physical therapy, he also chose cryotherapy as a way to expedite his healing. Understanding the benefits of cryotherapy for inflammation and injury, Efron delved into the treatments to utilize a more natural way to get him back into shape.

With a group of friends, Efron decided to do his whole body cryotherapy recovery session while dancing with them in the cold, to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by 90s rapper Vanilla Ice. [1] An appropriate way to endure the few minutes of -200 degree temperatures for sure! Efron understands the many benefits of using cryotherapy in his recovery. From muscle inflammation reduction, pain relief and the benefits of nutrients and oxygenated blood that rushes to the extremities after a session; cryotherapy offered a natural and healthy way for Efron to improve after his ACL surgery.

On his Instagram account he shows how he utilized the cryotherapy along with exercise and training to recover and get back his strength. Cryotherapy is a major bonus in wellness and for dealing with pain and inflammation as well as helping to remove post-op toxins from the body. It increases endorphins after a session and can help some people find more restful sleep. Efron says, “Better every day. Taking it literally, 1 step at a time…”

Recovery with whole body cryotherapy is becoming a popular choice for athletes, celebrities and the rest of the public seeking wellness and healing through natural body processes. Lifestyles are changing when it comes to looking and feeling good, and natural ways to treat healing and stay on top of one’s health and fitness are a trend that continues to grow the interests in technologically advanced treatments like cryotherapy.


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The Denver Broncos Kick Into High Gear with Cryotherapy

In 2018, the Denver Broncos completed their upgrade on the team’s training practice facility. They shared how the latest technology in physical therapy is helping their players stay on top in the NFL. Included in their major overhaul, were two whole body cryotherapy (WBC) chambers. “It’s important to give our players the best facilities possible,”Chip Conway, VP of Operations, said. [1]

For a few years prior to the new facility, players were seeing a local chiropractic office that had a cryotherapy chamber, where they could receive the treatments pre-and post workout, to help with inflammation issues, injuries and performance. They understood the importance and value of cryotherapy sessions on their bodies, as well as for their career longevity.

“We’ll actually use it with a lot of the guys Sunday morning before they go to the stadium, so about three hours before kickoff we’ll go through and use the cryotherapy on them because it cleans out any inflammation, soreness that they have, but it also kind of dumps endorphins back into the body,” said Dr. Ryan Tuchscherer, a chiropractor and the co-founder of Cherry Creek Spine and Sport Clinic. “It really gets them amped up and ready to go, versus the old, traditional way of doing an ice bath or an ice tank.” [2]

Healing sports injuries faster and getting players back in the game was a key differentiator for the Denver Broncos in choosing the cryotherapy chamber treatments in-house. When players can do a 3 minute session before a workout, they experience less pain, more endorphins to boost them mentally and the ability to do a more intense workout. Afterwards, they can use the cryo chamber to relieve muscle swelling, joint strain and overall tiredness. Many say they even sleep better at night after using cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy has become a friend to athletes everywhere- helping injuries, speeding the natural healing process and providing a lifestyle fitness opportunity for those that want a long-term health opportunity to improve their athletic performance.



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Leicester City Footballers Know the Winning Value of Cryotherapy

The Leicester City Football Club champions know winning. With over a hundred year history of winning football matches, the team uses every winning strategy at their disposal, especially when it comes to recovery and healthy strategy for the well being of their players. Sports science and healing have moved into the technology spotlight, where players are finding new and cutting edge recovery and training methods to change their game. Cryotherapy is one such opportunity for the team to advance their recovery, their endurance and ultimately their winning abilities.

Dave Rennie, the team’s lead physiotherapist has every player use the whole body cryotherapy chamber (WBC) at least once a day, to recover after a hard workout, as well as improving any injury issues they are battling. “This unit affords us the opportunity to return players to fitness fast. Coaches then get more time with the players to work on the games. It’s become central to a player’s adaptation [their recovery and physical development between matches]. It affects the central nervous system and we notice big hormonal changes in players – changes in mood too.” Says Renne. “From a physio’s point of view I’m impressed with the therapy’s ability to shut down the acute soft tissues injuries much faster.” [1]

Cryotherapy advancements have substantially improved player’s recovery times, and allowed for more intense training sessions. Players such as Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Wes Morgan all find great benefits from treating their bodies with the power of cryotherapy. A cryotherapy chamber takes the body temperature down to -200 or more degrees Fahrenheit, and a player stays in the chamber for three minutes. Upon exiting, the body immediately rushes oxygen rich blood and nutrients from the core to the extremities, directly to the tired muscles and injury locations that are in need of healing. The body uses its natural cold response protective system, allowing for inflammation reduction and endorphin releases to aid the blood systems in returning healing nutrients to the extremities.

Football players are finding that they can recover from injury much more quickly, as well as train at a higher level when using cryotherapy on a regular basis to assist their body in its overall performance. Jaime Vardy believes that the help he receives from cryotherapy has helped him stay in the game and recover from his injuries to go on to become a championship winning player.