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Why Space Cabin for Your Cryotherapy Needs?

How seriously do you take cryotherapy? Are you finding treatment in a proper cryotherapy machine, or are you still dragging bags of ice to the bathtub?

Ice baths served a purpose in the early days of cryotherapy. They offered easy access to the benefits of cold therapy for healing. However, there are a number of innovations that have advanced what cryotherapy can do for you.

So ditch the ice bags and learn why Space Cabin is the best choice for your cryotherapy needs.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Are you wondering why someone might be eager to immerse themselves in extreme cold? At first glance, it may seem absurd but cryotherapy can have an amazing therapeutic impact.

First of all, the effects of severe cold create a hormonal response. Studies suggest that this response can have positive effects on mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Disorders caused by inflammation like arthritis and migraines appear to ease under cold therapy, too. So do skin conditions like dryness and atopic dermatitis.

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath

The convenience of a Space Cabin is clear over an ice bath. But is it worth the cost?

Ice baths can have positive effects on the mind and body. But they’ll never be as effective as they will never reach the lower temperatures of a Space Cabin. 

Also, since cryotherapy machines use gaseous nitrogen instead of water, there’s no moisture. This keeps the cold surface level, whereas cold water can seep deeper. This could cause complications as the body’s core temperature lowers too much.

How Does Space Cabin Work?

The user enters the machine wearing socks and light clothing. They sit with shoulders level with the top of the machine, leaving their head free. An operator then starts the machine, which circulates air cooled by nitrogen around the user.

Sessions last from one to three minutes, at which point the user leaves the chamber and enjoys the benefits of the therapy.

Is it Safe?

At no point does the user come in direct contact with the nitrogen gas. Instead, the gas evaporates into the air inside the chamber, dramatically lowering the temperature.

The users head remains above the machine at all times, allowing for easy communication with the operator. The doors on the Space Cabin don’t lock, and there’s a large red emergency stop button if needed.

What are the Immediate Benefits?

During the therapy, the brain releases endorphins in response to the cold. This provides an immediate sense of well-being and happiness. Circulation will be improved, offering more energy and leading to better sleeps.

What are the Long-Term Benefits?

How long it takes to notice the benefits of cryotherapy on the injury will depend on the severity of the issue. 

Cold treatment two or three times a week is recommended to get the best results. It may take a few weeks for the body to fully respond, at which point the benefits will be more noticeable.

Last Word on Space Cabin

If you’re serious about getting cryotherapy to work for you, Space Cabin is an easy and convenient way to go about it. These machines are well-designed and well-built, giving you a chilly session every time.

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