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In Search of Some Great Cryotherapy Products?: A Complete Review of CryoUSA

Cryotherapy is the use of cooling as a form of therapy. Athletes and people who suffer from chronic medical conditions that cause pain can both benefit from cryotherapy

There are many products that perform the cryotherapy technique, depending on the body part and the symptoms you are treating.

Take a look at some of the products offered by one of the leading cryotherapy distributors, CryoUSA:

1. CRYO Penguin

This cryotherapy machine works by cooling localized areas of the body. It works by using nitrogen vapor inside a high-tech cooling system. This machine is strong enough to perform cryotherapy on the body but precise and gentle enough to perform cryotherapy on the face too.

There are various safety features on the machine making it the ideal choice for businesses starting out in cryotherapy techniques.

2. CryoArctic

CryoArctic by CryoScience is a full body cryotherapy machine. The person stands fully inside the machine and can see out of the large front window. This is good for people who may otherwise suffer from claustrophobia.

This machine has been designed to give the safest cryotherapy session by ensuring that there is no exposure to harmful gasses and the skin isn’t subjected to overexposure to the cold.

3. CryoNiq

This is a single person whole body cryotherapy chamber. The unit is able to be adjusted to suit the person’s height, with the body being in a cryotherapy session but the head remains above.

This is thought to improve the experience of the client, as they won’t feel trapped in the chamber and communicate with the person operating it.

Why CryoUSA Cryotherapy and Not an Ice Bath? 

Professional rugby and football players can often be seen recovering in ice baths after a game. When you are fully submerged in an ice bath, the body has to work extra hard to keep your blood warm inside your body.

The blood will start to completely cool your body’s core temperature. You are directly touching the cold surface. This slows down the circulatory system and can impede on muscle recovery.

If you remain in the ice bath long enough, your muscles and skin are starved of oxygen. Recovery from an ice bath can take hours if your body temperature drops low.

Alternatively, when you enter a CryoUSA cryotherapy chamber, it is merely the illusion of being cold. A more controlled version of walking outside in summer clothes when it’s mid-winter. When you return inside, you warm up quickly.

Your body sends its blood to its core, where it is replenished with oxygen and nutrients and sent back around your body. When you step out of the cryo chamber, your legs and arms will receive this blood back to them.

This natural filtration is thought to help with muscle repair and recovery. Although your body does this process itself, the process is significantly faster with cryotherapy. This means a shorter recovery time. 

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