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Is CryoNext the Next Big Thing in Crypotherapy?

CryoNext has an impressive line of professional grade cryotherapy products. From a portable cryo chamber to an electric cryotherapy chamber and even a temperature controlled float unit, CryoNext is pushing the boundaries of cryotherapy.

With all the proven health benefits of cryotherapy, CryoNext is continuing to make cryotherapy more accessible to more people. It’s a cryotherapy company thinking about how best to bring cryotherapy into the future. 


The RevoCryo is the world’s first portable cryotherapy chamber. It’s tiny. You can even pack it up and check it onto a flight if you have somewhere to be and people to freeze. It’s a high-quality cryo unit that packs up, giving you cryotherapy benefits on-the-go.

Need to travel to a client?

Need to tend to a team playing an away game?

Maybe you’ve got a trade show to cover?

No matter the reason, the RevoCryo is an excellent choice. Plus, according to a study on the frequency of cryotherapy use, the more sessions you do, the stronger the effects.

The convenience of a portable unit can really help with staying on a steady regimen.


The CryoEco is a 100% electric, stainless steel, full-sized cryotherapy unit. It comes with CryoNext’s Breathable Air Technology.

Not only is it fully electric, but it’s state-of-the-art. Its mobile app can connect to iOS or Android smartphones, allowing you to control the automated cooling system inside the unit from afar.

It’s got speakers and LED lighting inside the chamber which creates an enjoyable ambiance for clients. And the best part: it’ll run you 20 dollars or less to run every day.


The CryoFirst unit is an affordable cryotherapy chamber that uses the safety and efficiency of nitrogen. Nitrogen vapor aspirators are becoming steadily more popular as the safety benefits become clearer. It even has a built-in Oximeter.

The CryoFirst’s simple design makes it an ideal fit anywhere while not sacrificing your clients’ comfort. Thanks to CryoNext’s Patented Body Slider Height Adjustment feature, your clients will get a custom-tailored experience.

And the touch-screen operation system makes it a breeze to use and operate. 


The ZeroBody unit simulates the sensation of floating with a bed that absorbs the body’s weight. It harnesses all the power of floatation therapy with none of the usual maintenance.

No plumbing. No filtration. No showering afterward. No real cleanup. And it’s simple to set up. It’s kind of a dream come true.

Plus, your clients can reap the benefits of sensory deprivation or meditation with the simple addition of an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones.

CryoNext: The Next Big Thing

CryoNext is definitely a heavy hitter in the cryotherapy game, constantly serving up cutting-edge ways to incorporate cryotherapy benefits. We’ll be waiting impatiently to see what revolutionary cryotherapy products they come up with next.

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