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Best Cryo Chambers of 2021

After the whipsaw of the 2020 many small business owners are beginning to reopen or restart their business ventures. The whole body cryotherapy market has felt a surge as clients seek out cryotherapy for immune system benefits.¹ Is now the right time to launch a cryotherapy business? Here is our take of the best cryotherapy chambers and cryosaunas for 2021.

How Did We Base Our Decisions?

To keep ourselves objective our findings were based upon measurable features of the cryotherapy machines. We weighed the field to determine our top three choices based upon the following questions:

  1. How much would this machine cost to purchase and run for one year, assuming 20 sessions per month (session base at $35).
  2. In a worst-case scenario what machine provides the safest experience and/or reduces owner liability the most?
  3. Response time of customer service inquiries.
  4. Warranty terms


Known for an abundance of safety features and lowest nitrogen consumption the XR leads the top of the list for cryosaunas. We chose this unit for a handful of reasons:

  • Best nitrogen consumption in class at 3-5 L per session
  • Highly mobile, easy to move room to room on 8 wheels
  • Remote monitoring via cloud software
  • California based support center (very responsive in our tests)
  • Consistent performance and cold temperature
  • Fingerprint security for operator and client
  • Client facing screen showing session statistics and video

Cryo Innovations proved unique in our study also for their ability to scale locations. A single business owner with 4 locations can monitor each chamber simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Additionally every person who operates or uses the chamber must log themselves in with a fingerprint. This provides more safety than any other chamber, and prevents unscrupulous employees from giving away sessions without payment.


The Cryo Arctic has shown great promise, especially in the area of esthetics. It’s cool lines lend themselves nicely to any space. Powered by a nitrogen/electric system the Arctic provides a cold cryo session without any exposure to nitrogen gas. Our other favorite features are:

  • Sleek design available in white or black
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Moveable window that provides for true whole body or partial body treatments
  • Client facing screen displaying remaining time

Two concerns kept the Arctic from the #1 slot: nitrogen consumption is a whopping 12L per session, and it is an expensive machine. Many entrepreneurs have noted that they could purchase two cryosaunas for the price of the Arctic.


The German made LifeCube is an eyecatcher. Standard models have an appealing shape, but LifeCube can design any shape you may like within reason. Available in single or double-room styles, this electric chamber cools down to -166°F. Other features we loved are:

  • Chamber is easily controlled with an app from a phone.
  • Multiple color options available.
  • Surround sound system
  • Automatic door opener

As it is an electric chamber it is categorically more expensive than a nitrogen powered chamber. If pricing concerns are not a problem this may be the excellent addition for your business. One concern we noted is their customer service. We had two staff members contact LifeCube and both inquiries took over 48 hours to receive a response. While not a deal breaker as the company is based in Germany, it may not be comfortable for a business owner who needs help to not receive it immediately.

  1. While cryo itself does not “boost” the immune system it does help people continue to live active lifestyles. This in turn can help develop a stronger body, and potentially a better immune system.