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Kobe Bryant Chooses Cryotherapy for Better Health

Kobe Bryant has been an early adopter of cryotherapy for athletic healing and injury recovery. He began his experience in Germany in 2011 when he went for several innovative treatment types to explore new ways to heal before the treatment had found its way to the mainstream U.S. market.

Having a painful injury to his knee that wasn’t recovering effectively, Kobe first tried plasma therapy injections for healing and then complemented the treatment with several cryotherapy chamber sessions while overseas. Upon his return to the U.S. and the basketball seasons that followed, he began using whole body cryotherapy (WBC) to help him recover from grueling workout sessions as well as post game recovery. The experience helped him to recover faster, heal faster, and be in much less pain from his chronic injury issues.

Whole body cryotherapy became a popular mainstream health treatment option during these subsequent years, because athletes like Bryant had the foresight to explore the potential of its effects for professional sports players. With whole body cryotherapy chamber treatments, the
numbing effects of the cold, coupled with the rush of nutrients in the bloodstream to the affected areas helped Bryant to push his game to the next level.

Inflammation relief and full body workout recovery with cryotherapy slowly became widely accepted in the US when Kobe first started to understand its benefits, and others followed. As time went on and more cryotherapy chamber options became available, the entire Lakers team had cryotherapy sessions to improve their health and performance.

Kobe Bryant found that inflammation reduction, nutrient distribution and pain relief through cryotherapy was a successful way for a high performance athlete to stay in the game and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Today, cryotherapy chambers are being purchased by many sports teams as well as by the athletes themselves, for personal use. The drive to achieve even greater heights as a professional athlete, to be able to endure more years as a top level performer has been touted by many to be because of the overall health benefits and lifestyle choice of regularly utilizing cryotherapy as part of their whole body fitness regime.

Superstar athletes as well as high- performance sports and fitness achievers have discovered the many varied benefits of utilizing cryotherapy on a regular basis to maintain their athletic lifestyles.