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Why is Cryotherapy so Expensive?

Why is cryotherapy so expensive? Cryotherapy is often compared to an ice bath, but an ice bath is fairly inexpensive if you do it at home. Why pay $40 for a cryotherapy treatment? The reasons are many. Scientists designed cryotherapy to be better than an ice bath and to provide faster pain relief. Over the decades many teams and athletes have discovered that cryotherapy has more than just cold-air benefits.

Why is cryotherapy so expensive?  Dollar bill frozen in ice cube.
The cost of cryo does not have to freeze your wallet!

What Makes Cryotherapy so Expensive?

What makes cryotherapy so expensive is the cost of the chamber and liquid nitrogen costs. Cryotherapy chambers cost anywhere from $50,000 to over $120,000 dollars. Added to this is the rental cost of the liquid nitrogen tank and the liquid nitrogen itself. Small business owners also have the added cost of payroll for their employees and the building lease. For a cryotherapy business owner the lowest cost is often $40 dollars.

How You Can Get a Better Price!

If you enjoy cryotherapy you can often save money by purchasing cryo in a bundle. Most businesses sell 10-packs or even an affordable monthly unlimited cryo pass. This is also a better method to approach cryotherapy. From my experience in nearly every type of chamber it seems that lasting results take about 5 sessions minimum. For a temporary muscle pull, hangover, or headache a single session often does the trick. But for psoriasis, arthritis, overuse-injury risk-prevention, heaving athletic training, and other conditions it is best to incorporate cryo into a regular routine.

Cryotherapy as an Investment

Athletes, models, and people with chronic pain take a different approach to paying for cryotherapy. LeBron James of NBA fame spends over 1 million dollars per year on his athletic recovery. Many NFL teams and Olympic athletes depend on cryotherapy to keep them in the game. Athletic injury can ruin a sports career, so for them cryotherapy is an investment in better athletics. For the non-professional athlete cryotherapy can help train harder with confidence, burn more calories, improve your skin, and endure less pain.