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Cryotherapy Chamber Comparison: Aurora vs Juka

Two very uniquely designed cryotherapy chambers that are popular with gyms, medical offices and spas today are the Aurora Cryosauna from Ukraine and the Juka from Poland. Both offer a nitrogen cryotherapy chamber with aesthetic features and modern technology for safety and convenience. Let’s look at each cryotherapy chamber to see how they match up. 

Aurora by Space Cabin

The Aurora offers a unique difference from most cryosaunas–the ability to have just about any color ordered for the outer shell, with a whopping 180 color choices, as well as 12 for the interior upholstery. These cabins can be made wider and taller than their standard build to accomodate large athletes. They offer a double lift platform so that it can hold up to 180kg. It is accompanied by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Aurora

● Quality confirmed by CE certificate

● 10-inch touch screen control panel with simple user interface 

● Daily/monthly/yearly session count 

● Remote diagnostic and maintenance via the Internet (Wi-Fi or LAN cable connection required) 

● Compact footprint: a cryosauna covers only 4 sq.m. 

● Due to modular assembly small cryosauna components can fit through standard doorways 

● Low liquid nitrogen consumption and low power consumption 

● Delivery, assembly and maintenance anywhere in the world 

● Mobile chamber solutions 


The JUKA from Poland is distributed by Cryomachines Incorporated nationwide in the US and select international countries.  The JUKA has a unique design with great looking outer shell aesthetics. There are several choices of design and color to fit your space. The JUKA offers a built-in O2 monitor which sits at the mouth level of your client so that the oxygen is monitored at all times to ensure they do not receive nitrogen, and this reading is sent to the computer digital display for added safety. The JUKA provides a two year warranty.


● Door LN2 Shut off to ensure nitrogen does not escape the cabin while the door is open 

● No Idling between sessions 

● Automatic Timed Shutoff 

● Even cold distribution throughout the cabin for optimal cold exposure 

● Nominal Power Intake: 1.5 KW 

● Electric lift for easy height adjustment 

● An easy to use touch screen controller and fully automated applications, which allows the operator to focus on the client at all times 

● Dual exhaust vents to remove nitrogen from the room 

● Small space footprint for a treatment room 

Both the Aurora cryosauna and the JUKA chamber are state of the art machines made by different companies, and they both look futuristic and advanced and are very well suited to the office, gym or spa environment. There are many more features offered on these two cryotherapy chambers, so be sure to visit their websites below to learn about sizes, safety and purchase options. 


Aurora’s chamber claims that it is CE certified, which alludes to an extra layer of safety that other chambers do not have. All chambers sold in the United States must be UL/CE certified. Aurora’s chamber is not unique or “safer” because of this. Also both chambers have electric lifts, which have been problematic due to the weight-load under sub-zero temperatures. Many manufacturers are incorporating a simpler system of stacking pads for clients to avoid lift complications.

Electric Lifts In Common

Both cabins use electric lift platforms that adjust to account for the height of the client. These systems have one drawback: they break. Fixing a broken lift platform requires a dismantling of the cabin and a waiting period for parts. European systems require international shipping for any broken lifts. Advanced systems, such as Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber use non-mechanical lifts that cannot break: sturdy pads that are stackable for the client to stand on. Sometimes simple is better, especially when a spa has to cancel appointments due to a broken lift.

Broken electric lift after 6 months of use. This will take weeks to have repaired.

The Aurora Cryosauna