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Jason Kidd and Maverick Cryotherapy

NBA all-star and coach, Jason Kidd is the cryotherapy Mavericks pioneer, being the first player on the team to use cryotherapy and introduce it to other players. With his extensive playing history and forward move into coaching, Kidd knows the toll that NBA games take on a players body.

Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd (right) strained his right calf early in Dallas’ win over Utah. It’s not yet known how severe the injury is.

With injury troubles and intense workouts preceding the playoffs, Kidd was began using the power of cryotherapy to aid in his recovery. He found relief from inflammation and began regular cryotherapy sessions from that time.

The cold sessions speed up the metabolism, stimulating nutrient and oxygen distribution. These regular session reduce chronic pain and exhaustion from intense athletic performance. With the immune system boosted and inflammation reduced, athletes like the lasting effects of cryotherapy, as it is a non- invasive way to treat the body well without medication. The endorphin effect is another part of the cryotherapy experience that athletes find to help their mental and competitive state of well-being.

Having cryotherapy readily available in the Mavericks’ locker room has been an important part of the team’s recovery process, with every player having the opportunity to speed their workout and post-game recovery as well as to aid in many court-sustained injuries to joints and muscles immediately following injury.

Pain management and the healing qualities of cryotherapy have ‘changed the game’ for the Mavericks and for Jason Kidd. He has become a proponent for cryotherapy in sports locker rooms everywhere. “…The big thing is that it is going to be in every locker room and probably on every campus because of what it does to the body and how you feel and the success rate it’s had so far.” [1]

Jason Kidd knew that cryotherapy could help he and his teammates throughout their basketball careers with joint, tendon and muscle recovery and “Jason called cryotherapy the Mavs’ “secret weapon.” [2]

For athletes in any sport, the benefits of cryotherapy can increase recovery time after workouts, promote reduction in swelling, muscle strain and pain relief, as well as provide a powerful health recovery treatment that can be used regularly in athletic training.



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Cold Gold – Mo Farah Takes on the Cold to Win the Gold

Andy Lyons/Getty Image

The celebrated distance runner, Olympic & World Champion Mo Farah, knows what endurance and recovery are really about when it comes to the expectations a winner puts on their body. As the most decorated athlete in all of British history, watching him on the track is something one will not forget. Strength, stamina and speed are defined in this amazing athlete.

Keeping Pace-Run, Race, Renew & Recover

Training at the Nike Oregon Project with trainer and marathon champion Alberto Salazar, Farah began utilizing cryotherapy as a recovery and health treatment. The trainer coaches several Olympic medalists including Farah and Galen Rupp, and found that the intensity of running needed a recovery method that could keep pace with the training.

The Cryotherapy Basics

A cryotherapy chamber uses liquid nitrogen, cooling the chamber to lower than 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Farah stands in the chamber for 3 minutes, a dry-cold 3 minutes, with bathing suit and feet covered, while the body is cooled rapidly. As the blood moves to the core, which is a simulation of temporary freezing, the blood takes on more oxygen and nutrients to combat the cold, and the body organs flush toxins quickly.

When Farah leaves the chamber, his body recovers to a warm normal temperature and the experience is one of an endorphin flood, so as to elevate the mood. The oxygen and nutrient rich blood rushes to the extremities, the depleted muscles and tired joints experience a reduction in inflammation, stiffness diminishes and the blood surges the muscles with needed nutrients. These healing effects often last for days, according to the athletes who know the advantages of regular cryotherapy sessions.

Mo Farah uses whole body Cryotherapy to help speed up his recovery and get back to training faster.

Cryotherapy is considered to be one of the fastest non-invasive ways to heal from physical depletion after training or competition. Athletes that face extreme challenges with injury and extensive workouts have found cryotherapy to be on par with fast recovery in their respective sports. The ability to ‘bounce back’ becomes more difficult as continual stress is put on the body, and using cryotherapy offers a multitude of benefits for workout recovery and supported healing for a healthy lifestyle.

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How to Speed Athletic Workout Recovery

Minutes of Cryotherapy & Seconds Sprinting

The name Usain Bolt immediately conjures a vision of the man who is arguably the fastest sprinter we have ever seen. The name ‘Bolt’ certainly seems fitting. His incredible Olympic records as a nine-time gold medalist, and world record holder in 100m, 200m, and 4×100 meter relays sets him apart from all other sprinters in the world. His amazing dominance in his sport as the only sprinter to win titles at three consecutive Olympics for 100m and 200m has him hailed as the greatest sprinter of all time.

Though retired as a competitive athlete in Olympics, his amazing abilities in sprinting have often caused many to ask what type of training and therapy he utilized to stay on top of his sport. It is nearly an impossible task to take on that dedication to a sport over decades without finding exceptional training and competition recovery type physical therapy.

Though retired as a competitive athlete in Olympics, his amazing abilities in sprinting have often caused many to ask what type of training and therapy he utilized to stay on top of his sport. It is nearly an impossible task to take on that dedication to a sport over decades without finding exceptional training and competition recovery type physical therapy.

It became a well known fact, that Usain Bolt chose cryotherapy sessions as one way to recover from the strain and body stress of sprinting. He used a mobile cryo-chamber at the 2012 Olympics to help aid with a back injury. Deemed faster and more effective than traditional ice bath treatments, the freezing cold temperatures knocked out the joint and muscle pain and created the perfect physical internal environment for recovery to happen quickly. For the intense professional athlete, cryotherapy has become a widely used recovery modality for individual athletes and sports teams alike. Benefits that athletes commonly experience include: Fast and long lasting pain and inflammation relief, boosted circulation and blood system rejuvenation, increased mental and physical energy, relief from fatigue and the ability to return to intense training much faster, along with efficient injury healing.

Athletic Agility Advantage

Road to recovery: Usain Bolt crosses the finish line to win the 200 meters in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on Tuesday. | AP

You may not be ‘Usain Lightning Bolt’ but workouts and competitions deplete any athlete’s core and injuries can slow down your whole body workouts and competition preparation. Cryotherapy has effective post workout and training benefits that work on inflammation and injury, as well as help to facilitate workout recovery. The advantages of cryotherapy include being able to have whole body cryotherapy sessions on a regular basis to keep the body performing at its peak.

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Football, Fitness, and Fame – Where Body Balance Changes the Game

FIFA World Cup player and England’s popular professional footballer Jamie Vardy, has had a rapid and sometimes rocky climb to success. As he continues to break records and be a very important part of his winning Leicester City team, he revealed the ups and downs he’s experienced in his sport. Being a critical player to his British team and a star around the world, Vardy admits that it hasn’t all been as great as it looks on the field, and he has experienced some setbacks with his body and the toll the sport has taken on him physically.

He experienced some hip injuries and pain during matches in the last few years, and needed to take a physical therapy break to prepare himself for his next field challenges. He thanked the Leicester City team management for making an important investment in a cryotherapy chamber for the team and helping in his recovery.[1]. The chamber changed the game for Vardy. Spending time in the cryotherapy chamber became a critical healing option to get him back on the field.

He experienced some hip injuries and pain during matches in the last few years, and needed to take a physical therapy break to prepare himself for his next field challenges. He thanked the Leicester City team management for making an important investment in a cryotherapy chamber for the team and helping in his recovery.[1]. The chamber changed the game for Vardy. Spending time in the cryotherapy chamber became a critical healing option to get him back on the field.

His hip issues were debilitating enough to keep him out of the game for a time, and with regular sessions he could reduce swelling and inflammation and recover faster. This goes a long way for a footballer to be able to heal and then strength train before major competitions on the field. His cryotherapy made a world of difference in his upcoming performance as he broke the Premier League record for his goals scored in consecutive games. The therapy helped him manage his pain and improve his healing time.

How Cryotherapy ‘Matches’ Up in the Game

Reversing acute soft tissue injury and strain, coupled with faster healing has been the message from many professional athletes across all sports, when it comes to their performance following cryotherapy sessions. Trainers that work daily with these intense athletes like Vardy, are seeing serious health results for their clients. The rapid muscle recovery following regular cryotherapy use will be more important than ever for Jamie Vardy, as he recently signed on for another 4 years with Leicester City, until 2022, and he will be 35.

As the body ages into the 30s for a professional athlete, it undergoes more critical stress from hard workouts on muscles, tendons and joints. Flexibility is reduced and recovery time lengthens. The healing response is slower. With cryotherapy, the cold temperatures pull the blood into the organs, and upon resuming a normal body temp, the blood, oxygen and nutrients rush to the extremities for optimum potential. The cold of cryotherapy has a major impact on injury inflammation as well, reducing recovery time for athletes.

Certainly the 3 minutes of cold is something of a minimal endurance test, but nothing in comparison to the lasting benefits of cryotherapy that they take onto the field for several hours of intense physical endurance. Jaime Vardy has some serious competition ahead of him in the next few years and he has taken the advantage of cryotherapy with him into his next multi-million dollar contract.


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The Cold Facts: Shaquille O’Neal’s Comradery with Cryotherapy

The Superstar basketball athlete and fun celebrity that is THE famous Shaquille O’Neal, very publicly shares about the ways that he has worked on his body and any sustained injury, the way he challenged himself physically, as well as his personal pressure to keep himself at the top of the game for so many years. Training, therapy, fitness products and techniques were all part of his experience and helped him to become the ultimate all-star player. One such choice he has shared- his great affinity for cryotherapy. Over time, he discovered that going from traditional ice bath treatments for post game recovery and injury issues to the modern sophistication, speed and direct benefits of cryotherapy made a marked improvement in his ability to push his body to the limits.

Performance and Exercise Recovery- Breaking it Down and Building Up

Shaq has been an outspoken proponent of cryotherapy across the media and web. His famous cryotherapy chamber sessions[1] have been seen by millions and created a buzz among athletes as to the powerful recovery that it can offer. It has become a mainstream athletic lifestyle for a large range of professional athletes including Shaq, who are taking to cryotherapy in regular sessions for the incredible benefits to up their game and help to improve their workout recoveries.

Cryotherapy chambers are available in spas, gyms and athletic training centers all across the US, with hundreds of locations for anyone to experience a session. Athletes like Shaquille have discussed the many health benefits that cryotherapy can offer and all the ways that it has changed their workout routines.

What it is and what are the benefits

Cryotherapy began as an ancient practice that involved the use of ice baths to reduce inflammation, help in injury and inflammatory illness recovery. Today, with the advanced technology of a rapid deep cooling cryotherapy chamber, the temperature is reduced to a deep cold up to minus 200 degrees or more for several minutes by utilizing liquid nitrogen, and within the chamber, the body is encapsulated in a short term cold session that reduces pain from muscle and joint inflammation as well as endocrine and lymphatic system support.

The cryotherapy chamber systems are technologically advanced and provide for a quick, healthy treatment. Whether one uses cryotherapy for injury or intense workout recovery, the session provides a rush of blood from the organs to the extremities when stepping out of the chamber, providing healing nutrients and oxygenated blood to the muscles and tissues. The cold effect reduces pain and swelling and releases endorphins which elevate mental clarity, often lasting for days, according to users.

The lasting effects of inflammation reduction allow for tougher workouts and the ability to sustain in a competitive sports game when dealing with a tired body or an injury. Cryotherapy has become an invaluable tool for professional athletes and a mainstream treatment for anyone in competitive sports.


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The Perfect Match – Cryotherapy and Tennis for the Win

Novak Djokovic has risen the ranks of the tennis world and become the number 1 seed with his charismatic and controlled tennis skills. The road to the top has been an extremely challenging but rewarding experience, as Novak seeks every edge he can find to stay on top of his world wide championship game. One of his competitive recovery advantages includes the use of whole body cryotherapy called WBC.

The top three players in the men’s tennis world- Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer battled back and forth for the #1 position in the Grand Slam for years. Novak Djokovic’s performance against Federer, Rafa Nadal and many others has proven to be extraordinary. While Nadal suffered from repeated injuries and was carrying a large muscle mass from working out which ultimately may have been causing injury to the young player, Novak saw the distinct advantages of being light and limber like Roger Federer. Djokovic had age advantages, but Federer was a naturally talented athlete and Novak needed to find his rhythm, form and a physical training advantage to beat him. Arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Federer was a mirror for Djokovic to find a reflective master of the game within himself. He found more than just potential, and has become one of the greatest players to ever touch the Grand Slam courts.

Intense matches take their toll on every part of the tennis pros’ body. Recovery can take a long time after a grueling battle, and being able to bounce back and train for a match the very next day, is critical in tennis. Cryotherapy is helping to change the speed at which a tennis player can be prepared for another match. Both Djokovic and Nadal effectively utilize cryotherapy after their games, for faster recovery and to relieve injury pain in order to rise in the tennis ranks and be more competitive against Federer, as well as against each other.

Tennis champions understand the finite details of physical limits and attaining higher strengths when going up against their rivals. In 2018, when the Madrid Open included a cryotherapy experience for the players, it was a game changer for many. Nadal and Djokovic routinely began using WBC in the subsequent years on a regular basis for their post competition recovery. Djokovic found the enormous benefits of cryotherapy sessions helped to change his ability to play harder, workout more and ultimately stay on top in his tennis game.

Why Cryotherapy?

According to the journal, Frontiers in Physiology, physiology and medical experts across the globe detail the in-depth benefits of cryotherapy. “Nowadays, whole-body cryotherapy is a medical physical treatment widely used in sports medicine. Recovery from injuries (e.g., trauma, overuse) and after-season recovery are the main purposes for application. However, the most recent studies confirmed the anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, and antioxidant effects of this therapy by highlighting the underlying physiological responses. In addition to its therapeutic effects, whole-body cryotherapy has been demonstrated to be a preventive strategy against the deleterious effects of exercise-induced inflammation and soreness.” [1]

Novak Djokovic and many other professional athletes have found the advantages of cryotherapy session treatments to markedly improve their body and their game, in a fast whole system recovery method that is changing the face of sports and athletic endurance at a rapid pace.


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Cristiano and Cryotherapy – How a Few Minutes a Week Can Change the Game

Considered as a top player in the world, Portugal’s National Team Captain Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredible example of athletic football (soccer) talent. As an international star on and off the field, Cristiano has kept no secrets from his huge fan base when it comes to how he takes care of his health and maintains his ongoing talent.

While in Madrid, Ronaldo tried a cryotherapy session and it changed his view on workout and game recovery. He realized the incredible benefits for his body after strenuous games and knew it was something that he wanted to have in his daily life.

Cryotherapy was so effective for a fast recovery time, helping his body to be pain free, energize his muscles and restore the nutrients and oxygen flow to his body that he decided to purchase a cryotherapy chamber for his home. He uses the chamber at least twice a week and the benefits show in his incredible performance on the field.

The Cold Facts for a Fiery Performance on the Field

A cryotherapy chamber session only takes 2-3 minutes, and drops the body temperature rapidly. The hands and feet are protected, and men wear a bathing suit. The extreme cold of the nitrogen is a ‘dry cold’ which stimulates the body’s immune system and improves muscle regeneration, while reducing injury inflammation. Upon stepping out of the chamber, the blood system returns the flow in a rush to the extremities, bringing with it the highly oxygenated blood, the lymphatic and blood nutrients and charges into the sore muscles and tendons. Many people have mentioned the energetic effect of a positive mental state after cryotherapy sessions, that lasts for some time.

The body recovers from depletion and strain from intense workout or competitive sports, with a fast and lasting energy, helping athletes like Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo to have longer or more frequent training workouts and improve their game.

Goals- Body, Mind and Sport

The benefits of cryotherapy sessions certainly show on the field, when a footballer can lead in his sport with the endurance and talent that Cristiano Ronaldo shows. Professional athletes across the globe are embracing the use of cryotherapy as a safe and effective way to improve their recovery times, heal from injury and aid in their performance. Reaching goals, staying healthy and achieving superior performance in sports takes the right kind of therapy for the body and mind. Cryotherapy is one valuable avenue to athletic performance that professional athletes choose to be at the top of their game.

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LeBron James and Cryotherapy

With a long and extraordinary career in basketball, LeBron James has set record achievements in sports and is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. In his lengthy career. LeBron has returned from physical injury countless times to go on to make history and set records. His workout routines and health and lifestyle choices make athletes everywhere sit up and take notice. It’s not everyone who can continue to attain so much athletic success when pushing their body hard for so many years.

It’s all about balance. From working hard, to restoring the body, it takes a balance to achieve optimum physical success in any sport. With the extreme physicality of running, jumping, reaching and maneuvering quickly, the chance of sustaining injury on the court is a constant threat. With players experiencing ankle, knee and back injuries, as well as repeated shoulder and wrist strain, basketball is taxing on many parts of the body and has a plethora of regular injuries, even to the players in the best physical condition.

LeBron James has made it no secret that he absolutely supports and encourages the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Although not the first professional athlete to attest to its many benefits, LeBron doesn’t hesitate to share his positive experience with his audience and the world. Competitive edge in sports is often critical to the ability to stay on top, winning and longevity as an athlete. Utilizing cryotherapy on a regular basis, LeBron has expressed the value of injury recovery, inflammation reduction and the internal chemical endorphin release and circulation benefits for his body from the cryotherapy sessions.

Longevity in such an active and demanding sport such as basketball is rare, and LeBron is considered to be one of the best at it. His firm belief in investing in his body has significantly changed his game. In order to effectively treat injury and recover faster as well as increase the overall health of the musculoskeletal system, he regularly utilizes cryotherapy treatments to stay at his physical best. Mike Mancias, Lebron’s trainer and recovery specialist is very clear on LeBron’s training and healing. “Recovery never ends”, “it’s the number one focus”, says Mancias. [1]

The (WBC) Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber Session- what can it do?

The chamber drops the body temperature to a cold approx. -200 degrees Fahrenheit. For 2-3 minute sessions. The effects are immediate- relief of muscle pain and joint stiffness, reducing inflammation and the lactic acid in the body, while speeding up recovery from extreme physical exertion by allowing the release of endorphins and nutrients rushed throughout the body by the bloodstream.

The continued use of cryotherapy sessions has shortened recovery times for athletes after training or a game, and has vastly improved how they heal after an injury is sustained. As cryotherapy chamber usage continues to grow in professional sports such as basketball, the strength and longevity of athletes will also continue to improve and create a better competitive edge when coupled with the right physical training and mental attitude.


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Steph Curry – Athletic Performance and Healthy Choices with Cryotherapy

The Warriors basketball team shooting star, Steph Curry, has become a champion spokesman for the use of whole body cryotherapy and its many attributes for professional athletes. He says, “It is an opportunity to take care of my body.” And he is more than right, any athlete looking to take optimum care of their body and benefit their performance can reap the benefits of cryotherapy. His reasons for cryotherapy sessions is to “recover faster” from workouts and post game fatigue. According to Curry, he tries to hit the cryo-chamber at least once a week.

What it Does

When the brain believes it is briefly in ‘survival mode’ because of the cold, the heavy blood flow in the body centers at the core, and releases nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Although it is a very temporary state for the body, when removed from the chamber the blood rushes to the rest of the body and brings nutrients and oxygen to the limbs as well as other muscles, creating a healing boost while the inflammation from cold reduces the joint, tendon and muscle pain. Recovery time is reduced, pain and injury are relieved, and an endorphin release elevates the mental recovery as well.


Being an MVP and champion in basketball can take a heavy toll on the body, so that recovery takes a long time, and with constant training and back to back games like Steph Curry often experiences, finding ways to accelerate the recovery and improve performance is paramount to staying on top in professional sports. Ice baths were the standard for decades, but they were not very effective and didn’t allow for long term relief. The cryotherapy chamber sessions changed all that by speeding whole body recovery and enhancing inflammation relief while improving mindset.

For The Athlete in Us All

As athletes, whether weekend trekkers, daily gym goers, or world record marathon runners, we can all benefit from the use of cryotherapy. It is a quick session that is cost effective and widely available today. Whether you have an injury or are looking to benefit your athletic performance, cryotherapy offers real time recovery benefits and is a great part of the athlete’s arsenal of tools for performance, healing and lifestyle.

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Kobe Bryant Chooses Cryotherapy for Better Health

Kobe Bryant has been an early adopter of cryotherapy for athletic healing and injury recovery. He began his experience in Germany in 2011 when he went for several innovative treatment types to explore new ways to heal before the treatment had found its way to the mainstream U.S. market.

Having a painful injury to his knee that wasn’t recovering effectively, Kobe first tried plasma therapy injections for healing and then complemented the treatment with several cryotherapy chamber sessions while overseas. Upon his return to the U.S. and the basketball seasons that followed, he began using whole body cryotherapy (WBC) to help him recover from grueling workout sessions as well as post game recovery. The experience helped him to recover faster, heal faster, and be in much less pain from his chronic injury issues.

Whole body cryotherapy became a popular mainstream health treatment option during these subsequent years, because athletes like Bryant had the foresight to explore the potential of its effects for professional sports players. With whole body cryotherapy chamber treatments, the
numbing effects of the cold, coupled with the rush of nutrients in the bloodstream to the affected areas helped Bryant to push his game to the next level.

Inflammation relief and full body workout recovery with cryotherapy slowly became widely accepted in the US when Kobe first started to understand its benefits, and others followed. As time went on and more cryotherapy chamber options became available, the entire Lakers team had cryotherapy sessions to improve their health and performance.

Kobe Bryant found that inflammation reduction, nutrient distribution and pain relief through cryotherapy was a successful way for a high performance athlete to stay in the game and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Today, cryotherapy chambers are being purchased by many sports teams as well as by the athletes themselves, for personal use. The drive to achieve even greater heights as a professional athlete, to be able to endure more years as a top level performer has been touted by many to be because of the overall health benefits and lifestyle choice of regularly utilizing cryotherapy as part of their whole body fitness regime.

Superstar athletes as well as high- performance sports and fitness achievers have discovered the many varied benefits of utilizing cryotherapy on a regular basis to maintain their athletic lifestyles.