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How Often Should I do Cryotherapy?

People often ask How often should I do cryotherapy? The answer depends on what results you are looking for. Most people try cryotherapy out for the first time and realize that it eliminates pain and inflammation within minutes. If they purchase a bundle of sessions and use cryotherapy on a regular basis they will maximize these benefits.

How often should you do cryotherapy?  Woman in cryotherapy chamber.

Is Weekly Cryo Enough?

Cryotherapy done weekly is an excellent start for new customers. It allows them to benefit from the treatment and reduce any inflammation from that week. Many customers will choose Friday afternoons to reduce any mid-week inflammation and aches and pains. As a result this allows them to enjoy the endorphin rush for the evening and enjoy a pain-free weekend. The main point of using cryo on a weekly basis is to continue doing it. Doing cryotherapy only one time can and does provide immediate benefits. However, regular sessions as part of a routine provide the true benefits.

Should I Do Cryotherapy Everyday?

Daily cryo sessions are the dream of nearly every professional athlete. NFL and NBA teams often have many chambers in their training facilities. Coaches instruct their players to do cryotherapy directly after every workout and game, and it pays off. Teams experience less injuries, and players become emboldened and work harder in the game. For non-professional athletes there are two ways to enjoy daily cryo sessions.

  • Purchase your own chamber and put it in your home
  • Purchase a more affordable “unlimited” package and enjoy cryo whenever you want

By and large most cryotherapy centers have an unlimited package, ranging around $300 dollars. Cryo Recovery Lounge centers offer an unlimited package for $299 that offers daily access to cryo, hyperbaric chamber, NormaTec compression, and Infrared Sauna.

How Much is Too Much Cryo?

The rule of thumb for non-professional athletes is one session per day at a maximum. Why? Because cold therapy is a bio-hack. As a result it works by using the human body’s healing response to the cold-induced stress. Contrarily, professionals may choose to have more than one session per day. However, they also have the benefit of expert trainers, conditioning coaches, massage therapists, doctors, and anything else they may need for peak performance.