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Top 4 Cryotherapy Machines That Do Not Require Dry Out Time

The technological advancement in cryotherapy along with the rise in incidents such as cancer, sports injuries, and cardiac diseases has led to the growth of cryotherapy. In fact, the cryotherapy market is forecasted to grow to $319 million by 2024 from $206 million in 20191.

Subsequently, there are plenty of attractive opportunities in the market thus making the acquisition of a cryotherapy chamber a good investment. These cryotherapy machines that don’t require dry-out time will save you time.

Incorporate Cryotherapy Into Your Salon With These Machines That Do Not Need Dry Out Time

 Buying a cryotherapy machine without a dry-out time will help you serve more clients over a short period thus boosting your profits. Here are the top 4 machines without dry-out time.

Cryo XCTM  

Cryo XCTM  is a cutting-edge gadget that gives whole-body cryotherapy treatments at extremely low temperatures. It has a Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode that boosts the machine’s safety and simplifies maintenance.

Better yet, the thermal contrast cryotherapy mode enables you to lower the dry-out time needed to as little as ten minutes. This means you can have more sessions per day and also enjoy energy savings of up to 30%. Besides, you can prolong sessions and charge more for a higher ROI.

Krion Premium

With more than 20 years in the market servicing over 30 countries, Krion Premium uses the latest technologies and offers safe treatments. Moreover, the use of advanced technology allows you to offer over 100 treatments per day which translates into more income for you.

Krion Premium is designed to use minimum liquid nitrogen while allowing you to cater to a large group of clients. Since it does not need time to dry out, you can work for eight straight hours. Better yet, the machine needs minimal time to maintain and repair.


Cryosense is a pioneer next-gen cryo sauna that offers cryotherapy and heat in the same session. The machine also stands apart with its eight different client modes that allow users to customize their treatment sessions.

With many advanced features, Cryosense satisfies your customers and greatly improves your return on investment. The unit can run constantly without stopping while retaining full evaporation since it has a continuous dry cycle. This reduces monthly downtime by over 20 hours while keeping it safe.


Cryo°Cabin is a whole body cryotherapy cabin with a precise flow control system that minimizes consumption. As a result, this whole-body therapy cabin uses one liter per minute thus saving on costs. In addition, the machine has active sensors and detectors monitoring in real-time to ensure client safety. 

With a de-icing feature, you can expect a long work time and over 100 sessions per day. The maintenance-free sessions and the use of smart software enable you to run treatments with minimal effort.

Boost Your Salon’s Profitability With the Above Cryotherapy Machines Without Dry Out Time

The above machines allow you to run many sessions in a day translating to more clients served and higher ROI. Since the cryotherapy market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10%2, investing in the above machines will boost your salon’s income.

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Top 3 Cryotherapy Machines With 3 Years of Warranty

A warranty guarantees that the cryotherapy machine you purchase will perform as expected. Buying a machine with a warranty will come in handy if the product is defective or needs repair. Here are the top cryotherapy machines with at least three years of warranty.

Cryotherapy Machine Warranty: Our Top 3 Picks

The main challenge faced when acquiring cryotherapy machines is high costs. Consequently, it is imperative to protect your investment by all means. Buying a machine with a warranty is one of the ways to make your investment worth the cost.

The following machines come with 3+ years of warranty

Cryo Innovations XR

Cryo Innovations XR machine is almost synonymous with the word safety. The machine’s design ensures cryotherapy clients are confident about their safety. XR features 8 safety modes including two-fingerprint authorization and emergency buttons to prevent accidents.

The XR prioritizes safety because of previous incidences involving fatal accidents in a cryotherapy chamber due to low oxygen levels1. XR has a pulse oxygen sensor to track a user’s oxygen levels. This makes the machine suffocation-free which prevents incidents like the above case.

XR is a good fit for sports teams, fitness, and physical therapy centers since it is fast and efficient.

Cryomed Pro

Cryomed Pro is a touchscreen TECO-controlled device with an electronic system geared towards reliability and consumer protection. It has an emergency stop button and an accident prevention system to minimize mishaps. In addition, it supports a Wi-Fi connection thus giving access to remote support in case of any faults.

Since the Cryomed Pro focuses on adherence to the best cosmetic standards, you can use it in your medical facility. It is also an excellent choice if you are low on space. With six square meters, you will install the machine and start your operations.

Cryomed Mini

Cryomed Mini is a new generation machine that uses a cold air system to achieve fast and less painful treatments and beauty. In addition, the machine is easy and fast to install and start operating. Due to its small size, you can comfortably transport it using a single pallet.

Compared to standard cryotherapy machines, Cryomed Mini is cheaper to acquire and maintain. However small, you will get a guarantee of high quality just like the bigger Cryomed models.  With CE and Iso certificates, the machine proves its adherence to safety standards.

Start Your Spa and Fitness Center With the Above Cryotherapy Machines With Warranty 

All the above machines have 3+ years of warranty, use nitrogen-cooling air, and come with wifi.

The global cryotherapy market will grow at a rate of 10.3% between 2021 and 20282. With this growth rate, investing in the above machines will give you a return on your investment.

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An Overview of the Top 4 Cryotherapy Machines From the USA

Investing in a cryotherapy business is among the leading profitable ventures now.  By 2020, the cryotherapy global market’s valuation was at $3.8 billion and the growth rate projections show it to grow further1.

This makes cryotherapy a good business to venture into. These top cryotherapy machines from the USA will be perfect for your business.

Top 4 cryotherapy machines from the USA

Designed and assembled in the USA, these machines adhere to all the US standards and regulations. Consequently, their products are of top-notch quality. That said, here are the top 4 cryotherapy units from the USA.

Cryo Innovations XR

Cryo Innovations XR was designed with athletes in mind making it an excellent choice for gyms, physical therapy centers, and sports teams. This machine helps expert athletes as well as those looking to lose weight in recovering post-exercise.

The chamber makes safety its highest priority. With thermal imaging, biometrics, and more than 8 onboard safety features, you can rest assured that your client’s safety is taken care of. Besides, the chamber has an emergency button and a shutdown valve in case of emergencies.


RevoCryo is an excellent fit for small businesses with small spaces and any other businesses that want a portable unit. Although smaller compared to other machines, RevoCryo delivers the same user experience and temperatures as expected at a lower cost.

RevoCryo is easy to use. With a touchscreen, users can simply select a time and set the temperature to start a cryotherapy session. In addition, the wifi connection enables monitoring and sending of alerts in case of any issues. 

M-Cryo Elite

M-Cryo Elite comes with tons of customizable features making it a good fit for all forms of business or for personal use. You can personalize the interiors, exteriors, the sizes, and access various financing options. In addition, users get free after-sale services like installation, delivery, training, and a warranty.

The machine is reliable and efficient making it fit for both low and high-volume operations. The unit can handle up to 20 treatments per hour. Furthermore, the interior is frost-free hence you do not need to dry it during the day.

C1 Recovery

C1 Recovery is a single room chamber that can accommodate 12+ treatments in an hour. It can accommodate two people per session making it an excellent choice for a busy salon or spa. Better yet, this unit will suit your needs, budget, and wellness requirements.

This machine prioritizes customer safety and experience. In place of liquid nitrogen, the chamber uses electric refrigeration. Therefore, it is a whole body, a walk-in system without nitrogen exposure. If you are looking for a nitrogen-free machine from the USA, then C1 Recovery is a perfect fit.

Kickstart Your Salon and Spa Business With the Above Cryotherapy Machines from the USA

All the above machines made in the USA prioritize the safety and user experience of the customers.  Similarly, they are a good fit for entry-level businesses with small spaces and budgets.  

The global cryotherapy market is going to reach 6,727.3 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 9.8%2. Hence, the cryotherapy business is an excellent opportunity for growth. Start your salon cryotherapy business with the above machines from the USA.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cryosense Cryo Chamber

Cryotherapy businesses are highly profitable, and by 2030, the cryotherapy industry will be worth a whopping $392 million.1 If you’re thinking of offering cryo-chamber services, the most important step is getting a highly innovative cryotherapy machine. One that fulfills your business needs and satisfies your customers. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about the Cryosense Cryo Chamber.

Cryosense Cryo Chamber: A Comprehensive Overview

The Cryosense Cryo Chamber is manufactured by CryoUSA. This manufacturer is known for selling technologically advanced cryotherapy machines, and the Crypsesne is no different. It’s a next-gen cryo-chamber that is popular among business owners looking to integrate the therapy services into an existing business. 

When choosing a cryotherapy machine, there are 3 main features that you should consider;


The Cryosense Cryo Chamber is a nitrogen-cooled cryotherapy machine and is the first machine to offer both heat and cryotherapy in one unit. This delivers a contrasting effect that customers love. For instance, a client can opt to start with 30 seconds of heat and then move on to a standard cryotherapy session. They can also choose to alternate between cold and heat during the session for a richer experience. 

This cryotherapy machine also has the ability to target 2 different zones and is the only one with this feature. So, your clients can choose greater cold intensity either on their upper or lower bodies. Alternatively, they can keep constant levels of cold throughout their sessions. 

Safety Features

Cryotherapy safety is one of the main features that customers look out for. This is after a series of accidents that shook their confidence in the cryotherapy industry. The most chilling event was a salon worker that praised the service but was found dead in a chamber the next day.

The Cryosense Cryo Chamber is very safe and comes with safety features such as an onboard O2 sensor to track the clients oxygen levels during the sessions. It also has constant dry technology that allows you to expose clients to lower temperatures without significant risks. 

User Experience 

This cryotherapy machine looks as good on the inside as it does on the inside. It prioritizes client compote and has 8 different settings that allow you to tailor each session to the client’s preferences. This chamber has BMW-grade leather in the interior cabin, while the exterior consists of high-grade PVC and aluminum. It also comes with a flat-screen display to keep clients updated on their session data.

Other Features

In addition to the above features, here are more specifications of this cryotherapy machine;

Efficiency: 5-6 liters per session

Dimensions: 37x68x5 in

Features: WIFI Enabled, Smart Tablet, Self Diagnostic

This cryo-chamber also comes with a 2-year warranty and has financing options.

Is the Cryosense Cryo Chamber a Perfect Fit for Your Business?

The Cryosense Cryo Chamber not only impresses your clients but also increases your return on investment. For instance, it has a continuous dry cycle feature that allows it to run for long periods without breaking down. It also has financing options available, making it easy to acquire.

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A Quick Overview of the CryoDuo Transportable

The cryotherapy market is rapidly growing. It’s estimated that by 2026, it will be worth a whopping $441.09 million.¹ This is why it’s not surprising that more entrepreneurs are venturing into the industry. 

If you’re thinking of starting a cryotherapy business or adding a cryo chamber to your business, you can’t go wrong with the CryoDuo Transportable. Here’s all you need to know about this cryotherapy machine. 

Top Features of the CryoDuo Transportable

Before settling on a cryotherapy machine, there are 3 essential elements that you should consider carefully; performance, safety, user experience, and integration. Here’s how the CryoDuo Transportable ranks;


This cryotherapy machine has impressive features that will help enhance your operational efficiency. It has a quick cooldown feature for starters, and you can set the temperatures as low as -160°C. The CryoDuo Transportable can also run all day, making it perfect for busy locations.

All client sessions use the proprietary Treatment Wheel. It offers 12 treatment options, including skincare, collagen boost, anti-aging, etc. This helps you meet the needs of various clients with ease. 

Safety Features

Cryotherapy chamber safety should be one of your top priorities. This is because cryo-chamber accidents are relatively common and could be fatal. Some athletes such as Antonio Brown have suffered cold injuries in a cryotherapy machine.²

The CryoDuo Transportable has several safety features, including a standard automatic shut-off system. It also has monitoring functionality such as CCTV and oxygen monitoring so that you can keep tabs on your client. In addition, clients only come into contact with breathable air to prevent nitrogen poisoning. 

User Experience 

Rest assured that your customers will be very comfortable with this cryotherapy machine. It comes with a Bluetooth system to keep them entertained throughout the session. It also has bright LED lighting that gives it a cozy look. Most importantly, the interior is exceptionally spacious and luxurious.


The CryoDuo Transportable is a portable cryotherapy machine that can offer mobile services. It’s a 2/3 person dual chamber and is flexible enough to fit in small spaces. Subsequently, this cryotherapy machine is excellent for various businesses including gymnasiums and sports clubs. Thus, you can even use it with a standalone model. Its primary function is to bring cryotherapy services within reach.

This cryotherapy machine is nitrogen-powered but is highly efficient. It also comes in an electric version. 

Should You Buy the CryoDuo Transportable Cryotherapy Machine?

The features of the CryoDuo Transportable are impressive. It’s loaded with safety features to prevent accidents. It’s also highly efficient and could maximize your earning potential. However, your decision should consider your unique business needs or current business model. 

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Top Safety Features to Prioritize When Buying a Cryotherapy Machine

There’s no doubt that the cryotherapy industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. So, if you’re planning on starting a cryo-chamber business, you’re on the right track. Statistics show that the industry is growing at a steady CAGR of 10.3% and will be worth more than $8 billion by 2028.¹ Which is impressive.

If you’re looking for a reliable cryotherapy machine, you should prioritize safety. Yes, innovation and efficiency matter. We, however, advise that you get a machine that strikes the ideal balance between your preferred features and security. 

Cryotherapy Safety: Top 5 Features You Should Look Out For

A few years ago. The cryotherapy industry was beginning to get a bad rep due to the high rate of accidents. Customers would freeze in the chambers while others would get frostbites. In one incident, a salon worker’s body was discovered the next day.

Here are the top safety features you should watch out for. 

Client and Operator Authorization

How many people are authorized to operate the cryotherapy machine? Some cryo-chamber models require the operator to undergo training before they can be allowed to conduct sessions. 

Others like the XR cryo-chamber have a two fingerprint authorization feature. The machine only starts a session after scanning the client’s and the operator’s fingerprints. 

Onboard Oxygen Sensors

Some cryotherapy machines have onboard O2 sensors to keep track of the oxygen levels in the chamber. This then protects the client from suffocation, enhancing their safety. It also protects you from future liability. 

Examples of cryotherapy machines with onboard O2 sensors include the Impact Cryosauna and Cryo Arctic.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are installed to monitor the client’s skin temperature. So, if the temperatures drop significantly, you can immediately stop the session. This then prevents the customer from freezing to death.²

Head Sensors

Head sensors automatically shut down the machine when the head of the client drops below the recommended level. This feature is especially common in models that use nitrogen. It’s put in place to prevent the customer from inhaling nitrogen, which is highly toxic. 

Emergency Buttons

As is with most services, cryotherapy services are unpredictable. For instance, the customer could suddenly fall ill during a session. It could even be that they’ve decided not to complete a whole session. 

When this happens, emergency shutdown valves or buttons will come in handy. They stop the session automatically when activated. The XR cryo-chamber has this feature.  

Enhance Cryotherapy Safety by Buying a Cryo Chamber With the Above Features

The life of your business highly depends on your reputation. Thus, you can’t afford to wing it when it comes to client safety. Instead, you need to pay close attention to the safety features of your preferred model. If it’s not safe for the clients, then it shouldn’t be part of your business. 

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An Overview of the Top Cryotherapy Machines From Russia

Cryotherapy businesses are highly profitable, and according to statistics, the industry will be worth $8.4 billion in 7 years.1 Thus, if you’re thinking of starting one or incorporating a cryotherapy machine in your salon, cryo chambers from Russia are a great place to start. They’re innovative, efficient, and relatively affordable.

Top 4 Cryo Machines From Russia

Krion is the main manufacturer of cryotherapy machines in Russia. They adhere to top manufacturing processes and are constantly working on improving their technologies. This ensures that they produce nothing but the best whole body cryotherapy and cryogenic equipment. 

Here are the top 4 cryo machines from Russia that you should consider. 

Krion Premium

The Krion Premium is specifically designed for use in medium-sized businesses. It can also be used by small enterprises that regularly offer cryotherapy services to a large group of people. It’s highly efficient and uses minimal nitrogen per session.

This cryo chamber can also work for 8 straight hours and rarely requires maintenance and repairs. It comes with an automatic treatment counter that keeps track of the number of clients that have used it.

Krion Minipro

The Krion Minipro leverages cutting-edge technology and has a beautiful design. It comes with automatic features that streamline business processes and features a powerful processor. 

Its features are an expansion of the Krion Premium’s technological features. For example, this cryo chamber does not require constant monitoring and is fitted with a 21.5 inch LCD screen. 

Krion Pro

The Krion Pro cryotherapy machine uses top-of-the-range technology and has a legal cabin compared to the rest. It has a beautiful aerodynamic shape and a sleek internal surface to enhance customer satisfaction.

This cryo chamber pre-cools and dries 2 times faster than the Krion Premium. It also comes with an LCD monitor and has several automatic modes for streamlined business processes. 

Krion Standard

The Krion Standard cryo chamber is affordable, easy to use, reliable, and very powerful. It features a design that will fulfill the needs of small businesses, including spas, fitness centers, and beauty salons. It can also be used in private residences.

This cryo chamber can work for 6 hours straight and only prepares in 5 minutes, making a great investment. 

Start Your Salon and Spa Business With the Above Cryo Machines From Russia

The above cryotherapy machines have 4 main similarities;

  • They’re mobile chambers.
  • They come with nitrogen-cooling.
  • They lack an in-built skin temperature feature.
  • Don’t require a dry-out time.

The cryotherapy market will grow at a CAGR of 6.5%.2 This is, therefore, the best time to start your business, and the above cryo chambers are a great place to start. 

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Top Cryotherapy Machines With an Electronic Lift System

If you’re starting a wellness and medical center you can never go wrong with a cryotherapy machine. Studies reveal that the surgical applications of cryotherapy services are responsible for 71% of the industry’s revenue.¹

Before choosing the right cryo chamber for your business, there are several factors you need to consider. The most important ones revolve around client safety. Consequently, cryotherapy machines with an electronic lift system ensure that the client’s head always remains above the unit. This ultimately protects them from inhaling nitrogen gases.

Which Cryotherapy Machines Have an Electronic Lift System?

In the past, cryotherapy accidents were fairly common. In one instance, a woman died of asphyxia due to low oxygen levels in the cryotherapy unit.² Currently, however, cryotherapy manufacturers have installed multiple safety features to prevent this from happening. This includes the kind of lift system included in the machine. 

There are 11 cryo chambers with an electronic lift system;

We will discuss their main differences based on the features highlighted below. 

Cooling Method

All the above cryotherapy machines use the nitrogen cooling method. For this method, the client is exposed to extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. The technician supplies the chamber with this gas, significantly cooling the air inside.

The electronic lift system is especially important because it prevents the client from inhaling the liquid nitrogen. This gas is natural and even part of the air we breathe, but shouldn’t be inhaled in a pure form. Thus, the technician uses the lift system to adjust the client’s position to make sure their head is above the chamber.

Manufacturer and Warranty

The manufacturers for the above cryotherapy machine include;

  1. USA: M-Cryo Elite and Titan Cryocabin
  2. Poland: Cryoness Cryosauna, and Juka
  3. Ukraine: Cryosauna Aurora
  4. Finland: Cryo°Cabin
  5. France: CryoCab
  6. Slovakia: Cryo XC
  7. Spain: Cryosense

The warranty period varies based on the cryotherapy machine, but they either have a 1-year or 2-year coverage. Cryo°Cabin and Titan Cryocabin both have a 1-year warranty, while the rest of the chambers come with a 2-year warranty. 

Financing Options

Starting a cryotherapy business or integrating it into an existing enterprise is often challenging. Subsequently, there are multiple costs involved, which can be financially draining. The main expense, however, is buying a cryo chamber. The good news is that some manufacturers offer financing options, so you don’t have to struggle. 

The top cryotherapy machines with an electronic lift system and financing options are Cryoness Cryosauna, Cryosense, Juka, M-Cryo Elite, and Titan Cryocabin. This is a wide selection to choose from, so you’ll definitely find a cryo-chamber that suits your unique needs. 


Mobile cryo chambers allow you to offer cryotherapy services without necessarily having physical premises. Therefore, clients make bookings, and you deliver the services right at their doorstep. Stationary cryotherapy machines, on the other hand, are perfect if you already have a physical location.

Thus, the mobile cryotherapy machines with an electronic lift system are; Cryoness Cryosauna, Cryo°Cabin, and the CryoCab.

Getting a Cryotherapy Machine With an Electronic Lift System Will Boost Your Business

When it comes to cryotherapy machines, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Thus, you need to make your decision based on your business needs. You also need to consider factors such as financing, mobility, warranty period, and preferred cooling method. 

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Top Cryotherapy Machines With Available Financing Options

Cryotherapy businesses are highly profitable. It’s estimated that by 2028, the industry will be worth $8.4 billion.¹ One of the main barriers to entry is the lack of financing. Cryotherapy machines are often expensive, and to get started, you either have to look for investors or tap into your accounts.

The good news is that there’s a third option; getting a cryotherapy machine with financing options available. 

Cryotherapy Machine Financing: Our Top 3 Picks

The main challenge of applying for loans to get a cryotherapy machine is the high-interest rates. Partnering with an investor often means giving them part of your business. This is why cryotherapy machines with financing options are such a great option.

Here are our top 3 picks. 

Cryo Innovations XR

The Cryo Innovations XR cryotherapy machine is the epitome of safety features. It has a fingerprint authorization feature that ensures only an authorized operator and user can operate it. 

A while back, a woman froze in a cryotherapy machine after she stayed back to give herself a cryotherapy session.2 This whole body cryotherapy machine eliminates this risk as it requires an operator to be present during all sessions.

It also has an emergency shut down valve that turns the machine off if your client’s head falls below the recommended levels. 

Revo Cryo

The Revo Cryo is one of the best portable cryotherapy machines. Consequently, it allows you to offer your services to clients from the comfort of their homes. You can also purchase it to include cryotherapy services if you have extra space on your business premises.

This cryotherapy machine comes in a compact case that makes it easy to carry around. It also has superior construction with military and industry-grade materials. The Revo Cryo is efficient, has touch screen capabilities, and is easy to use. 

It also has wifi capabilities and a reporting functionality that lets the maintenance team know of any issues. 

M-Cryo Machines

There are 3 M-Cryo machines:

All 3 machines are highly reliable and can handle about 15 to 20 treatments per hour. Consequently, the main difference is in the design and size. The Elite measures 70x84x85 in; the M-Cryo Home is 70x68x80 in while the Ultimate measures 70x60x80 in.

These cryotherapy machines are nitrogen cooled, have onboard O2 sensors, and don’t require a dry-out time. They also come with a 2-year warranty The manufacturer allows for customization, including size, interior, and exterior options.

Cryotherapy Machine Financing Options

If you’re thinking of starting a cryotherapy business but don’t have enough capital, you don’t have to go the traditional route of taking loans or getting investors. You can easily get a cryotherapy machine with financing options available. 

This is especially helpful if you’re thinking of integrating cryotherapy services into an existing business. 

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Cryotherapy Review: Machines With a Thermal Imaging Camera

There have been several cryotherapy accidents, which is why modern cryotherapy machines prioritize safety features. Perhaps the most shocking incident was that of a salon worker who froze to death in a machine. She has recently praised cryotherapy, and her body was found 10 hours later.1

Top Cryotherapy Machines With a Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera helps you monitor the skin temperatures of the clients. Thus, if the temperatures drop below the recommended level, you can stop the session immediately.

Here are the top 3 cryotherapy machines with a thermal imaging camera feature. 


The Cryopod is a highly innovative single-user unit. Instead of cooling the client with direct nitrogen vapor, this machine uses super-cooled air. Some of its most prominent features include;

  • An emergency stop button that allows you to stop the flow of cold air into the chamber.
  • Wifi connectivity  
  • Display screens with real-time client data that allows you to monitor your client’s condition.

This cryotherapy machine comes in 17 different colors, but the manufacturer can create a customized machine to suit your end requirements. 

Cryo Cabin

The Cryo Cabin is one of the most efficient cryotherapy machines on the market. Consequently, it only consumes 1L of liquid nitrogen per minute and can handle up to 100 sessions every day. Some of its features include;

  • An efficient flow system that significantly reduces the amount of liquid nitrogen used per session.
  • Smart software integration that automates most processes.
  • Remote diagnostics feature.
  • Real-time active sensors. 

This cryotherapy machine also has a de-freezing feature that ensures the unit is ready every time you need it and comes with a 3-year warranty. 

XR Cryo Innovations

The XR Cryo Innovations is perhaps one of the safest machines in the market, which is why it’s preferred for sports recovery. The manufacturer has invested in a variety of safety features, including;

  • A fingerprint authorization feature that needs the prints on an operator and a user before you can start operating it.
  • Operators have to be present during cryo sessions for enhanced client safety.
  • The door has a proximity sensor that shuts down the valves once it’s open.
  • A pulse oxygen sensor that helps you monitor your client’s vitals.
  • Emergency shutdown button.

This cryotherapy machine has a built-in billing solution that allows you to conveniently send out invoices. It also has a multi-location management feature if you have a cryotherapy business franchise and a financing option if you’re just starting out. 

Are Thermal Imaging Cameras the Future of Cryotherapy Machines?

The cryotherapy industry is expected to be worth a whopping $8.4 billion by 2028.2 This consistent growth can be attributed to the enhanced safety of cryotherapy machines. The above units have a thermal imaging camera that allows you to monitor the client’s skin temperatures, making it easy to stop sessions in case of emergencies. 

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