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The Denver Broncos Kick Into High Gear with Cryotherapy

In 2018, the Denver Broncos completed their upgrade on the team’s training practice facility. They shared how the latest technology in physical therapy is helping their players stay on top in the NFL. Included in their major overhaul, were two whole body cryotherapy (WBC) chambers. “It’s important to give our players the best facilities possible,”Chip Conway, VP of Operations, said. [1]

For a few years prior to the new facility, players were seeing a local chiropractic office that had a cryotherapy chamber, where they could receive the treatments pre-and post workout, to help with inflammation issues, injuries and performance. They understood the importance and value of cryotherapy sessions on their bodies, as well as for their career longevity.

“We’ll actually use it with a lot of the guys Sunday morning before they go to the stadium, so about three hours before kickoff we’ll go through and use the cryotherapy on them because it cleans out any inflammation, soreness that they have, but it also kind of dumps endorphins back into the body,” said Dr. Ryan Tuchscherer, a chiropractor and the co-founder of Cherry Creek Spine and Sport Clinic. “It really gets them amped up and ready to go, versus the old, traditional way of doing an ice bath or an ice tank.” [2]

Healing sports injuries faster and getting players back in the game was a key differentiator for the Denver Broncos in choosing the cryotherapy chamber treatments in-house. When players can do a 3 minute session before a workout, they experience less pain, more endorphins to boost them mentally and the ability to do a more intense workout. Afterwards, they can use the cryo chamber to relieve muscle swelling, joint strain and overall tiredness. Many say they even sleep better at night after using cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy has become a friend to athletes everywhere- helping injuries, speeding the natural healing process and providing a lifestyle fitness opportunity for those that want a long-term health opportunity to improve their athletic performance.



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Leicester City Footballers Know the Winning Value of Cryotherapy

The Leicester City Football Club champions know winning. With over a hundred year history of winning football matches, the team uses every winning strategy at their disposal, especially when it comes to recovery and healthy strategy for the well being of their players. Sports science and healing have moved into the technology spotlight, where players are finding new and cutting edge recovery and training methods to change their game. Cryotherapy is one such opportunity for the team to advance their recovery, their endurance and ultimately their winning abilities.

Dave Rennie, the team’s lead physiotherapist has every player use the whole body cryotherapy chamber (WBC) at least once a day, to recover after a hard workout, as well as improving any injury issues they are battling. “This unit affords us the opportunity to return players to fitness fast. Coaches then get more time with the players to work on the games. It’s become central to a player’s adaptation [their recovery and physical development between matches]. It affects the central nervous system and we notice big hormonal changes in players – changes in mood too.” Says Renne. “From a physio’s point of view I’m impressed with the therapy’s ability to shut down the acute soft tissues injuries much faster.” [1]

Cryotherapy advancements have substantially improved player’s recovery times, and allowed for more intense training sessions. Players such as Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Wes Morgan all find great benefits from treating their bodies with the power of cryotherapy. A cryotherapy chamber takes the body temperature down to -200 or more degrees Fahrenheit, and a player stays in the chamber for three minutes. Upon exiting, the body immediately rushes oxygen rich blood and nutrients from the core to the extremities, directly to the tired muscles and injury locations that are in need of healing. The body uses its natural cold response protective system, allowing for inflammation reduction and endorphin releases to aid the blood systems in returning healing nutrients to the extremities.

Football players are finding that they can recover from injury much more quickly, as well as train at a higher level when using cryotherapy on a regular basis to assist their body in its overall performance. Jaime Vardy believes that the help he receives from cryotherapy has helped him stay in the game and recover from his injuries to go on to become a championship winning player.


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From Injury to Inspiration in Healing – How A Training Team Uses Cryotherapy to Win

The Washington Redskins NFL football team has had more than its fair share of injured players over the last couple of years. Slammed with dozens of hurt players, many who didn’t play for long stretches, the Redskins head trainer Larry Hess, took a long look at how he could improve the overall fitness model he implemented for his players on and off season. Creating a state-of-the-art training and recovery center and adding cutting edge treatment modalities, Hess developed an all-star treatment balance to his training model. Plagued by injuries, the Redskins began improving and healing with therapies such as whole body cryotherapy, zero gravity chairs and float tanks in their new recovery room.

Cryotherapy has helped players recover from injuries such as ACL injuries, blown knees, torn pectorals and other muscle, deep-tissue and joint injuries. Trainer “Hess said the team reduced soft-tissue injuries — such as sprains, strains, tendinitis and damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments — by more than 50 percent last season.” [1]

Improving health and healing for the Redskins was the top of importance and the trainers stepped up to the challenge in a big way, even winning a prestigious 2018 Ed Block Courage Award NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year. award for their cutting edge recovery center and healing treatment plans. [2] They understood that the opportunity to have cryotherapy readily available to reduce inflammation and help heal injury was critical for their team.

With medical studies continuing to support the effects of cryotherapy, athletes and laypersons alike are finding natural recovery results with whole body cryotherapy. A recent study on the effects states, “Results indicated that muscle pain was reduced in 80% of studies following WBC. Two applied studies found recovery of athletic capacity and performance with WBC improved, variables of this nature were also improved in 71% of studies using controlled exercise. Further benefits of WBC treatment included reduction of systemic inflammation and lower concentrations of markers for muscle cell damage.” [3]

The Washington Redskins training team stepped up to the challenge of healing a long list of injured players and getting them back into a healthy lifestyle both on and off the field. They knew the power of whole body cryotherapy and other treatments would sustain their players and reduce injuries for the future. Professional athletes value cryotherapy as a way not only to recover from injury, but to help them perform at the top of their bodies’ potential.




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The Knicks’ Cool Training Regimen

The NBA New York Knicks are all about training, recovery and keeping the players in optimum health, and one of the ways they support their players recovery is through cryotherapy. The Knicks purchased two cryotherapy chambers in recent years, to help in post workout and post game recovery.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of cryotherapy cannot be matched by other non-invasive treatments. The cold temperatures bolster the blood systems with antioxidants, oxygen and nutrients, and rush the best the body has right to the muscles and joints. Flooding the extremities with the body’s own healing properties, whole body cryotherapy can bolster the recovery of even the most extreme athlete who has endured an intense workout.

New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis has been nursing an elbow injury. Thankfully, Porzingis is closing in on what he believes to be 100 percent health.

The Medical Study

In a medical study titled “Whole-body cryostimulation as an effective way of reducing exercise-induced inflammation and blood cholesterol in young men”, the findings of consistent cryotherapy sessions showed that many markers in the body were positively affected and the anti-inflammatory properties of non-invasive cryotherapy had a wellness effect that continued for some time after the treatments. “The main finding of this study was that a series of 10 sessions of whole body cryostimulation significantly reduced the inflammatory response induced by eccentric exercise. The lipid profile was also improved…” [1]

This is what professional athletes such as the New York Knicks players are experiencing and the team trainers and owners know the investment into cryotherapy offers a substantial benefit to their players. On and off the court, players are feeling better and many report that they are able to play the game longer, recover from games, and recover from injuries much more quickly and with substantially less pain that through other, more invasive treatments such as medications.

Long- Term Health

The New York Knicks trainers have incorporated cryotherapy chamber sessions into their fitness regimen so that the players can recover much more quickly and be ready to compete in a healthy way. Instead of waiting days to feel fully ready to play again, the players feel competition ready within a few minutes and can return the next day fully prepared for a hard workout or game.

Reaching into the latest technology and breaking into a more healthy space is something that all sports teams are looking for, and with whole body cryotherapy advancement the athletic world is changing rapidly. Having fully healed, rested and recovered players is part of the long term game plan for NBA teams, and cryotherapy can provide a more natural body recovery which can be utilized for the overall strength and fitness of the whole team.


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The Denver Nuggets Strike Cold Gold

The Denver Nuggets have expanded their training and recovery arsenal in 2016, to include the powerful benefits of cryotherapy. The basketball players were discovering on their own, the critical value of healing benefits provided by cryotherapy, so the team owners and trainers decided to implement regular availability of cryotherapy chamber sessions in order to provide regular, ongoing treatments for the players. For the NBA Nuggets team and many other basketball teams including the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, L.A. Lakers and Portland Trailblazers, whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is providing remarkable recovery results in a short amount of time.

Michael Porter Jr Denver Nuggets
(Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Cryotherapy – The What and The Why of Its Healing Potential

A cryotherapy chamber utilizes liquid nitrogen to quickly cool the body temperature below -200 degrees within 3 minutes. The body responds by pulling the blood from the extremities to the core organs, and putting the body into a temporary state where it protects itself from the extreme cold by constricting blood vessels to save energy and warmth. The body has a natural response to the cold, and an effective natural healing response the moment one steps out of the cryotherapy chamber and the body immediately resumes its normal temperature. The blood vessels open wide and absorb nutrients and oxygen and rush into the extremities to provide them with healing and protection. The cold sessions removes toxins from the bloodstream, allowing for the joints and muscles to experience inflammation reduction. This improved circulation helps the body to recover very quickly from hard workouts, intense game play and from chronic or acute injury issues. Cryotherapy is quite literally a holistic healing approach for athletes to capitalize on their overall health and healing potential. The added bonus of the lymphatic system releasing endorphins into the body and brain allows many players to experience an overall well-being feeling. Some NBA players say they feel energized and invigorated for days to come and get more rested sleep.

The Denver Nuggets know the value that regular cryotherapy sessions offer their players, because they can use the treatments twice a day, or twice a week, whatever their preference. Post workout sessions help players recover faster and allow for more intense workouts. Pregame training cryotherapy chamber treatments or post game sessions are helping players with injury issues as well as muscle exhaustion. More and more professional athletes are turning to cryotherapy as the best way to treat their bodies as a non-invasive modality that becomes a healthy lifestyle choice.

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The Dallas Mavericks Cryotherapy Power

The Dallas Mavericks basketball team players famously delved into cryotherapy in a bold way to give health support to their player’s performance. With a Championship headed their way in 2011, they moved into cryotherapy when they discovered that several of the NBA veteran players on the team were traveling to a cryotherapy wellness center in Plano Texas on their days off, to use a cryotherapy chamber to help in their post workout recovery.

Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, Brian Cardinal and Tyson Chandler were talking about how good it made them feel and suggesting it would be a good investment for all of the team. Head trainer, Casey Smith knew the players liked how they felt and decided to include cryotherapy into their recovery solutions for the team. [1]

The Mavericks were using the Plano therapy chambers so often that the company moved closer to the team so they could have more access to the therapy. With workout recovery implemented at a faster rate, joint and muscle recovery improved and injuries relieved more quickly, the Dallas Mavericks had cryotherapy as a near ‘secret-weapon’, since most other teams had not yet utilized the powerful sport health tool.

Three minutes in a cryotherapy cold chamber is much faster and more helpful to the body’s natural healing ability than an ice bath, and the Mavericks knew it then and now. Having older players find huge advantage to their competitive body experiences only added to the desire for younger players to find it a long-term healthy lifestyle. Mavericks wanted to have veteran players with stamina and endurance that actually felt good on the court, and cryotherapy changed the game for them. Inflammation reduction, oxygenated, nutrient rich blood and endorphins pack a healthy natural punch in the athlete’s body, and nothing artificial or in pill form can beat a natural body response to recovery.

Hitting the court, having a hard game or workout, and recovering and feeling good in a short amount of time cannot be found equally in any other modality. The body’s natural response time is triggered in the cryo-chamber and floods the body when an athlete steps out, whereas nothing else has the same exact effect while inducing a natural clinical response. Cryotherapy has become a favorite of Dallas Mavericks veteran and rookie athletes alike, as a way to strengthen their recovery response so that they can lengthen and intensify their workouts and feel strong and balanced during their on court game performances.


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Cryotherapy Recovery Advancement & The L.A. Lakers

The L.A. Lakers have been at the forefront in providing the best treatments in physical advancement technology for their players, adapting training techniques and recovery modalities that can offer a competitive advantage. Before most teams had discovered the potential of having cryotherapy sessions for their players, many L.A. Lakers were already seeking out the benefits of injury healing and full body workout recovery through cryotherapy.

More medical studies are testing the effects of how cryotherapy treats a multitude of issues, from athletic injury, medical conditions and strenuous recovery. “Nowadays, whole-body cryotherapy is a medical physical treatment widely used in sports medicine. Recovery from injuries (e.g., trauma, overuse) and after-season recovery are the main purposes for application.

However, the most recent studies confirmed the anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, and antioxidant effects of this therapy by highlighting the underlying physiological responses. In addition to its therapeutic effects, whole-body cryotherapy has been demonstrated to be a preventive strategy against the deleterious effects of exercise-induced inflammation and soreness.” [1]

As early as 2010, Kobe Bryant sought out treatment for his persistent injury at a facility in Germany. By 2011, the entire basketball team was testing out the benefits of cryotherapy in California. LeBron James also realized early on the value that cryotherapy brought to his health and well-being. With 15 consecutive seasons, he is intense in the care of his body, and cryotherapy is a critical part of his recovery regimen.

More and more teams as well as individual players continue to share about the benefits of cryotherapy, including former L.A.Lakers’ Shaquille O’Neal, who had an amazing and long career, and publicly shares videos of himself regularly in the cryotherapy chamber to keep his body at its prime. A.C. Green, former Lakers player, loved it so much he invested in creating a cryotherapy company. Green says, ‘We could’ve extended our careers by five years if we’d had this.’ [2]

The L.A. Lakers provide health advantages to keep their players in top condition to allow for their future wellbeing. Cryotherapy has become a mainstream and daily benefit for top athletes on the Lakers team to sustain their competitive edge on and off the court.



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Baseball Champions, Champion Cryotherapy

Major League Baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, has incorporated cryotherapy at their training center. It has become an integral part of the player’s regimen in training and recovery. Head trainer Nick Kenney, has created a recovery plan that includes cryotherapy sessions, helping his players maintain optimum wellness, before and after they are on the field.

After installing a cryotherapy chamber for the team, he has worked with players on getting them into the machine when they arrive as well as after they practice or play. The muscle stiffness and lack of flexibility before hitting the field can be minimized with cryotherapy, and this helps to avoid acute injury during practice. The cold chamber session takes a mere 3 minutes and provides the players with inflammation and pain relief as well as an invigorated body and mind. They get a boost of oxygen, nutrients and endorphins released into the bloodstream naturally by the body, following a cryotherapy session. Practice preparation including cryotherapy is working well for the Kansas City Royals team members, and they are taking advantage of the opportunity to hit the chamber twice a day.

After a long practice session, Kenney gets the players back into the chamber before they leave for the day. The deep cold session relieves sore muscles and tight tendons, reducing swelling from the heavy workout. If a player has a nagging injury, the cryotherapy brings relief and speeds the body’s natural healing to get them back into performance shape more quickly. As Kenney states, “I’m a big fan of cryotherapy and the benefits it offers athletes including recovering from both daily demands and injury.”

The Royals have a cryotherapy apparatus, and their training staff encourages players to use it twice per day. Lee Judge gave it a one-time shot.

Recovery Rejuvenation

After entering the chamber, as the body temperature is reduced, the blood pulls to the core to protect and invigorate the organs. Since extremities are covered in gloves and socks, the feet and hands have no negative impacts from the body going into a ‘temporary state of survival’. Once the body temperature has been dropped between -200 to -300 degrees F, the return to a normal environment immediately warms the body up and the blood rushes back to the extremities. It brings with it highly oxygenated blood and nutrients, which flood into the muscle tissues and joints, helping to heal and recover from the depletion of the intense practice workout. [1]

Many players say they find much better sleep and feel a sense of mental acuity and well-being for some time afterwards, along with the pain relief and recovery to their muscles. Baseball and football teams across the country have implemented cryotherapy into their daily pre and post-training as a positive benefit for a quick and healthy whole body restoration.


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A-Rod & J-Lo Share an Intense Workout and Recovery Session

Major League Baseball great, Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod to most of us, along with his partner, Jennifer Lopez, work out together with some intense and long training sessions. They find that the intensity is worth the time and effort, as it increases their flexibility before performance and helps them gain power and endurance.

Recently, during an intense training session together at the Dallas Cowboys training center, they showed how and why they do these workouts.Their training sessions together helped to ease the body tightness and relieve stress before being on stage for her and on the field for him. They crushed some serious workout regimes in their time at the training center.

Discussing the recovery aspect, they elaborated on the fact that having a full body recovery method was important to both of them, as recovery from training or from performing is critical to their health and busy lifestyle. Rodriguez tried out a cryotherapy session, [1] to relieve the muscle pain and tiredness from his intense workout. The cooling effects of the cryotherapy chamber address the muscle soreness, joint tension and any injury recovery that is needed. Inflammation is reduced and when the 3 minutes in the chamber is done, an athlete feels revived and rejuvenated. Cryotherapy allows for more intense and longer workouts, as the body can recover more quickly with the treatment.

The Dallas Cowboys have a state-of-the-art training and fitness center, as well as a division directly for recovery treatments of all kinds. They realize the critical need to get athletes back to top performance, and Alex Rodriguez utilized this great treatment center to peak his performance recovery. [2]

Cryotherapy medical studies continue to show the value to athletes that have professional careers. A study entitled “Whole-body cryotherapy’s enhancement of acute recovery of running performance in well-trained athletes” discusses the marked physical improvements found in recovery for athletes. [3] Rodriguez and Lopez are just two of many celebrities and athletes that have found the importance of cryotherapy in workout recovery.




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Phoenix Suns Step Into the Cold

The Phoenix Suns state of the art training center has included a cryotherapy chamber for players to have 3 minute recovery sessions post-games. They use the chamber for strenuous workout recovery and for injury problems such as inflammation, pain and swelling in order to keep players in top form.

Marcin Gortat, center for the Suns, talks about his experience using whole body cryotherapy and the reasons why he and his team have regular cryotherapy sessions in the Phoenix Suns’ training center. “It feels good and it works” says Marcin Gortat, about his cryotherapy sessions for post game recovery. [1] Performance continues to be enhanced and the players feel healthy.

What Cryotherapy Does

The blood goes to the core of the body and organs, and it is held at the core when the body is taken below 160 degrees. The blood is heavily oxygenated where the body goes into a ‘minimal survival-type mode’ from the cold. After 3 minutes in a cryotherapy chamber, the blood goes back into the extremities, bringing with it nutrients, endorphins and oxygen rich blood that helps to heal tired muscles, reduce inflammation and strain and refresh the mind and body.

One of the greatest things about nearly 300 degrees below zero is the fact that this is an entirely non-invasive way for the body to heal and recover- to recover itself, without any invasive medications that are counter-productive to the body’s own natural instincts. Because cryotherapy can be utilized several times a week, the recovery potential can be powerful for athletes who have rigorous workouts.

Teams Get Onboard the Cryo Experience

Although the Suns were one of the first teams to embrace the benefits of cryotherapy, many NBA teams and players have stepped into the cryo experience by adding a chamber for their team, including the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic and the San Antonio Spurs, just to name a few. Many individual players have created videos to show how cryotherapy chambers work, and tell about their personal experiences with the inflammation reduction and post-workout recovery they have come to depend upon, with several sessions a week and regular years of use.

Any athlete in any sport can utilize cryotherapy at a local training center, gym or spa that offers sessions. They are a short 3 minutes and the athlete can reap the worthwhile benefits to their performance and endurance. Cryotherapy is now widely available and more sessions are being offered across the country for anyone to add to their healthy lifestyle.