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The Ultimate Whole Body Cryotherapy Machine Purchase Guide

Cryotherapy has emerged to be one of the most trending businesses around the globe. With various business startups, several existing businesses have incorporated whole body cryotherapy to increase their revenue. With the whole influx in the cryotherapy business, there is a need for one to pay particular attention to the durability of the machine, the safety of users, performance and cost when purchasing the machine. Taking these into consideration gives you a chance to make a perfect purchase.

Are you an aspiring cryotherapy owner? Do you wish to start a cryotherapy business? Have you heard and wish to broaden your idea on the subject line under review? Before we can discuss the factors to consider when buying this kind of a machine, we would like to highlight two different types of Whole Body Cryotherapy machines which include:


This cabin is mainly for one person in which the patient is immersed in the cold vapors up to the arms level and breathes air from the room with the head located outside the reach of extremely low temperatures. The machine uses liquid nitrogen to generate the coolant.  The cryosauna has many merits which include low cost of use, easy installation and good contact with the patient. It also allows the use of cryo-stimulation by a person who has claustrophobia. The Impact Cryotherapy machine bears the ETL mark from Intertek, a sign that it meets safety standards. This machine has different features including custom-built software design for safety, anti-microbial cryogenic interior panels, patent-pending vapor delivery system, unique and stable design, and an adjustable height riser platform. 


The chamber consists of two antechambers with a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius, and the chamber proper with a temperature of about -100 degrees Celsius. The advantages of a cryochamber are that the chamber is isolated from the ground so it can be easily installed either indoors or outdoors. The cryochamber has all the elements necessary for the safe performance of cryostimulation, which are an additional emergency exit, visual and audio contact with the operator. More importantly, the chamber is used in group therapy.

Moving ahead, we would like now to explain the factors our valuable customers need to take into account before buying the machines:


Depreciation is an accounting term which describes the cost allocations of an asset to its useful life. The more durable the chamber is the higher its quality as it can meet its specific purpose. Depreciation, mostly since it is mathematical cost allocation, doesn’t have a direct correlation to the asset’s physical life.

Depreciation for machinery, like whole body cryotherapy machine and equipment appraisers, has an entirely different meaning. For machinery, depreciation is the estimated loss in value due to its loss in value of an asset; this may be due to economic obsolescence, functional obsolescence, or physical deterioration, or a combination of all of them.

The cryotherapy chambers can work for up to 10 years since they have no moving parts. There are however other mobile Cryotherapy machines, but that does not take much from their lifespan as they are both regularly upgraded, with hardware being replaced from time to time. Automated software updates are done over the air and ensure that your unit has the most recent bug fixes and improvement available. The physical upgrades are done by a kit that is sent to the owner. Sensors are USB terminated and can be replaced within a few short minutes. 

When speaking of depreciation and Cryo machines, what becomes imperative to mention is the price at which the owner of such a machine can resell his or her product at a future date. There are multiple prize tags for different machines, depending on how much they would have depreciated and the time that they would have been in use. This is so as depreciation can be measured in terms of how much a machine has worn out, or in terms of how long has the machine been in use. However, we ought to consider the facts on how the Cryo machines are updated regularly using both software and hardware that is sent to the owner by the suppliers. These regular checks keep the machines performing at their best throughout their economic lives.

Some machines come at a high quality, therefore leading to longer lifespans (meaning can be sold at a higher value after a few years of utilizing it) and some come with low quality, and this can sometimes be revealed in the price at which the seller is charging when it is still new and unused. Considering the facts around pricing and quality, the price also becomes an essential factor to consider when purchasing a cryo chamber.  The cryo machines have different prices depending on different features the machine comes with, and these factors may determine how fast, or slow your machine depreciates. They can be as low as USD 29,000.00 and as high as up to US$70,000.00.

Eve as we have mentioned the importance of looking at the price of the machine before making a purchase, the price alone cannot be the determining feature but collectively with other factors such as depreciation (durability), efficiency, safety and support, facility development and the profitability one can get out of the cryo machines. 

Safety and support

The safety of a customer is of the utmost importance when dealing with temperatures as low as 220 degrees F. Investing in the safety protects your customers thereby reducing your liabilities in the medium to long-run. Some chambers have 8+ onboard sensors ensuring the maximum safety of customers. They also use liquid nitrogen because it is the most effective method in delivering cold therapy – as with liquid nitrogen, we reach maximum cold temperatures. The technology of the chamber allows for six different temperatures, evenly distributing nitrogen to the unit. The machine only runs when specific safety criteria are reached, thereby reducing liability. This delivers the most effective experience and at the same time allowing secure and profitable sessions. On the other hand, some other machines have a safe, smart and engage software for the safety of customers and also the need to consider a safety training program for the cryotherapy operators before purchasing the cryo machines.


When purchasing the cryo machine, one has to consider its efficiency.  Some have a modular design for ease of service. The inclusion of a multilevel heat exchange which improves nitrogen efficiency is also one thing that needs to be a consideration.

Facility Development

There is a need to ensure that one has the required space before buying the cryo chamber. To achieve this, you have to check your local codes so that they can see if there may be any legal restrictions for the service. The mostly recommended room size for some chambers is 10’ x 10’. The units and its nitrogen dewars take up an area of 5’x5’. The room can be smaller if the nitrogen dewars are stored in a separate room connected through the wall. Facility development is a priority as it constitutes one of the features the buyer has to consider before purchasing a cryo machine.


To realize high returns, there is a need for reducing the level of liability and most importantly, cut expenses. This is the only way to archive the highest return on investment possible.  Buying the right cryotherapy chamber guarantees meeting these goals. There need to check the level of energy efficiency and performance that the machine can offer to be the most profitable in the industry.