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The Dallas Mavericks Cryotherapy Power

The Dallas Mavericks basketball team players famously delved into cryotherapy in a bold way to give health support to their player’s performance. With a Championship headed their way in 2011, they moved into cryotherapy when they discovered that several of the NBA veteran players on the team were traveling to a cryotherapy wellness center in Plano Texas on their days off, to use a cryotherapy chamber to help in their post workout recovery.

Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, Brian Cardinal and Tyson Chandler were talking about how good it made them feel and suggesting it would be a good investment for all of the team. Head trainer, Casey Smith knew the players liked how they felt and decided to include cryotherapy into their recovery solutions for the team. [1]

The Mavericks were using the Plano therapy chambers so often that the company moved closer to the team so they could have more access to the therapy. With workout recovery implemented at a faster rate, joint and muscle recovery improved and injuries relieved more quickly, the Dallas Mavericks had cryotherapy as a near ‘secret-weapon’, since most other teams had not yet utilized the powerful sport health tool.

Three minutes in a cryotherapy cold chamber is much faster and more helpful to the body’s natural healing ability than an ice bath, and the Mavericks knew it then and now. Having older players find huge advantage to their competitive body experiences only added to the desire for younger players to find it a long-term healthy lifestyle. Mavericks wanted to have veteran players with stamina and endurance that actually felt good on the court, and cryotherapy changed the game for them. Inflammation reduction, oxygenated, nutrient rich blood and endorphins pack a healthy natural punch in the athlete’s body, and nothing artificial or in pill form can beat a natural body response to recovery.

Hitting the court, having a hard game or workout, and recovering and feeling good in a short amount of time cannot be found equally in any other modality. The body’s natural response time is triggered in the cryo-chamber and floods the body when an athlete steps out, whereas nothing else has the same exact effect while inducing a natural clinical response. Cryotherapy has become a favorite of Dallas Mavericks veteran and rookie athletes alike, as a way to strengthen their recovery response so that they can lengthen and intensify their workouts and feel strong and balanced during their on court game performances.