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Vacuactivus: A Complete Guide to Their Cryotherapy Products

When your body needs to rest you should use the best in cryotherapy.

Vacuactivus is a cryotherapy manufacturing company based in Losino, Poland but also has an office in Beverly Hills, California.

They pride themselves on being a leader in world manufacturing of cryotherapy chambers and infrared slimming equipment with 15 years of production under its belt.

But what do they offer compared to their competitors in this up and coming market?

Keep reading to find out.

Vacuactivus Cryotherapy Machines

According to information on the Vacuactivus website, they provide “the most innovative fitness, spa, wellness, and cryotherapy products on the current market.”

The technology used includes low-temperature gases for healing and preservation of the body.

Making their products perfect for the recovery, wellness, weight loss, fitness, and beauty industries.

Available Products

The Vacuactivus cryotherapy products are categorized into 6 sections:

  • Aqua: Aquashape Aquabike 5, Hydroshape, and Hydrobike
  • Cedar: Spa Barrel SQ and Spa Barrel OV
  • Cryo: Local Cryo Polar Bear and Active Cryo Cryo Chamber
  • Pilates: Infrared Pilates Capsule
  • Shape: Bodyshape Treadmill, Infrashape Horizontal, Rollshape, Runshape Treadmill, and Vibrashape
  • Spa: Activ Couch and Activslim IR

Aqua Products

The Aquashape Aquabike 5 is adjustable for height and weight. It is perfect for exercising in water.

The Hydroshape allows for cryotherapy weight loss and enjoying a massage.

The Hydrobike targets cellulite reduction, losing weight and toning your body.

Cedar Products

The Spa Barrel SQ is a mini spa for your home. It does not require any plumbing connection and will fit in a corner.

The Spa Barrel OV is meant to be used at home and gives 5-15 minutes of rejuvenation.

Cryo Products

Local Cryo Polar Bear can be used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine.

ActiveCryo Cryo Chamber exposes your whole body to extreme cold temperature for a brief time.

Pilates Products

Infrared Pilates is a cryotherapy machine designed for hot yoga exercises in a 1oo degree pilates capsule.

Shape Products

Bodyshape Treadmill is an anti-gravity treadmill and is good for the lymphatic system, burning cellulite, and weight loss.

Infrashape Horizontal is excellent for anti-gravity exercises and offers infrared heating, collagen lamp, color and aroma therapies.

Rollshape is meant for cellulite issues and helps the fibrous tissues.

Runshape Treadmill focuses on weight loss results and easy to operate.

Vibrashape uses chair based vibrations to increase burning fat.

Spa Products

Activ Couch helps your muscle tension melt away with a relaxing massage.

Activslim IR allows cryosurgery like electrical stimulation, infra-red sauna, and air pressure lymphatic drainage to occur seamlessly.


While it may seem as if all cryotherapy machines are the same this simply isn’t true. Vacuactivus is different from its competitors because of its equipment’s ability to perform multiple tasks at once.

An example of this multitasking is performed by the Infrashape Horizontal which offers the user a bicycle that improves your skin’s collagen and soothes you with aromatherapy.

In the mood to get toned, revitalize your skin, and detox your lymphatic system? Then try the Bodyshape Treadmill.

Like the Lifecube chambers, the Vacuactivus are customizable to suit a client’s colors and logo.

They also use Nitrogen like the Cryoniq and Cryotech Nordic.

Invest in the Best

Whether you’re nursing an injury, reducing the signs of aging, or exercising the Vacuactivus cryotherapy machines will satisfy your needs.

If you are interested in using their machines check out their website for more details and search for local gyms who carry their equipment.

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