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LeBron James and Cryotherapy

With a long and extraordinary career in basketball, LeBron James has set record achievements in sports and is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. In his lengthy career. LeBron has returned from physical injury countless times to go on to make history and set records. His workout routines and health and lifestyle choices make athletes everywhere sit up and take notice. It’s not everyone who can continue to attain so much athletic success when pushing their body hard for so many years.

It’s all about balance. From working hard, to restoring the body, it takes a balance to achieve optimum physical success in any sport. With the extreme physicality of running, jumping, reaching and maneuvering quickly, the chance of sustaining injury on the court is a constant threat. With players experiencing ankle, knee and back injuries, as well as repeated shoulder and wrist strain, basketball is taxing on many parts of the body and has a plethora of regular injuries, even to the players in the best physical condition.

LeBron James has made it no secret that he absolutely supports and encourages the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Although not the first professional athlete to attest to its many benefits, LeBron doesn’t hesitate to share his positive experience with his audience and the world. Competitive edge in sports is often critical to the ability to stay on top, winning and longevity as an athlete. Utilizing cryotherapy on a regular basis, LeBron has expressed the value of injury recovery, inflammation reduction and the internal chemical endorphin release and circulation benefits for his body from the cryotherapy sessions.

Longevity in such an active and demanding sport such as basketball is rare, and LeBron is considered to be one of the best at it. His firm belief in investing in his body has significantly changed his game. In order to effectively treat injury and recover faster as well as increase the overall health of the musculoskeletal system, he regularly utilizes cryotherapy treatments to stay at his physical best. Mike Mancias, Lebron’s trainer and recovery specialist is very clear on LeBron’s training and healing. “Recovery never ends”, “it’s the number one focus”, says Mancias. [1]

The (WBC) Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber Session- what can it do?

The chamber drops the body temperature to a cold approx. -200 degrees Fahrenheit. For 2-3 minute sessions. The effects are immediate- relief of muscle pain and joint stiffness, reducing inflammation and the lactic acid in the body, while speeding up recovery from extreme physical exertion by allowing the release of endorphins and nutrients rushed throughout the body by the bloodstream.

The continued use of cryotherapy sessions has shortened recovery times for athletes after training or a game, and has vastly improved how they heal after an injury is sustained. As cryotherapy chamber usage continues to grow in professional sports such as basketball, the strength and longevity of athletes will also continue to improve and create a better competitive edge when coupled with the right physical training and mental attitude.