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Cryotherapy Recovery Advancement & The L.A. Lakers

The L.A. Lakers have been at the forefront in providing the best treatments in physical advancement technology for their players, adapting training techniques and recovery modalities that can offer a competitive advantage. Before most teams had discovered the potential of having cryotherapy sessions for their players, many L.A. Lakers were already seeking out the benefits of injury healing and full body workout recovery through cryotherapy.

More medical studies are testing the effects of how cryotherapy treats a multitude of issues, from athletic injury, medical conditions and strenuous recovery. “Nowadays, whole-body cryotherapy is a medical physical treatment widely used in sports medicine. Recovery from injuries (e.g., trauma, overuse) and after-season recovery are the main purposes for application.

However, the most recent studies confirmed the anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, and antioxidant effects of this therapy by highlighting the underlying physiological responses. In addition to its therapeutic effects, whole-body cryotherapy has been demonstrated to be a preventive strategy against the deleterious effects of exercise-induced inflammation and soreness.” [1]

As early as 2010, Kobe Bryant sought out treatment for his persistent injury at a facility in Germany. By 2011, the entire basketball team was testing out the benefits of cryotherapy in California. LeBron James also realized early on the value that cryotherapy brought to his health and well-being. With 15 consecutive seasons, he is intense in the care of his body, and cryotherapy is a critical part of his recovery regimen.

More and more teams as well as individual players continue to share about the benefits of cryotherapy, including former L.A.Lakers’ Shaquille O’Neal, who had an amazing and long career, and publicly shares videos of himself regularly in the cryotherapy chamber to keep his body at its prime. A.C. Green, former Lakers player, loved it so much he invested in creating a cryotherapy company. Green says, ‘We could’ve extended our careers by five years if we’d had this.’ [2]

The L.A. Lakers provide health advantages to keep their players in top condition to allow for their future wellbeing. Cryotherapy has become a mainstream and daily benefit for top athletes on the Lakers team to sustain their competitive edge on and off the court.