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Lifecube Cryo: A Complete Guide to Their Cryotherapy Products

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life expectancy in the United States is 78.6 years.

With all our advancements in medicine and science, you would think the number would be higher!

Thankfully, science has made strides with safe alternative medicine options like cryotherapy. You can freeze cancerous cells, reduce inflammation, prevent the risk of dementia, and more.

Here’s our complete guide to Lifecube Cryo’s cryotherapy products. That way, you can experience these health benefits, too!

About Lifecube Cryo

Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy manufactures their machines in Germany. They have over 12 years of experience.

Unlike their competitors, they offer a safer, economic alternative to nitrogen-reliant cryotherapy. Instead, their full-body cold chamber is electronic. A smart app controls the chamber’s temperature settings.

The company also has low maintenance costs. This allows them to channel their money into research and quality control. 

The Lifecube Cryo chambers are available in one-room, two-room, and three-room options. These differ in size and weight, as well as their temperature capabilities. The Lifecube 3 reaching a temperature of -110 degrees Celsius.

Advantages & Benefits

Lifecube Cryo’s chambers offer the following advantages:

  • Not using nitrogen reduces cost and risk
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple controls using the smart app
  • Continuous research, improving the product for customers in the long-term
  • Customized design puts customer needs first

Cryotherapy benefits range from health to beauty. By choosing a Lifecube chamber, you can limit health risks such as:

  • Muscle pain and disorders (arthritis)
  • Weight gain and low metabolisms
  • Inflammation (associated with dementia, depression, diabetes, cancer)
  • Headaches

Check out these cryotherapy FAQs for more in-depth information.


The Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy products have many applications. These include wellness, beauty, and health purposes.

Sports centers, clubs, and gyms can use the Lifecube chambers, too. They’re perfect for after-workout sore muscle relief.

Meanwhile, spas and hotels can offer chambers for weight loss and skin conditions. They work great for beauty treatments, too.

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and pain clinics can use it for physiotherapy. According to this study, cryotherapy can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. As a result, it’s also used for mental health applications as well.

Lifecube also offers their product for private, in-home use. You can order your very own, customized chamber, fit to your specifications.


Compared to competitors such as Cryomachines Inc. and Cryotech Nordic, the Lifecube chambers are customizable. As a result, customers can design a whole body chamber that best suits their cryotherapy requirements and preferences.

Unlike CRYONiQ and Cryotech Nordic, Lifecube does not use nitrogen, making it a safer option among competitors.

Make the Most of This Complete Lifecube Cryo Product Guide

Using the Lifecube Cryo cryotherapy chamber can improve your health, happiness, and longevity.

It can also help businesses such as health centers and hospitals. As a result, they can provide customers with a new method to improve their long-term health.

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