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My First Cryotherapy Experience

As a college athlete muscle soreness and inflammation are constant and often due to the large demand of training that goes into each practice. Because of this I soon was searching for my first cryotherapy experience. I am always sore both during and after practices which has begun to affect my level of play. Muscle inflammation has hindered my ability to perform at my best during training and tournaments. This isn’t new to me though. I have played volleyball for over half of my life and have dealt with muscle pain for the majority of my competitive seasons. Throughout this time I’ve turned to recovery solutions such as ice baths, massages and even cold-compress. Unfortunately, none of these “solutions” relieved my soreness. Then I heard about Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy: A Leap of Faith

Cryotherapy was something that I had never heard of before until recently looking into it. After researching exactly what it was it became clear that I needed to at least give it a shot. The technology behind each Cryotherapy session is cutting-edge and uses data from several centuries of scientific innovations to promote healing and wellness. This definitely sounded like a worthy investment. 

My first cryotherapy experience in the chamber was a little foreign, but the staff were super friendly. They explained everything that was going on before my session. I changed out of my clothes and into a robe fitted with a stylish pair of slippers. As I entered the chamber they closed the door and handed me a pair of gloves. I passed them the robe and stood in the chamber with only my head exposed. It felt like I was in some type of space pod, but I wasn’t scared. During the whole process the visual display monitor explained the entire process and counted down the time that I had remaining. The cold air filled the chamber, cooling my body and the foggy-gas arising from the chamber was really cool to look at.

After only three minutes the session ended. Yes it only took three minutes! After the session I relaxed in their recovery lounge. Just after ten minutes of resting I could feel pain relief in both of these areas. My thighs were significantly less sore and the sharp pain in my shoulder was nearly gone. I honestly was in awe of the extremely fast results after just a few minutes in the cryotherapy chamber. I would definitely recommend this method to anyone suffering from chronic pain and soreness.