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Baseball Champions, Champion Cryotherapy

Major League Baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, has incorporated cryotherapy at their training center. It has become an integral part of the player’s regimen in training and recovery. Head trainer Nick Kenney, has created a recovery plan that includes cryotherapy sessions, helping his players maintain optimum wellness, before and after they are on the field.

After installing a cryotherapy chamber for the team, he has worked with players on getting them into the machine when they arrive as well as after they practice or play. The muscle stiffness and lack of flexibility before hitting the field can be minimized with cryotherapy, and this helps to avoid acute injury during practice. The cold chamber session takes a mere 3 minutes and provides the players with inflammation and pain relief as well as an invigorated body and mind. They get a boost of oxygen, nutrients and endorphins released into the bloodstream naturally by the body, following a cryotherapy session. Practice preparation including cryotherapy is working well for the Kansas City Royals team members, and they are taking advantage of the opportunity to hit the chamber twice a day.

After a long practice session, Kenney gets the players back into the chamber before they leave for the day. The deep cold session relieves sore muscles and tight tendons, reducing swelling from the heavy workout. If a player has a nagging injury, the cryotherapy brings relief and speeds the body’s natural healing to get them back into performance shape more quickly. As Kenney states, “I’m a big fan of cryotherapy and the benefits it offers athletes including recovering from both daily demands and injury.”

The Royals have a cryotherapy apparatus, and their training staff encourages players to use it twice per day. Lee Judge gave it a one-time shot.

Recovery Rejuvenation

After entering the chamber, as the body temperature is reduced, the blood pulls to the core to protect and invigorate the organs. Since extremities are covered in gloves and socks, the feet and hands have no negative impacts from the body going into a ‘temporary state of survival’. Once the body temperature has been dropped between -200 to -300 degrees F, the return to a normal environment immediately warms the body up and the blood rushes back to the extremities. It brings with it highly oxygenated blood and nutrients, which flood into the muscle tissues and joints, helping to heal and recover from the depletion of the intense practice workout. [1]

Many players say they find much better sleep and feel a sense of mental acuity and well-being for some time afterwards, along with the pain relief and recovery to their muscles. Baseball and football teams across the country have implemented cryotherapy into their daily pre and post-training as a positive benefit for a quick and healthy whole body restoration.