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Cryo°Cabin and Titan Cryo Compared

Here we compare the features of two popular nitrogen cryotherapy chambers: the Cryo°Cabin™, made in Finland by Cryotech Nordic, and the TITAN™ Cryo cabin, from the United States. Both cryotherapy chambers offer thermal imaging options to ensure the safety of the client and high quality remote WiFi operating systems. The Cryo°Cabin offers its features in different size chambers to suit an individual’s stature. The TITAN™ Cryo Cabin offers several chamber options that allow for large and tall persons, such as professional football players to use the chamber in comfort. Below are some of the features that each provides to its users. Both are liquid nitrogen based, both have electric lifts, and both claim to be the safest.

First Up: Finland

The Cryo°Cabin™ offers a low usage of nitrogen paired with a steady ability to treat many clients in a day. It has a sturdy build and state of the art technology for safety. Perfect for the gym, spa or medical facility, the Cryo°Cabin is a cryotherapy chamber that is efficient and strong with smooth Scandinavian design.

Cryotech Cryo°Cabin

Cryotech Cryo°Cabin

  • Wireless-Remote diagnostics and support, 24″ HD operators touchscreen,12″ HD info display for user
  • Patented Tech-Active Vortex Circulation™ cooling safely yet effectively
  • Low Consumption-Precise flow control system
  • Scandinavian Quality- Industrial grade components with exceptional materials
  • Effortless-Smart software providing a fully automated process
  • Intelligent Safety- Active sensors monitoring and detecting in real-time
  • Thermal imaging camera & head sensor
  • Industrial grade automatic electric lift
  • Patented gas circulation for liquid Nitrogen  or Air – consumes 1L per minute
  • De-icing feature guarantees your unit will not freeze when you need it most

The Titan Cryo Cabin

TITAN™ Cryo Cabin features multiple safety features and electronic monitoring of the system remotely. It caters to sports teams that need cryotherapy chambers that work for large build athletes. TITAN serves up modern design and a look that fits any gym, spa or athletic facility. 

Titan Cryo

Titan Cryo

  • Fully Automated Session Controls with remote diagnostics and a 19′′ HD touchscreen Control Panel 
  • Regulated Intake Controls with a balanced Cabin Temperature 
  • Ultrasonic Head Sensor with Auto Stop 
  • Redundant Safety Shut-Off Switches 
  • 1.3L per minute (session average: 6.0L)
  • TITAN has a height 96′′ which allows for client height up to 6’8′′ and 400lbs 
  • Thermal imaging camera with 10′′ display 
  • Fully Enclosed Electric lift 
  • Easy-open door- and a dual emergency shut off for client and tech 
  • Ultrasonic head sensor 

Electric Lifts In Common

Both cabins use electric lift platforms that adjust to account for the height of the client. These systems have one drawback: they break. Fixing a broken lift platform requires a dismantling of the cabin and a waiting period for parts. Finland’s system requires international shipping for any broken lifts. Advanced systems, such as Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber use non-mechanical lifts that cannot break: sturdy pads that are stackable for the client to stand on. Sometimes simple is better, especially when a spa has to cancel appointments due to a broken lift.

Broken electric lift arm after only 6 months of use.
This will require weeks of downtime to repair.

Pricing Comparisons

Titan’s sales team quoted this writer with a price of $65,600. Cryo°Cabin quoted $39,000 for their Standard model, with $1,300 shipping.

Contacting the Manufacturer – Easy or Not?

Cryotech in Finland has one drawback: they are in Finland, which is 7 hours ahead of New York, and 10 hours ahead of California. Their website does not list a phone number of anyone to call, not even a service center. Upon filling out the webform to ask how to buy a chamber Cryotech took two days to respond with an email stating that their sales team would respond in a day. They do have suppliers and resellers of their products in the United States; however, those distributors also have to contact Finland in the event there is a problem. Geographically Finland’s closest neighbors are Russia and Estonia, and while Finland is politically distinct from both the shipping distances from Finland and Russia are similar.

Titan Cryo was easier to reach, although contacting them through the phone number listed on their website led to Google Voice. This resulted in a low-quality call and concerns for the stability of the business. In a spirit of fairness we called this number 3 different times from different numbers throughout the work week. All calls resulted in call-forwarding through Google Voice to personal cell phone or laptop. Most professional cryotherapy companies, spas, and gyms invest in normal phone services.

A Misleading Safety Claim

Upon investigation both the Cryo°Cabin™ and Titan failed in our comparison for a significant reason: their websites both claim that the cabins are in some way certified by Underwriter Laboratories, the global safety certification organization. Titan’s website claims that their Cryo Cabin™ is the “only Cryo Cabin in the world tested and certified to UL standards,” and touts their cabin as having “The most experience and safety.” Cryotech Nordic Cryo°Cabin’s™ website claims that it is “100% CE/UL certified.” While both cabins appear safe these statements are concerning as they purport to assure the user of an additional layer of safety that is only available in their product.

UL has not certified either cabin, only the electronic components purchased by the companies to use in the cabin (e.g., electrical box). This is not special: all electronic components in all consumer machines must be certified by UL to be sold in the United States.



CryoTech Nordic: Unavailable

Titan Cryo via Google Voice: +1(214) 814-0848


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Breaking Down the Science of CRYO Science: What to Know About This Cryotherapy Product

Cryotherapy is on the rise, and with it, there is a growing market of products. With so many options out there, choosing the right one can feel like a challenge.

One company that is making waves is CRYO Science. Keep reading to learn more about their products and what makes them one of the best in the industry.

What is Cryotherapy?

While it may sound like a futuristic, sci-fi experiment, the idea behind cryotherapy is actually very simple. To put it shortly, cryotherapy is cold therapy

This cold therapy provides a thermal shock to the human body. When subjected to this cold, our bodies trigger reflexes designed to help us survive extreme temperatures.

These reflexes can include a number of reactions, including a faster metabolism, muscle and joint relaxation, and a boost of energy.

In the wild, these reflexes helped our ancestors survive and kept their bodies functioning when temperatures dropped or storms would strike. But today, cryotherapy helps us harness these reactions for a variety of health and beauty benefits.

What is Cryotherapy Used for?

Cryotherapy can be used to treat a wide number of medical conditions, as well as minor aches and pains. This also means that it can be used by patients from any background.

One group that may particularly benefit from cryotherapy are athletes. No matter the sport, athletes of any experience level often suffer from a variety of frequent aches and pains. 

While these pains are normal, they can keep athletes from performing at the highest level. Cryotherapy can be used to treat these pains, and get athletes back up and performing at an even higher level than before.

Besides athletes, anyone suffering from muscle or joint aches and pains can also use cryotherapy to find relief. 

Cryotherapy can also be used to treat other conditions. For instance, regular, targeted cryotherapy sessions can lead to weight loss. It can even give patients, younger-looking skin.

In the short-term, even a single cryotherapy session can lead to a better mood and a boost of energy.

The Science Behind CRYO Science

While there are plenty of companies offering products designed for harnessing the benefits of cryotherapy, not all are created equal.

One company that stands out from the crowd is CRYO Science. Trusted by the NFL, the U.S. Air Force, and more, this company specialized in cryotherapy pods designed to offer targeted results.

Their whole-body chamber, the CRYO ARTIC, is the most effective, the coldest option on the cryotherapy market today. It can lower the surface temperature of the body to as low as -140 degrees Celsius.

This gets the blood circulating rapidly, endorphin levels rising, and increase the oxygen and nutrient supply within the body.

Plus, the chamber’s unique design ensures that the patient never comes into contact with the cryogenic gases used to achieve those cold temps. This makes it one of the safest options on the market as well.

You can even create a personal ID for each patient to track their treatments and easily adjust each session for maximum results.

For those looking for a smaller scale cryotherapy option, they also offer the CRYO Penguin, a mobile device that allows you to target your treatment to a specific part of the body rather than subjecting patients to a total-body cool-down.

Getting Started with Cryotherapy

If you want to experience the benefits of cryotherapy, you can’t go wrong by investing in a CRYO Science chamber or mobile product.

If you’re looking for other cryotherapy product options, check out this review of the Cryo Manufacturing next.

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Why Space Cabin for Your Cryotherapy Needs?

How seriously do you take cryotherapy? Are you finding treatment in a proper cryotherapy machine, or are you still dragging bags of ice to the bathtub?

Ice baths served a purpose in the early days of cryotherapy. They offered easy access to the benefits of cold therapy for healing. However, there are a number of innovations that have advanced what cryotherapy can do for you.

So ditch the ice bags and learn why Space Cabin is the best choice for your cryotherapy needs.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Are you wondering why someone might be eager to immerse themselves in extreme cold? At first glance, it may seem absurd but cryotherapy can have an amazing therapeutic impact.

First of all, the effects of severe cold create a hormonal response. Studies suggest that this response can have positive effects on mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Disorders caused by inflammation like arthritis and migraines appear to ease under cold therapy, too. So do skin conditions like dryness and atopic dermatitis.

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath

The convenience of a Space Cabin is clear over an ice bath. But is it worth the cost?

Ice baths can have positive effects on the mind and body. But they’ll never be as effective as they will never reach the lower temperatures of a Space Cabin. 

Also, since cryotherapy machines use gaseous nitrogen instead of water, there’s no moisture. This keeps the cold surface level, whereas cold water can seep deeper. This could cause complications as the body’s core temperature lowers too much.

How Does Space Cabin Work?

The user enters the machine wearing socks and light clothing. They sit with shoulders level with the top of the machine, leaving their head free. An operator then starts the machine, which circulates air cooled by nitrogen around the user.

Sessions last from one to three minutes, at which point the user leaves the chamber and enjoys the benefits of the therapy.

Is it Safe?

At no point does the user come in direct contact with the nitrogen gas. Instead, the gas evaporates into the air inside the chamber, dramatically lowering the temperature.

The users head remains above the machine at all times, allowing for easy communication with the operator. The doors on the Space Cabin don’t lock, and there’s a large red emergency stop button if needed.

What are the Immediate Benefits?

During the therapy, the brain releases endorphins in response to the cold. This provides an immediate sense of well-being and happiness. Circulation will be improved, offering more energy and leading to better sleeps.

What are the Long-Term Benefits?

How long it takes to notice the benefits of cryotherapy on the injury will depend on the severity of the issue. 

Cold treatment two or three times a week is recommended to get the best results. It may take a few weeks for the body to fully respond, at which point the benefits will be more noticeable.

Last Word on Space Cabin

If you’re serious about getting cryotherapy to work for you, Space Cabin is an easy and convenient way to go about it. These machines are well-designed and well-built, giving you a chilly session every time.

For more information on cryotherapy machines, treatments, and more, visit our blog.

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Will it Make an Impact?: A Complete Review of Impact Cryotherapy

With so many cryotherapy companies on the market, it can be hard to know which one will be the right fit for your needs. We’re going to give you an overview of Impact Cryotherapy, one such company that creates cutting edge products.

We’ll take you through a brief history of the company as well as give some insight into the products they offer.

What is Impact Cryotherapy?

Impact Cryotherapy is a company that started when Richard Otto visited a cryosauna and discovered the benefit of cryotherapy. Richard then moved on to partner with Bob Atwood to research and design a product that would pose benefits to athletes who needed physical therapy. 

Their prototypes proved to be successful, and they moved on to start manufacturing and promoting the business. Their business has flourished, leading them to become one of the leading cryotherapy chamber manufacturers in the United States.

They’ve sold over 350 units in almost forty states and eight countries. They’ve even gotten a seal of approval from Will Smith himself!

Benefits of Going With Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy poses a number of great benefits to its customers. To start, the cost of installing a cryotherapy chamber is offset by the fact that the company provides financing. You can work with the staff to set up a payment plan that works for well for you.

When the product arrives, you’ll have the benefit of an on-site technician to work you through the machine. That means you’ll be trained on how to use the product in the comfort of your own home or business. They’ll also install the machine for you, explaining you through the process.

Further, you’ll have the ability to get certification to operate the machine in a business capacity. On top of that, Impact Cryotherapy helps you to market your business.

Impact’s sauna is also equipped with an extremely intuitive user interface. It’s a simple monitoring system that allows your technician (or you) to be in complete control of the process while the machine is running. 

Additionally, their customer service is always willing to discuss issues and work with you to solve technical problems if they arise.

Physical Benefits of Using The Cryo Chamber

The Impact Cryosauna serves as an effective alternative to ice baths. The chamber is filled with nitrogen vapor and chilled to hit temperatures down to -184 degrees Fahrenheit, should you need it to be that cold.

A report from the company’s customers suggests that the chamber has a number of benefits. First and foremost, the cryo chamber clearly relieves pain. Further, customers have claimed to experience heightened mental clarity, muscle recovery, lost weight, and more.

Want to Explore More Options?

It’s important not to jump on the first cryo chamber you find. Impact Cryotherapy is a great company, and they’re worth considering in your next purchase.

At the same time, you should keep an open mind and explore your options. Visit our site to learn about more cryotherapy options to consider.

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Should I Buy CryoMed Cryotherapy Products?: Read This Guide First

Can being cold help you look younger? Lindsay Lohan was willing to give it a try.

The popularity of CryoMed therapy is not only quickly growing in Hollywood. It’s becoming a major trend around the country, due to its long list of proposed benefits.

Interested in trying out the new craze with your own CryoMed Cryochamber? Or maybe you’re curious why so many people are turning to freezing or near freezing temperatures for medical treatments. Before you take the plunge, check out this guide to cryotherapy and CryoMed Cryochambers.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy treatment is when your entire body is exposed to extremely low temperatures for around three minutes time, less for those new to the treatment. Your body is cooled by using vaporized liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -166 to -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

It may sound a bit intense to put your body through such cold temperatures, but many people enjoy the energized feeling it leaves them with. This is because cryotherapy actually causes your body to go into survival mode and send blood to your vital organs to keep them warm. This also causes your body to burn fat.

Once the treatment is over, the nutrient-rich blood returns back to your extremities. Which is said to remove nasty toxins in the process. 

Who Should Try CryoMed Treatment?

This type of treatment is recommended for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries or for recovery after surgery. Cryotherapy is also beneficial for those who suffer from skin conditions or disorders like psoriasis and dermatitis. 

It can also help with the elasticity of the skin. By stimulating collagen it is said to have anti-aging effects and reduces cellulite.

People who struggle with interrupted sleep, insomnia, and chronic fatigue, have also found benefits from CryoMed treatment. Athletes use cryotherapy to help boost their performance and heal injuries. Plus, it is FDA approved for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Purchase Your Own CryoMed Cryochamber

Want to gain all the benefits of cryotherapy with your own CryoMed Cryochamber? The CryoMed Cryochamber offers Whole Body Cryotherapy with an automated temperature regulated system for a range of -166 to -320 degrees.

Step into the single-person chamber and the electric lift will raise you to a comfortable height. This is perfect for the client to view and communicate to the technician at all times. The cooling liquid nitrogen enters the chamber up to the client’s neck for a full body experience.

The CryoMed Cryochamber offers added safety measures with its non-locking pivoting door. It can be opened at any time and will automatically shut off the unit if left open for more than 3 seconds.

This safety benefit prevents the room from being filled with gasiform air. The quality cryochamber also removes moisture with a heated ventilating system. So your cryochamber remains clean and dry for the next treatment.

Even the shape of the CryoMed Cryochamber has been expertly designed to provide the best circulation of cool temperatures for optimum results.

Customize Your CryoMed Cryochamber

The CryoMed Cryochamber has an FDA 513g non-medical status and comes with three options. You can choose between the CryoMed Plus E Tablet or XL E Tablet. These options offer the convenience of wireless tablets for remote diagnostics as well as the clients’ use for in-cabin streaming. They also come with a touchscreen option.

Choose between a large variety of appealing colors for your cryochamber. This includes colors such as purple, blue, green, red, or black. Other features include 220V A/C power, liquid nitrogen, and it is the first and only UL-compliant unit.

All of the CryoMed Cryochambers come with a two-year limited warranty on all parts and labor. To not only protect your unit but your investment!

Want to Learn More About Cryotherapy Products?

There are a lot of reported benefits to receiving cryotherapy! You can enjoy the results of cryotherapy with your own products and services.

Learn more about top CryoMed cryotherapy products on our website.

The popularity of CryoMed therapy is not only quickly growing in Hollywood. It’s becoming a major trend around the country, due to its long list of proposed benefits.

Interested in trying out the new craze? Or maybe you’re curious why so many people are turning to freezing or near freezing temperatures for medical treatments. Before you take the plunge, check out this guide to CryoMed Cryotherapy.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy treatment is when your entire body is exposed to extremely low temperatures for around three minutes time, less for those new to the treatment. Your body is cooled by using vaporized liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -166 to -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chamber for therapy, also known as a cryosauna, is enough space for one person to stand in comfortably. Clients wear minimal clothing during the treatment. Usually, only gloves, socks, undergarments, a bathing suit, and briefs are worn.

If you’re afraid of closed-in spaces, you can relax knowing the chamber doors are not locked at any time. Plus, there is a lift within the chamber that will raise clients up so your head is above the chamber, while your body remains inside. This means you can communicate to the technician the entire time.

Thinking you want to gain benefits for your face too? You can also opt for cryotherapy facials. There are also options to target specific joints that are sore or have arthritis for treatment.

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

It may sound a bit intense to put your body through such cold temperatures, but many people enjoy the energized feeling it leaves them with. This is because CryoMed therapy actually causes your body to go into survival mode and send blood to your vital organs to keep them warm. This also causes your body to burn fat.

Once the treatment is over, the nutrient-rich blood returns back to your extremities. Which is said to remove nasty toxins in the process. 

There are multiple benefits that cryotherapy can provide. Cryotherapy has shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. Plus it improves circulation, increases your body’s metabolic rate, as well as stimulates mental activity.

Who Should Try CryoMed Treatment?

This type of treatment is recommended for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries or for recovery after surgery. If you suffer from skin conditions or disorders like psoriasis and dermatitis you may also be a good candidate.

It can also help with the elasticity of the skin. By stimulating collagen it is said to have anti-aging effects and reduces cellulite.

People who struggle with interrupted sleep, insomnia, and chronic fatigue, have also found benefits from CryoMed treatment. Athletes use cryotherapy to help boost their performance and heal injuries. Plus, it is FDA approved for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Who Should Avoid Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy has been around for longer than you might think. For example, doctors use cryotherapy to freeze off warts or cancerous cells.

That said, there are still those who should not receive treatment.

There are some who should probably not receive cryotherapy for safety and health reasons. This includes people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions, severe Raynaud’s disease, and lastly anyone who is pregnant.

Either way, before you receive cryotherapy, you should first consult your doctor. This will ensure you will safely receive the best possible results from treatment.

Want to Learn More About CryoMed Cryotherapy?

There are a lot of reported benefits to receiving cryotherapy and we’ve only scratch the surface!

Want to hear what others have to say about CryoMed Cryotherapy? Visit our blog to gain further insight into the benefits of this treatment!

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Krion: Everything You Need to Know About Their Cryotherapy Products

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is great for boosting weight loss and energy, improving the youthful appearance of skin, and for helping muscles recover. 

But before you can start offering cryotherapy to patients or enjoying it in your own home, you need to find the right unit for you.

Keep reading to learn why Krion and one of their 4 high-end chambers might be the right choice for you.

What is Krion?

Krion is a company specializing in cryotherapy products. Their primary product is the cryosauna, an immersive chamber designed for whole-body cryotherapy treatment.

While now a standard in the cryotherapy treatment industry, Krion lays claim to the title of the creator of the “original technology for cryosauna operation.”

Krion has spent years perfecting their technology with their own in-house team of engineers, all with degrees in cryogenic sciences, a relatively new specialty.

What Sets Krion Cryosaunas Apart from Competitors?

Every company offers its own take on cryotherapy. While all are designed for the same purpose, each has its own features and benefits.

Krion is no exception.

Their units offer precise temperature regulation designed to maximize the benefits of cryotherapy. Advanced sensors in each chamber regulate temperature to keep each treatment session on track.

Krion’s engineers have mastered the perfect gas density flow in each chamber. This allows for the flow of gas to properly cool down only the outer layers of your skin without chilling the rest of your body and potentially leading to side effects.

Krion offers four distinct chambers to choose from.

Krion PRO

Krion’s top-of-the-line unit is the Krion PRO. With the largest cabin of any unit, the PRO is designed for maximum comfort, and suited for patients of any size. 

While the spacious interior makes for a more comfortable session, it is also designed to be aerodynamic to help better achieve the perfect temperature and flow of gas. 

The Krion PRO dries and pre-cools twice as fast as the next-best unit, to lessen the time required for each session.

A 21.5 inch LCD monitor makes it easy to set and control sessions for your patients, while video and audio accompaniment allows you to communicate with patients while they are in session.

Krion mini pro

With many of the same features as the Krion PRO, the Krion mini pro offers a lower-profile, streamlined version. 

This unit is perfect for offices and clinics with less space, or those just breaking into the cryotherapy game. 

Plus, you’ll still get the 21.5 inch LCD monitor for controlling each patient session.

Krion Premium

One step below the Krion PRO is their Premium model. Designed to handle up to 100 treatments each day, the unit is designed for medium-sized cryotherapy enterprises.

The Premium decreased the expenditure of liquid nitrogen, helping cut costs and maintenance time by as much as 30 percent.

The unit is also designed for continuous work. You can run cryotherapy sessions continuously for up to 8 hours at a time. Less prep-time prior to each session makes for a smoother operation.

Krion Standard

Powerful and reliable, the Krion base model, the Standard, is great for small businesses or those new to offering cryotherapy. 

At a lower price point, the Krion Standard can even be used for private residences or hotels and resorts. Convenient and simple to use, it can operate for up to 6 hours straight and takes less than 5 minutes to prep.

Getting Started with Cryotherapy

Whether you’re new to cryotherapy or looking to upgrade your current equipment with a top-of-the-line unit, Krion is a great choice.

If you want to learn about some of your other options, check out this review of Lifecube Cryo next!

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Vacuactivus: A Complete Guide to Their Cryotherapy Products

When your body needs to rest you should use the best in cryotherapy.

Vacuactivus is a cryotherapy manufacturing company based in Losino, Poland but also has an office in Beverly Hills, California.

They pride themselves on being a leader in world manufacturing of cryotherapy chambers and infrared slimming equipment with 15 years of production under its belt.

But what do they offer compared to their competitors in this up and coming market?

Keep reading to find out.

Vacuactivus Cryotherapy Machines

According to information on the Vacuactivus website, they provide “the most innovative fitness, spa, wellness, and cryotherapy products on the current market.”

The technology used includes low-temperature gases for healing and preservation of the body.

Making their products perfect for the recovery, wellness, weight loss, fitness, and beauty industries.

Available Products

The Vacuactivus cryotherapy products are categorized into 6 sections:

  • Aqua: Aquashape Aquabike 5, Hydroshape, and Hydrobike
  • Cedar: Spa Barrel SQ and Spa Barrel OV
  • Cryo: Local Cryo Polar Bear and Active Cryo Cryo Chamber
  • Pilates: Infrared Pilates Capsule
  • Shape: Bodyshape Treadmill, Infrashape Horizontal, Rollshape, Runshape Treadmill, and Vibrashape
  • Spa: Activ Couch and Activslim IR

Aqua Products

The Aquashape Aquabike 5 is adjustable for height and weight. It is perfect for exercising in water.

The Hydroshape allows for cryotherapy weight loss and enjoying a massage.

The Hydrobike targets cellulite reduction, losing weight and toning your body.

Cedar Products

The Spa Barrel SQ is a mini spa for your home. It does not require any plumbing connection and will fit in a corner.

The Spa Barrel OV is meant to be used at home and gives 5-15 minutes of rejuvenation.

Cryo Products

Local Cryo Polar Bear can be used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine.

ActiveCryo Cryo Chamber exposes your whole body to extreme cold temperature for a brief time.

Pilates Products

Infrared Pilates is a cryotherapy machine designed for hot yoga exercises in a 1oo degree pilates capsule.

Shape Products

Bodyshape Treadmill is an anti-gravity treadmill and is good for the lymphatic system, burning cellulite, and weight loss.

Infrashape Horizontal is excellent for anti-gravity exercises and offers infrared heating, collagen lamp, color and aroma therapies.

Rollshape is meant for cellulite issues and helps the fibrous tissues.

Runshape Treadmill focuses on weight loss results and easy to operate.

Vibrashape uses chair based vibrations to increase burning fat.

Spa Products

Activ Couch helps your muscle tension melt away with a relaxing massage.

Activslim IR allows cryosurgery like electrical stimulation, infra-red sauna, and air pressure lymphatic drainage to occur seamlessly.


While it may seem as if all cryotherapy machines are the same this simply isn’t true. Vacuactivus is different from its competitors because of its equipment’s ability to perform multiple tasks at once.

An example of this multitasking is performed by the Infrashape Horizontal which offers the user a bicycle that improves your skin’s collagen and soothes you with aromatherapy.

In the mood to get toned, revitalize your skin, and detox your lymphatic system? Then try the Bodyshape Treadmill.

Like the Lifecube chambers, the Vacuactivus are customizable to suit a client’s colors and logo.

They also use Nitrogen like the Cryoniq and Cryotech Nordic.

Invest in the Best

Whether you’re nursing an injury, reducing the signs of aging, or exercising the Vacuactivus cryotherapy machines will satisfy your needs.

If you are interested in using their machines check out their website for more details and search for local gyms who carry their equipment.

For more cryotherapy reviews please visit our blog.

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Cryo Pod: Is This the Cryotherapy Product You’ve Been Waiting For?

As an athlete, someone who enjoys exercise, or anyone else fond of ‘treating themselves’, the quest for therapy that improves your body and mind’s performance is ongoing. The aches and pains you may feel in the morning or when you go to bed are your worst enemies. The fogginess you experience after a night of restless sleep can be misery.

How can you get the most out of yourself?

For years, cryotherapy has sought to improve the body and mind through immersing the body in freezing or near freezing temperatures. But does it work? Is it safe? How do I know I can trust an individual product?

Whether or not you’re interested in its anti-inflammatory effects, getting a good night’s sleep, or you’re just tired of looking at that pesky cellulite in the mirror, CryoPod will help you along the way. 

Read on to find out why jumping into a CryoPod is the real deal in cryotherapy.

Why Cryo Pod?

Nitrogen Delivery System 

Because the CryoPod uses a heat exchanger to cool its chamber, the nitrogen gas is not pure, and thus, not toxic in small does.  Most cryotherapy chambers apply pure nitrogen to their chambers. This can be uncomfortable for the client.

Because of their delivery systems, Most other cryo chambers also don’t allow for full immersion. Full immersion is more beneficial regardless of what sort of result the client is looking for. Why waste time getting a cryotherapy facial when you can fully immerse yourself in a CryoPod and achieve the ‘skin glow’ you’re looking for. 

Easily Installable 

One of the most useful aspects of CryoPod is its easy installation. While most cryotherapy chambers can be difficult to implement into smaller spaces, the CryoPod will have you coolin’ in no time.

Thanks to its two halve split design, it will fit into most building doorways. It also is energy efficient, fitting within the 110/240 voltage for standard buildings. 

A Different Approach 

Many cryotherapies seem to be preoccupied with making their therapy as cold as can be. CryoPod is traveling a different route, making sure that they do the research to find what is the most effective temperature for cryotherapy. At CryoPod, it’s not just about being the coldest, it’s about being the best. 

CryoPod Does the Research 

Some cryotherapies market more heavily toward specific types of athletes, making cryotherapy seem out of reach to a large portion of people who would greatly benefit from treatment. 

Don’t let those companies fool you. Cryotherapy is a rapidly expanding industry whose effects could greatly improve anyone who seeks out treatment. The list of beneficial effects of cryotherapy ranges from improving migraine symptoms, to improving symptoms of eczema. 

One thing is certain, you should never feel uncomfortable seeking out cryotherapy. CryoPod doesn’t want you to feel like they’re an exclusive club. Their mission is simple: to change lives for the better.  

Find Out if Cryo Pod is Right for You 

In an industry full of growth and expansion, it’s important to find a provider that cares about the individual. CryoPod’s approach to cryotherapy has pegged them as one of the industry’s leaders, proving that just because a company offers high-quality products, does not mean their customer service has to suffer. 

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an athlete, or you’ve never played sports a day in your life, it doesn’t matter. Come find out what cryotherapy can offer you

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Cryo Manufacturing: Our Expert Review of Their Cryotherapy Products

Did you know that people expect the cryotherapy market to grow over four billion dollars by 2023?

The cryotherapy market has been growing since 2015 and has not shown signs of stopping. If you’re looking to get into the business of cryotherapy, check out Cryo Manufacturing’s products by reading below.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as Cold Therapy, is the use of extreme cold in medical treatment. Stimulated by thermal shock, the human body triggers reflexes to fight extreme cold. Potential cryotherapy benefits include:

  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Weight loss
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Better mood and energy

Cryotherapy’s benefits are used to treat both humans and animals. Athletes are common users of this type of treatment due to their frequent aches and pains from sports and exercise.

Cryo Manufacturing specializes in cabins are entirely designed and manufactured in France. Their whole body cryotherapy products boast custom design, exclusive automation elements, and integrated programming management.

Profitable CRYOCAB® Cabins from Cryo Manufacturing 

The CRYOCAB cabins are individual cryotherapy devices built by Cryo Manufacturing in France. This particular cabin allows for maximum profitability due to the quick start speed of the nitrogen, reaching -130 C in a short time.

They are equipped with high-tech sensors that provide real-time information to the control system that allows for optimal safety. Other safety features include both a solenoid valve that controls nitrogen arrival and a differential circuit breaker that provides an additional level of backup safety.

The CRYOCAB’s unique sliding door system allows for precision when adjusting the cabin from customer to customer. Stopping at the shoulders of each person, the specialty doors prevent users from breathing in the nitrogen within the cabin.

The CRYOCAB is completely customizable in order to fit the look and feel of any cryotherapy space. Once purchased, the cabin will be custom built onsite with a training session for ease of use.

CRYOJUMP: Cryotherapy for Animals

Cryotherapy is not just for humans. Cryotherapy and cryosurgery are performed on many different animals.

Cryo treatment for dogs is the most common animal cryotherapy for pets. However, Cryo Manufacturing has designed a cabin specifically for horses.

Horses can find relief through cryotherapy for several ailments including:

  • Tendinopathy (lameness): immediately relieves pain
  • Inflammation of the ligaments: stops the inflammatory crisis
  • Hematoma and edema: drains hematoma and edema thanks to the vasomotor effect
  • Muscle Contracture (Dorsalgia): immediate Muscle Relaxation

This is a cryotherapy product that vets can use in their practices. The CRYOJUMP is mobile in order to reach horses where necessary.

Cryo Manufacturing produces the Van CRYOJUMP which is large enough for equine patients to experience whole-body cryotherapy. The van’s loading height is 2.26 m with an inside length of 3.16 m.

Learn More About Cryotherapy Products

Cryo Manufacturing offers many unique benefits with their products. Along with custom design, exclusive technology, and integrated programming, they offer 24/7 maintenance help.

Products from Cryo Manufacturing also have the added benefit of the company being the designer and the manufacturer. This helps to create a seamless maintenance process.

Cryo Manufacturing is just one of the many companies offering cryotherapy solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about other cryotherapy products check out the reviews on our blog.

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Lifecube Cryo: A Complete Guide to Their Cryotherapy Products

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life expectancy in the United States is 78.6 years.

With all our advancements in medicine and science, you would think the number would be higher!

Thankfully, science has made strides with safe alternative medicine options like cryotherapy. You can freeze cancerous cells, reduce inflammation, prevent the risk of dementia, and more.

Here’s our complete guide to Lifecube Cryo’s cryotherapy products. That way, you can experience these health benefits, too!

About Lifecube Cryo

Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy manufactures their machines in Germany. They have over 12 years of experience.

Unlike their competitors, they offer a safer, economic alternative to nitrogen-reliant cryotherapy. Instead, their full-body cold chamber is electronic. A smart app controls the chamber’s temperature settings.

The company also has low maintenance costs. This allows them to channel their money into research and quality control. 

The Lifecube Cryo chambers are available in one-room, two-room, and three-room options. These differ in size and weight, as well as their temperature capabilities. The Lifecube 3 reaching a temperature of -110 degrees Celsius.

Advantages & Benefits

Lifecube Cryo’s chambers offer the following advantages:

  • Not using nitrogen reduces cost and risk
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple controls using the smart app
  • Continuous research, improving the product for customers in the long-term
  • Customized design puts customer needs first

Cryotherapy benefits range from health to beauty. By choosing a Lifecube chamber, you can limit health risks such as:

  • Muscle pain and disorders (arthritis)
  • Weight gain and low metabolisms
  • Inflammation (associated with dementia, depression, diabetes, cancer)
  • Headaches

Check out these cryotherapy FAQs for more in-depth information.


The Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy products have many applications. These include wellness, beauty, and health purposes.

Sports centers, clubs, and gyms can use the Lifecube chambers, too. They’re perfect for after-workout sore muscle relief.

Meanwhile, spas and hotels can offer chambers for weight loss and skin conditions. They work great for beauty treatments, too.

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and pain clinics can use it for physiotherapy. According to this study, cryotherapy can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. As a result, it’s also used for mental health applications as well.

Lifecube also offers their product for private, in-home use. You can order your very own, customized chamber, fit to your specifications.


Compared to competitors such as Cryomachines Inc. and Cryotech Nordic, the Lifecube chambers are customizable. As a result, customers can design a whole body chamber that best suits their cryotherapy requirements and preferences.

Unlike CRYONiQ and Cryotech Nordic, Lifecube does not use nitrogen, making it a safer option among competitors.

Make the Most of This Complete Lifecube Cryo Product Guide

Using the Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy chamber can improve your health, happiness, and longevity.

It can also help businesses such as health centers and hospitals. As a result, they can provide customers with a new method to improve their long-term health.

Check out our blog for more articles on your cryotherapy options.