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Cryo Pod: Is This the Cryotherapy Product You’ve Been Waiting For?

As an athlete, someone who enjoys exercise, or anyone else fond of ‘treating themselves’, the quest for therapy that improves your body and mind’s performance is ongoing. The aches and pains you may feel in the morning or when you go to bed are your worst enemies. The fogginess you experience after a night of restless sleep can be misery.

How can you get the most out of yourself?

For years, cryotherapy has sought to improve the body and mind through immersing the body in freezing or near freezing temperatures. But does it work? Is it safe? How do I know I can trust an individual product?

Whether or not you’re interested in its anti-inflammatory effects, getting a good night’s sleep, or you’re just tired of looking at that pesky cellulite in the mirror, CryoPod will help you along the way. 

Read on to find out why jumping into a CryoPod is the real deal in cryotherapy.

Why Cryo Pod?

Nitrogen Delivery System 

Because the CryoPod uses a heat exchanger to cool its chamber, the nitrogen gas is not pure, and thus, not toxic in small does.  Most cryotherapy chambers apply pure nitrogen to their chambers. This can be uncomfortable for the client.

Because of their delivery systems, Most other cryo chambers also don’t allow for full immersion. Full immersion is more beneficial regardless of what sort of result the client is looking for. Why waste time getting a cryotherapy facial when you can fully immerse yourself in a CryoPod and achieve the ‘skin glow’ you’re looking for. 

Easily Installable 

One of the most useful aspects of CryoPod is its easy installation. While most cryotherapy chambers can be difficult to implement into smaller spaces, the CryoPod will have you coolin’ in no time.

Thanks to its two halve split design, it will fit into most building doorways. It also is energy efficient, fitting within the 110/240 voltage for standard buildings. 

A Different Approach 

Many cryotherapies seem to be preoccupied with making their therapy as cold as can be. CryoPod is traveling a different route, making sure that they do the research to find what is the most effective temperature for cryotherapy. At CryoPod, it’s not just about being the coldest, it’s about being the best. 

CryoPod Does the Research 

Some cryotherapies market more heavily toward specific types of athletes, making cryotherapy seem out of reach to a large portion of people who would greatly benefit from treatment. 

Don’t let those companies fool you. Cryotherapy is a rapidly expanding industry whose effects could greatly improve anyone who seeks out treatment. The list of beneficial effects of cryotherapy ranges from improving migraine symptoms, to improving symptoms of eczema. 

One thing is certain, you should never feel uncomfortable seeking out cryotherapy. CryoPod doesn’t want you to feel like they’re an exclusive club. Their mission is simple: to change lives for the better.  

Find Out if Cryo Pod is Right for You 

In an industry full of growth and expansion, it’s important to find a provider that cares about the individual. CryoPod’s approach to cryotherapy has pegged them as one of the industry’s leaders, proving that just because a company offers high-quality products, does not mean their customer service has to suffer. 

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an athlete, or you’ve never played sports a day in your life, it doesn’t matter. Come find out what cryotherapy can offer you