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MMA Fighter Hurt In Cryotherapy Chamber

On November 26, 2020, professional MMA fighter Athena Martinez was badly hurt in a cryotherapy chamber in Syndey, Australia. She suffered severe burns on her legs resulting in large frostbite-type blisters. Her injury required immediate surgery and skin grafts, all documented on her social media and picked up by news outlets worldwide. It is the worst injury made public after the fatal injury suffered in 2015 in Las Vegas. The cryotherapy industry will suffer another setback. It is only a matter of time.

Was CryoMed To Blame For The Athlete Hurt in the Cryotherapy Chamber?

No. CryoMed as a manufacturer is unlikely at fault, but someone was hurt in their cryotherapy chamber. Whenever someone suffers an injury in a cryotherapy chamber the brand of chamber unfortunately receives the blame. All chambers we review are safe to operate, although some have more features than others. The problem is either with the operator acting negligently or the system itself failed, which itself is rare. According to Australian news sources Martinez was provided a six-minute session (i.e., two sessions of three minutes back-to-back).

After Athena Martinez was hurt in the cryotherapy chamber she stated publicly on her Instagram that she was neither told she was receiving a double session nor aware that it was happening. But Martinez is not new to cryotherapy and has used cryo many times according to her trainer and people familiar with the matter. Could a “double session” have even happened? Not according to the manufacturer. The CryoMed has an electric lift that automatically lowers at the end of the 3 minute session. Anyone in a cryosauna would know if the lift was operating. If the double session occurred the lift would lower, stop, and then rise again before the second session began.

Was The Operator To Blame For The Athlete Hurt in the Cryotherapy Chamber?

Why she was unintentionally hurt in a cryotherapy chamber is being debated. It appears the operator was improperly trained or neglected the training provided. 3 minutes in a nitrogen chamber is the industry standard. From our preliminary investigation it appears the operator ran two sessions while Martinez was aware of that fact. But operators can only work on the training they have received. Companies must train their staff rigorously and educate them on why the training matters. Too often we have reviewed training products and found them too simple. This creates a lazy attitude towards cryotherapy and ignores the dangers cryo can present. This event is all the more reason to train your staff well, and train them yourself.

How Dangerous Is Cryotherapy?

Just like any treatment of the human body cryotherapy poses dangers if people ignore proper safety protocols. But the incidence of injury from cryotherapy is much lower than many people think. More injuries happen from treadmills, bicycles, and even tanning beds when people are using them appropriately. Unfortunately cryotherapy receives more attention simply because it is an exotic and sometimes controversial therapy and many people are unaware of how it actually works.

How You Can Talk To Customers About It

This event has been receiving less attention than the Las Vegas death in 2015 of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, but the attention it is receiving is not good. Some manufacturers and reps of electric chambers have used this as marketing fodder, which we do not support. If your customers ask about what happened tell them the truth. Use it as an opportunity to explain why sessions in nitro chambers are 3 minutes maximum. Explain that events like this remind us about why a customer’s skin must be dry and they must wear gloves and slippers. Here are some potential talking points:

  • Yes, that happened, but that is exactly why we always make sure you are dry and that you wear the right PPE. We want to keep you safe.
  • Unfortunately someone was injured, but it only happened because they didn’t follow the rules.
  • This is why we always ask you if you are dry and if you are healthy. Cryotherapy is a serious therapy, and we want you to be totally safe.

Since 2015 our industry has suffered a fatality, a very public injury with Antonio Brown, and now this severe injury to Ms. Martinez’ legs. Be honest with your customers about what is happening, but also assure them that you are doing your best to keep them as safe as possible.

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Cryotherapy Machines from Finland: An Overview of the Cryocabin

Designed specifically for commercial use, the CTN Cryocabin from Finland is a great choice for your business. This cryotherapy chamber has a great design, it’s safe, easy to install and operate, and comes with excellent customer service. The exquisitely crafted chamber comes with a sturdy carbon film exterior wall and a wood interior. Let’s dive a little deeper and look at an overview of the Cryocabin.

Overview of the Cryocabin

Space and Mobility

The CTN Cryocabin aims to give the user the best experience possible without them feeling too cramped. It is a small enough machine to fit into most standard doorways without any strain. Each unit also comes equipped with rollers that are incredibly handy when lugging around the 415 kg machine. This makes it easy to take it to expos, trade shows, and even make home visits for clients who prefer a more homey experience. The units typically come in either grey or white colors.

Precise Cold Diffusion

This cryo machine evenly distributes the cold through the chamber’s multi-directional sprayers. With this, it can control the flow of air and provide the client with a directional spray that suits their preferences. It also makes adjustments to the airflow so that users don’t have to keep rotating for even air distribution. This feature ensures that your clients don’t experience any focused cold air on their feet which typically causes a stinging sensation.1  

Cryocabin Safety Features

The CTN Cryocabin comes with two cooling options, liquid nitrogen or liquid air. While they are both safe, liquid air advocates claim that it is the safest option since liquid air is essentially gas that has been condensed.

Finland imposes strict quality standards that are among the highest in the world and each Cryocabin unit has to meet these standards before it can be shipped.

Here are some of the criteria that the cabin must meet:

  1. The backpressure has to be completely self-regulating to enable it to operate with tanks whose pressure ranges from 22 to 28 psi
  2. In the event that a user lowers their body below the manufacturer’s recommended level, a sensor should be able to detect this, stop the gas, and suck out all the gas already in the chamber to keep them safe.
  3. The cabin’s software should be able to detect the location of the user’s head. The cabin must be at a height that offers optimal levels of comfort.

This chamber also comes with 100% breathable air and emergency shutdown to ensure its user’s safety should anything happen.

Cryocabin Price and Efficiency: Is It Worth the Hype?

This cryotherapy machine is one of the most efficient chambers in the market, consuming an average of 1L per minute. It also comes with a warranty of up to 3 years and can provide more than 100 sessions per day, making it perfect for busy premises.

Links to sources used

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COVID and the Cryo Arctic

With California and numerous states enforcing stricter COVID rules the question about infection rates has reached cryotherapy. Specifically, how can small businesses that use the popular Cryo Arctic enclosed chamber protect their customers?¹

Is the air inside “safe” without a mask?

Masks Are Never Perfect

Wearing masks for skin protection in cryotherapy is a matter of preference. Some wear masks to prevent cold air inhalation or to protect their lips, others do not. But with COVID making a comeback we must ask: how can we sanitize the air in a Cryo Arctic? If someone with COVID or any respiratory illness does a cryo in an enclosed chamber, how long must the chamber be open to clean the air? What if a person with COVID—who shows no symptoms—infects the chamber before an elderly person arrives?² As a business owner and a medical professional I am concerned for myself and every Arctic owner who is struggling.

Air Quality In Cryo Is The Future

People have been wearing facemasks for nearly a year now, and frankly there is no end in sight. Cryo in the era of COVID now requires hospital-level wipedowns, single-use feet and hand coverings, and facemasks for everyone. Apart from touchpoints cryo consumers have become aware that the air they breathe is concerning. Cold air simply will not disable the virus; there must be an air-out time in between sessions.

What Alternatives Do We Have Now?

For current Cryo Artic owners it may help to keep the door open after a session with a floor fan circulating air through the chamber. Other measures may put your customers at ease:

  • Limit cryo to appointments only to prevent uncontrollable traffic
  • Open all windows and keep the chamber window open when not in use
  • Invest in a hospital grade air purifier
  • Sanitize the entire room with a disinfectant fogger at the end of the day

For small business owners who are uncertain on what type of chamber to add it may be best to review models of cryosaunas that allow the customer to keep their head out of the chamber. The future of our industry is unknown, and investing in an enclosed chamber right now may bring more headaches than anticipated.

What About N95 Masks?

Are N95 masks the solution for cryotherapy? Probably not. N95 masks are effective only if they are fitted and worn correctly. Just buying a box of N95’s is not sufficient. They must be fitted by trained specialists who ensure a correct fit and seal is made. If this was possible nationwide for everyone it would be ideal, but COVID has taught us that it is not. These special masks are most effective in clinical situations by those who are trained to wear them. In a cryo setting a surgical mask or a mask of cloth can provide protection from the cold, but they are not perfect.

This N95 is ineffective as it is too big and not sealed to his face because of facial hair.


  1. I am using Cryo Arctic in this example as it is more popular than other enclosed whole-body chambers. It is not an attack or disparagement of Cryo Arctic at all.
  2. Masks have shown promise in reducing the transmission of COVID when they are worn correctly.
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Do Not Wear Clothing During Cryotherapy!

I love cryotherapy and try to get my cryo in three times per week or more. At home this is easy, but when I travel it can be challenging to find a cryotherapy provider in an unfamiliar city. Despite the challenge I do enjoy trying different chambers and seeing how cryotherapy is growing in the United States. In pre-covid days my goal was to try every chamber and I nearly have. But I noticed a concerning trend in some shops that offered enclosed chambers: people wearing clothes while doing cryo!

How is this cryotherapy? Will this eventually harm the industry?

Wearing Clothes Is Not True Cryo

Cryotherapy is best performed wearing only one’s undergarments. As a woman I prefer a sports bra and my underwear or a bikini bottom. But I am seeing more and more of people wearing outdoor clothing inside the chamber. I recently came across this problem on the east coast where I found a US Cryo C1 Recovery Chamber. I love US Cryo products and was excited, but I saw something very odd when I arrived: two women wearing their clothes inside the chamber! When I asked the operator why they were clothed she gave a conflicting set of answers:

  1. “They said they didn’t like the cold so they were not going to wear their swimsuits.”
  2. “They are still okay because their clothes are loose.”

Specifically these two young women were both wearing the proper PPE of slippers, gloves, and a facemask. But they also had on knee high socks, running shorts, beanies, and t-shirts. The only skin exposed to the cold was their mid-thigh, forearms, and neck. While this could be proper attire for a morning run in city it actually defeats the purpose of doing cryotherapy.

True Cryotherapy Requires Skin Exposure

I love cryotherapy for its therapeutic effects. From a nurse’s standpoint I know that vasoconstriction in a cryo setting simply won’t happen if a person is wearing clothing. The body’s heat will remain trapped–even under a t-shirt–and prevent the cold from doing its work. I personally wear only my undergarments, slippers with low socks, and gloves. That’s it. I want to provide my body with the greatest amount of exposure to the cold to reap the greatest benefits of cryotherapy.

Wearing Clothes Is Bad For Business

From a personal standpoint I can see a cryo business allowing a paying customer to enjoy cryo however they want. But ultimately that is bad for the business. The customer will feel cold but will not benefit from cryotherapy. This doesn’t create a customer who purchases cryo packages or visits multiple times per week. Instead it compounds the problem: the person becomes convinced that cryo is a fad and could even become a harsh critic of cryotherapy, all while never truly experiencing cryotherapy.

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Mobile Cryotherapy Machines vs Non-Mobile: Cryocabin vs. Revocryo

The cryotherapy industry is expected to hit $318.8 million by 2024.1 This is quite impressive and is probably the reason why most business owners are integrating cryotherapy into their existing businesses. 

Introducing cryotherapy, however, comes with one major challenge: limited space.

What if the space you have is not enough for a cryotherapy machine? This is where portable cryotherapy machines come into play.

They are small, compact, and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Here a comparison between the Cryocabin and the RevoCryo mobile cryotherapy machine.

CryoCabin Overview

The CryoCabin from Finland

The CryoCabin is a whole-body cryotherapy machine that can provide more than 100 sessions per day.

It meets the industrial standards for safety and performance and has a de-icing feature that prevents your machine from freezing up when in use.

This machine is one of the most cost-effective whole body cryotherapy machines and only consumes about 4-7 Litres of nitrogen per minute.

CryoCabins manufacturer also offers a warranty extension so that you can focus on growing your business. 

RevoCryo Overview

The RevoCryo

The RevoCryo cryotherapy machine is the perfect addition to small businesses with limited space or new entrants in the cryotherapy market. It also works for business owners who offer mobile cryotherapy services since it comes in compact packaging that is easy to carry around. 

This cryotherapy machine is easy to use, safe, and can withstand harsh temperatures.

Similarities Between CryoCabin and RevoCryo

Both cryotherapy machines are portable and for whole body cryotherapy. Other similarities include:

  1. Cooling system- Both cryotherapy machines have a nitrogen cooling system. 
  2. Warranty- they have a 1-year warranty period.
  3. Built-in skin temp- they don’t have this feature.
  4. Dry Out time- it is not required in both machines.

The two machines both have wifi.

 What Are The Differences Between The Two Machines?

The CryoCabin is a product of Finland, while the RevoCryo is a product of the United States. Here’s an overview of the other differences:

  1. Safety- the CryoCabins safety features include a thermal image camera and a head sensor, while the RevoCryo has a pulse oxygen reader.
  2. Efficiency- CryoCabin uses 4-7 liters per session while RevoCryo uses up to 6 litres.
  3. Financing – there’s no known financing option for the CryoCabin, but you can get financing with the RevoCryo.
  4. Other features- the CryoCabin has a smart tablet installed and a diagnostic display for the client, while the RevoCryo has a self install feature available. 

Cryocabin vs. RevoCryo: Which One Suits Your Business Best?

The Cryocabin and RevoCryo mobile cryotherapy machines are both perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs looking to open a mobile cryotherapy business.

Their compact size makes them easy to move and store, while their nitrogen consumption makes them efficient and cost-effective.

Both machines have defining features, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your business needs best. 

Links To Sources Used

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What Cryotherapy Chamber Is Best After COVID-19?

With wellness centers and gyms reopening many business owners are asking What cryotherapy chamber is best after COVID-19? With the entire landscape of health and wellness changed from the global pandemic many industry leaders are warning that all equipment must satisfy the post-pandemic customer. What does this mean for current cryotherapy chamber owners after COVID-19 and how can new businesses satisfy what the customer wants?

Four people standing in a cryotherapy chamber after COVID-19
Cryotherapy after COVID-19 will not be a group activity anymore, even with masks, according to a poll of 3500 CR readers.

The Best Cryotherapy Chamber After COVID Is…

Without endorsing any specific brand the best cryotherapy chamber after COVID is the one that makes the client feel safe. By and large most people will not want to participate in cryotherapy in pairs or groups. This has become a problem for electric based chambers such as the US Cryotherapy and Cryo Arctic.¹ Consumers want a personal experience where they are not exposed to another person’s germs. Chambers must now have an anti-porous interior. Some chambers I reviewed have antibacterial materials (such as the XR by Cryo Innovations). Others, such as the Juka have padded cloth interiors that do not allow wipe-downs effectively, and actually absorb liquids.

Is Head-out Cryotherapy The Best Now?

There has long been a healthy debate about whether or not cryo is best with the head exposed or not. While clinical studies are conclusive that it doesn’t not matter the debate continues due to marketing pressure. But cryotherapy and COVID have changed a lot. A Cryosauna Reviews poll of 3500 households (with 2965 people responding) the head-out cryosauna option is a clear winner. The reasons stated by respondents were telling: clients simply did not want to be in a chamber that could contain someone else’s breath even if everyone was wearing masks. The psychological effect of having one’s head out of the chamber was enough to make clients feel safer.

Is This The End Of Enclosed Chambers?

Enclosed cryotherapy chambers are here to stay, but with pandemic concerns now a regular conversation it may not be the time to invest in one. Clients are highly concerned about their immune systems and seek out cryo for its potential immune system benefits. Enclosed chamber owners should immediately address how they will sanitize the chamber and provide air-out times. For clients who do cryotherapy regularly it appears a definite shift is happening to choose cryosaunas instead of enclosed chambers.

  1. http://Louis, J., Schaal, K., Bieuzen, F., Le Meur, Y., Filliard, J. R., Volondat, M., Hausswirth, C. (2015). Head Exposure to Cold during Whole-Body Cryostimulation: Influence on Thermal Response and Autonomic Modulation. PloS one, 10(4), e0124776. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0124776
  2. Both the US Cryotherapy C1 and Cryo Artic are single person chambers by design; however, in practice this author has seen operators allow two people in these chamber at the same time.
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Cryomed Pro – Overview of the Manufacturer

The importance of Whole-Body and Full-Body Cryotherapy in the medical, health, and athletic recovery field is increasingly becoming more apparent.

The Cryomed Pro Cryosauna.

For starters, cryotherapy’s numerous benefits such as athletic recovery, weight loss, and beauty & anti-aging, have significantly contributed to the steady growth of the cryotherapy market.

Have you ever heard of Cryomed?

As one of the well-known players in this space, the Cryomed Company specializes in the manufacturing of cryotherapy equipment and has been in operation since 2002.1

Cryomed manufactures cryo saunas and cryo chambers. The whole-body cryotherapy and cryogenic blowers made by this company focus on spot treatments. Streams of nitrogen vapors as cold as -100°C (-148°F) to -130°C (-202°F) project towards a patient, inducing a cold-shock.

Finally, this cryo manufacturing company currently operates in 71 countries and has over 1600 happy customers, according to its website.

Product Development

The first product that Cryomed released into the market was the Space Cabin model which drew plenty of attention for the company. Additionally through continuous innovations and consistent improvement, Cryomed has been able to produce high-quality machines that comply with ISO 13485 standards and are CE certified.

Also, innovations such as an emergency stop button on the front panel and an accident prevention system in the cabin have made Cryomed’s products among the safest on the market.

Moreover, the company’s vast experience in the production and installation of Cryotherapy chambers has also put them at the forefront of this sector.

In 2011, Cryomed expanded into the European Union by setting up a factory there.

Since then the company has progressed to develop a new model of Cryosaunas which has become one of the best and most advanced Cryosaunas in the world. 

Other producers of Cryosaunas from all over the world sometimes benchmark the accomplishments of the Cryomed Pro.

Cryomed Products

  • Whole-body cryo saunas
  • Medical cryo chambers
  • Local cryotherapy machines
  • Mobile cryo saunas
  • Dewar vessels

Top Features of Cryomed Pro Chambers

  1. An accident prevention system, e.g., an open door sensor, and an ultrasonic position sensor.
  2. Remote control feature that allows you to control the machine on various devices.
  3. Customizable to fit your requirements.
  4. Multimedia options such as a smart full-HD screen and a Bluetooth acoustic system.
  5. 3-year warranty.
  6. Financing options.
  7. Innovative nitrogen technology.
  8. Low nitrogen consumption.

There are 3 main sectors in which cryo chambers are used:

  • Sports – to treat traumas immediately after a match or for long rehabilitation periods.
  • Medicine – Can be used in hospitals, orthopedic, rheumatologic, or rehabilitation centers.
  • Beauty – the machines are effective in anti-aging, weight loss, acne treatments, and fatigue reduction. 

You can also integrate cryotherapy services with another existing business with complementary services.  

Industry Positioning of the Cryomed Pro Cryotherapy Machine

The cryo industry is progressively growing due to drivers such as the advancement of prevailing technology in cryotherapy equipment. An increased focus on fitness, beauty, and wellness have also impacted cryotherapy popularity positively, adding on to its perceived value.

The industry, however, faces challenges such as lack of awareness of its benefits and restrictive regulations imposed on product approval.

Yet, we believe that Cryomed has a great opportunity to grow even further within this field and capture more success.

Links to sources used

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Cryomed Pro vs. Cryomed Mini: What Are Their Distinct Differences?

Are you thinking of getting into the whole-body cryotherapy business, but cannot decide between getting a Cryomed Pro or a Cryomed Mini chamber?

Making a decision between these two models can be difficult. So we’ve decided to go through them and compare them.

While distinctly different, both of these machines feature the following:

  • Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity that updates the software and optimizes the device features.
  • Remote control feature using a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Active reporting system with the figures sent directly to email. 

Both chambers also come with a 3-year warranty.

So what are their distinct differences?

Differences Between Cryomed Mini and Cryomed Pro


The Cryomed mini is smaller than a cryomed pro machine. The mini has compact dimensions of 1780 mm (70 inches) high × 1120 mm (44 inches) long × 900 mm (35.5 inches) wide, and requires only a 1-meter square area (or 10.8 sqft) to be installed.

The Cryomed pro on the other hand is significantly larger and has dimensions of 2440 mm (96 inches) high × 1600 mm (63 inches) long × 1016 mm (40 inches) wide. It requires at least a 6 square meters (64.5 sqft) of space on a solid surface for installation.

This makes the Cryomed pro suitable for business use as a standalone while the Cryomed mini would be perfect for integration into another business.


The cryomed mini, given its smaller size, weighs around 250 kg (551 pounds) and can be easily moved from one station to another. It also takes roughly 10 minutes to install, which makes it one of the most portable Cryomed machines.

The Cryomed pro, being larger both in size and weight, is less portable with the lightest pro machine weighing about 350 kg (771 pounds). Due to its weight, the pro should be installed on a solid surface like concrete or a well-tiled floor and not on wooden panels.


The Cryomed mini is less inexpensive, easy to install, and transport, reducing the installation and maintenance costs. It also has low operational costs as it uses less liquid nitrogen.

On the other hand, the Cryomed pro is more expensive. It is also more expensive to install and maintain and increases the operational costs of a business.

Type of Business Suitability

The size and cost of the Cryomed mini makes it suitable for small businesses that have a limited budget and limited space. Nowadays cryotherapy is being adopted as a treatment option for sports-related injuries1 and can be integrated into businesses like spas, tanning salons, sports wellness centers, and beauty businesses.

Larger businesses should however invest in the Cryomed Pro, and get the best out of the machine especially if they have a larger number of clients.

Busy gyms, sports teams, and large medical facilities would most benefit from this machine.

Cryomed Pro vs. Cryomed Mini: Which One Should You Buy?

Both cryotherapy machines can be used for commercial purposes but with one major difference: the model being adopted.

If you’re starting a dedicated cryotherapy center then the Cryomed Pro would be the go-to option while the Cryomed Mini would be perfect for smaller businesses.

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Nitrogen-Based Vs Electric Cryo Chambers: Which Ones Are Better?

Cryotherapy is gaining popularity and the industry projections have it growing by more than $176 million in 2025.

Whether you are thinking of starting a cryotherapy center or need a cryo chamber for individual uses, there are 2 main options for you to choose from nitrogen-based cryo chambers and electric cryo chambers.  Which type of cryo-chamber should you buy? Here’s a quick overview of both types.

Differences Between Nitrogen and Electric Cryo Machines

The main difference between the 2 types of machines is in the cooling process. Nitrogen-based cryo chambers turn liquid nitrogen into cold gas which is then pumped into the chamber while electric cryo chambers use electricity to compress air and decrease its temperature.

1. Recommended areas of use

Nitrogen-based cryo machines would be perfect for entrepreneurs whose start-up costs are limited. They are ideal for small businesses, start-ups or for those looking to integrate cryotherapy into an existing business since they are cheaper than electric cryo chambers.

Electric cryo machines are a bit expensive and would be ideal for businesses with an established clientele and high frequency of booked cryo sessions.  Hospitals or wellness centers would benefit from this machine.

2. Efficiency

A nitrogen cryo machine takes about 3 minutes to cool down and get ready for a session. Most electric chambers take an average of 2-3 hours.  The high amount of time it takes for the electric cryo-chamber to get ready makes it uneconomical for small businesses with few daily sessions.

After a session, a nitrogen chamber cools down in less than a minute but you will have to wait longer for the electric chamber to resume normal temperatures. On the other hand, you may spend more on liquid nitrogen than you might spend on electric bills.

3. Type of therapy

Nitrogen chambers are used for partial cryotherapy while electric chambers offer full-body cryotherapy. On average, nitrogen chambers use about 7 liters while an electric machine can use up to 250kwh.

4. Other features

  • Mobility – Nitrogen chambers are mobile. They often come on wheels, making them ideal for anyone looking to offer mobile cryotherapy.  Electric chambers are fixed and are ideal for brick and mortar businesses.
  • Yearly maintenance – Electric chambers need yearly maintenance while nitrogen chambers don’t.
  • Repairs – Nitrogen chambers are fairly easy to fix when they break down but electric chambers require onsite technical assistance. This can result in higher down times especially if you have to wait for parts to be imported.
  • Size – Nitrogen chambers are considerably smaller than electric chambers. If space is a concern, start with nitrogen.

Nitrogen-Based Vs Electric Cryochambers: Which One Should You Buy?

Despite both cryo machines having distinct differences, it all boils down to your project requirements. Which chamber do you feel would suit your unique business or individual needs? 

Before making a purchase, analyze each cryo-chamber deeply to ensure that it is within your budget, it is safe, secure, and easy to use and that its maintenance won’t result in high downtimes.

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Cryomed Mini vs CryoSauna Aurora: Which one is more efficient?

Whether you are starting a cryotherapy business or are integrating it into an existing business model, there are several factors you have to consider before making a purchase and efficiency is one of them. 

If you have settled for a 3L cryochamber, there are two great options: Cryomed Mini vs CryoSauna Aurora. Based on their features, which model is more efficient?

Cryomed Mini overview

This cryosauna is a smaller and more affordable version of the Cryomed One cryochamber.1 It was designed for people looking to own a portable cryotherapy unit or start a small cryotherapy business. It is perfect for businesses that only require few features of the Cryomed one chamber.

CryoSauna Aurora

This cryo chamber has water-resistant fabric on the inside that comes in 12 different colors while the exterior is made of fiberglass and is available in 180 different colors. It also comes with an additional accessory kit consisting of step pads and fur boots.

Cryomed Mini vs CryoSauna Aurora features comparison


Both models are compact but have varying sizes. The CryoSauna Aurora is 4 sq. feet and can easily fit through a doorway while the Cryomed Mini is only 1 sq. foot. This makes the Cryomed Mini a great option for home usage while the CryoSauna Aurora would be fitting for a business.

Installation for both cryo chambers is relatively easy.


The Cryomed Mini comes with two nitrogen feeds: one for pressurized tanks and the other for non-pressurized tanks while the CryoSauna Aurora offers these features but in two different models. 

Both models have low nitrogen consumption, come with a 2 year warranty, and are CE certified.


Both models are cost-effective and the prices vary based on the preferred features. If you are looking for a cryo-chamber and are on a budget, either model would do. They are both customizable in terms of color and additional features and the quotes are often personalized for your unique needs.

Additional features

The Cryomed Mini comes with a Bluetooth audio system that enables the user to listen to their favorite music during the session. The manufacturers also offer the option of a tablet to keep the user entertained with videos or where you can showcase your promos and step pads for height adjustment.

The CryoSauna Aurora allows for remote maintenance or diagnostics using the internet and a control panel that has a touch screen feature (10 inch). It also gives you the option to alter the size (width or height) and allows for customization of the outer shell with your logo.

Cryomed Mini vs CryoSauna Aurora conclusion

The Cryomed Mini and CryoSauna Aurora are both compact, have a two-year warranty, and are efficient in terms of nitrogen consumption. However, they do have varying features. The Cryomed Mini comes with a dual nitrogen feed while the Cryosauna Aurora offers the same feature but on two different models, the Cryosauna Aurora is however bigger in terms of size.