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How Floyd Mayweather Creates a Competitive Edge

Athletes put their bodies through intense training sessions and arduous competitions Creating a competitive edge in their physical performance makes a world of difference in winning, losing, and long term healthy physical endurance.

Floyd Mayweather is well-known for his champion ability in the boxing ring, and his athletic skill is driven by mental motivation, hard work and physical achievement. To improve and maintain a competitive edge, Mayweather sought out the latest in health advancement for workout and training recovery, cryotherapy treatment.

Professional athletes have used ice baths for decades, however cryotherapy offered a faster and better treatment for recovery from the physical depletion that professional sports demands. After localized treatments for various joints and muscles, Mayweather decided to dive into the whole body cryotherapy experience. With cryotherapy sessions before he trained and even between double training sessions, he found that he could train harder and have more endurance and less inflammation, which improved his body in pre-fight workouts. He began using cryotherapy leading up to his first Manny Pacquiao fight-for a win. With cryotherapy sessions both before and after training sessions, he was able to increase his athletic performance with improved blood circulation and nutrient disbursement to his muscles as well as reduce inflammation in his joints, muscles and tendons. His workout could be more strenuous and require less time to recover.

WBC- The Mayweather Advancement

Mayweather found the whole body cryotherapy sessions so impactful in his performance and recovery that he invested in the cryotherapy chamber company, SubZero Recovery in Las Vegas. As he grows his gym business while opening many locations around the world, he understands that all athletes in any sport can benefit from cryotherapy sessions to help them train harder and recover faster. He reaches every athlete, from the local marathoner to the tennis player, the professional basketball player, the boxer, to the college rower. He understands how important cryotherapy is for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, bolstering performance and providing nutrient rich blood flow to the advancing athletic body.

One of the largest benefits for professional athletes is in norepinephrine, produced naturally by the body. “Norepinephrine was increased twofold”, when using cryotherapy, according to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, in 2015, explaining that norepinephrine is a “potent anti-inflammatory”. [1]

Cryotherapy has many benefits being touted by athletes, sports teams, coaches and celebrities just like Floyd Mayweather, as they see their performance enhanced naturally and their health and well-being advanced.

[1] March 2016, Dr. Rhonda Patrick- the Joe Rogan Experience.