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Steph Curry – Athletic Performance and Healthy Choices with Cryotherapy

The Warriors basketball team shooting star, Steph Curry, has become a champion spokesman for the use of whole body cryotherapy and its many attributes for professional athletes. He says, “It is an opportunity to take care of my body.” And he is more than right, any athlete looking to take optimum care of their body and benefit their performance can reap the benefits of cryotherapy. His reasons for cryotherapy sessions is to “recover faster” from workouts and post game fatigue. According to Curry, he tries to hit the cryo-chamber at least once a week.

What it Does

When the brain believes it is briefly in ‘survival mode’ because of the cold, the heavy blood flow in the body centers at the core, and releases nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Although it is a very temporary state for the body, when removed from the chamber the blood rushes to the rest of the body and brings nutrients and oxygen to the limbs as well as other muscles, creating a healing boost while the inflammation from cold reduces the joint, tendon and muscle pain. Recovery time is reduced, pain and injury are relieved, and an endorphin release elevates the mental recovery as well.


Being an MVP and champion in basketball can take a heavy toll on the body, so that recovery takes a long time, and with constant training and back to back games like Steph Curry often experiences, finding ways to accelerate the recovery and improve performance is paramount to staying on top in professional sports. Ice baths were the standard for decades, but they were not very effective and didn’t allow for long term relief. The cryotherapy chamber sessions changed all that by speeding whole body recovery and enhancing inflammation relief while improving mindset.

For The Athlete in Us All

As athletes, whether weekend trekkers, daily gym goers, or world record marathon runners, we can all benefit from the use of cryotherapy. It is a quick session that is cost effective and widely available today. Whether you have an injury or are looking to benefit your athletic performance, cryotherapy offers real time recovery benefits and is a great part of the athlete’s arsenal of tools for performance, healing and lifestyle.