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Krion: Everything You Need to Know About Their Cryotherapy Products

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is great for boosting weight loss and energy, improving the youthful appearance of skin, and for helping muscles recover. 

But before you can start offering cryotherapy to patients or enjoying it in your own home, you need to find the right unit for you.

Keep reading to learn why Krion and one of their 4 high-end chambers might be the right choice for you.

What is Krion?

Krion is a company specializing in cryotherapy products. Their primary product is the cryosauna, an immersive chamber designed for whole-body cryotherapy treatment.

While now a standard in the cryotherapy treatment industry, Krion lays claim to the title of the creator of the “original technology for cryosauna operation.”

Krion has spent years perfecting their technology with their own in-house team of engineers, all with degrees in cryogenic sciences, a relatively new specialty.

What Sets Krion Cryosaunas Apart from Competitors?

Every company offers its own take on cryotherapy. While all are designed for the same purpose, each has its own features and benefits.

Krion is no exception.

Their units offer precise temperature regulation designed to maximize the benefits of cryotherapy. Advanced sensors in each chamber regulate temperature to keep each treatment session on track.

Krion’s engineers have mastered the perfect gas density flow in each chamber. This allows for the flow of gas to properly cool down only the outer layers of your skin without chilling the rest of your body and potentially leading to side effects.

Krion offers four distinct chambers to choose from.

Krion PRO

Krion’s top-of-the-line unit is the Krion PRO. With the largest cabin of any unit, the PRO is designed for maximum comfort, and suited for patients of any size. 

While the spacious interior makes for a more comfortable session, it is also designed to be aerodynamic to help better achieve the perfect temperature and flow of gas. 

The Krion PRO dries and pre-cools twice as fast as the next-best unit, to lessen the time required for each session.

A 21.5 inch LCD monitor makes it easy to set and control sessions for your patients, while video and audio accompaniment allows you to communicate with patients while they are in session.

Krion mini pro

With many of the same features as the Krion PRO, the Krion mini pro offers a lower-profile, streamlined version. 

This unit is perfect for offices and clinics with less space, or those just breaking into the cryotherapy game. 

Plus, you’ll still get the 21.5 inch LCD monitor for controlling each patient session.

Krion Premium

One step below the Krion PRO is their Premium model. Designed to handle up to 100 treatments each day, the unit is designed for medium-sized cryotherapy enterprises.

The Premium decreased the expenditure of liquid nitrogen, helping cut costs and maintenance time by as much as 30 percent.

The unit is also designed for continuous work. You can run cryotherapy sessions continuously for up to 8 hours at a time. Less prep-time prior to each session makes for a smoother operation.

Krion Standard

Powerful and reliable, the Krion base model, the Standard, is great for small businesses or those new to offering cryotherapy. 

At a lower price point, the Krion Standard can even be used for private residences or hotels and resorts. Convenient and simple to use, it can operate for up to 6 hours straight and takes less than 5 minutes to prep.

Getting Started with Cryotherapy

Whether you’re new to cryotherapy or looking to upgrade your current equipment with a top-of-the-line unit, Krion is a great choice.

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