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An Overview of the Top Cryotherapy Machines From Russia

Cryotherapy businesses are highly profitable, and according to statistics, the industry will be worth $8.4 billion in 7 years.1 Thus, if you’re thinking of starting one or incorporating a cryotherapy machine in your salon, cryo chambers from Russia are a great place to start. They’re innovative, efficient, and relatively affordable.

Top 4 Cryo Machines From Russia

Krion is the main manufacturer of cryotherapy machines in Russia. They adhere to top manufacturing processes and are constantly working on improving their technologies. This ensures that they produce nothing but the best whole body cryotherapy and cryogenic equipment. 

Here are the top 4 cryo machines from Russia that you should consider. 

Krion Premium

The Krion Premium is specifically designed for use in medium-sized businesses. It can also be used by small enterprises that regularly offer cryotherapy services to a large group of people. It’s highly efficient and uses minimal nitrogen per session.

This cryo chamber can also work for 8 straight hours and rarely requires maintenance and repairs. It comes with an automatic treatment counter that keeps track of the number of clients that have used it.

Krion Minipro

The Krion Minipro leverages cutting-edge technology and has a beautiful design. It comes with automatic features that streamline business processes and features a powerful processor. 

Its features are an expansion of the Krion Premium’s technological features. For example, this cryo chamber does not require constant monitoring and is fitted with a 21.5 inch LCD screen. 

Krion Pro

The Krion Pro cryotherapy machine uses top-of-the-range technology and has a legal cabin compared to the rest. It has a beautiful aerodynamic shape and a sleek internal surface to enhance customer satisfaction.

This cryo chamber pre-cools and dries 2 times faster than the Krion Premium. It also comes with an LCD monitor and has several automatic modes for streamlined business processes. 

Krion Standard

The Krion Standard cryo chamber is affordable, easy to use, reliable, and very powerful. It features a design that will fulfill the needs of small businesses, including spas, fitness centers, and beauty salons. It can also be used in private residences.

This cryo chamber can work for 6 hours straight and only prepares in 5 minutes, making a great investment. 

Start Your Salon and Spa Business With the Above Cryo Machines From Russia

The above cryotherapy machines have 4 main similarities;

  • They’re mobile chambers.
  • They come with nitrogen-cooling.
  • They lack an in-built skin temperature feature.
  • Don’t require a dry-out time.

The cryotherapy market will grow at a CAGR of 6.5%.2 This is, therefore, the best time to start your business, and the above cryo chambers are a great place to start. 

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