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Will Cryotherapy Help Your Sex Life?

This Valentine’s Day you may find yourself tempted to buy roses and chocolates for your loved one. But would a trip to a cryotherapy chamber be more romantic? Can cryotherapy help your sex life? Yes, and in more ways than one! Furthermore, cryotherapy and its resulting benefits can help lead you to a happy and healthy sex life and give you the boost that you and your partner need.

Getting freezing cold this Valentine’s Day might just help your sex life.

Inflammation and Sex

One of the greatest frustrations for a healthy sex life is erectile dysfunction (ED). According to Harvard University ED is caused by an insufficient blood flow.¹ This is often caused by inflammation of the endothelial cells that line the inner layer of arteries and veins. In an effort to study how anti-inflammatory medications affect the endothelial cells researchers studied how common NSAIDs affected ED. The question was basic: will an anti-inflammatory pill reduce endothelial cell inflammation and cure ED? Unfortunately not. In fact, it made it worse. According to the American Urological Association not only was the ED made worse, it brought higher levels of endothelial inflammation.²

Exercise and Inflammation

Inflammation as an issue can seriously derail your sex life! Muscle soreness is no fun when you are trying to be intimate with your partner. But one common problem with athletic people is muscle soreness due to inflammation. It is common for people to take an Advil or aspirin after a hard workout, but this can make ED worse in some men. Cryotherapy can provide quick and drug-free relief from inflammation and hopefully remove any need for an after-workout aspirin. Tylenol can substitute for those who still need a bit of pain relief after exercise but who are worried about ED complications as it is not an NSAID.³

Cryotherapy and Women

A woman’s sex life can improve with cryotherapy in a number of ways. Cryotherapy helps build stronger collagen networks, resulting in less wrinkles. The skin benefits alone help me feel better and more confident in myself. Cryo helps me keep a clear complexion and even skin tone over my entire body. After a difficult workout I am often tired and I just want to rest. But after a cryotherapy treatment I am less sore, invigorated with energy, and I feel happy that I did something for myself. This helps me be a better partner with my spouse and maintain a feeling of closeness.

Cryotherapy and Overall Health

Cryotherapy added to an ordinary exercise program can have extraordinary benefits. The first and foremost benefit is reducing inflammation throughout the entire body. Additionally, less sore muscles means less discomfort and an improved desire to work out harder. Healthline reported that exercise can improve a couple’s sex life in 23 different ways. Accordingly this includes benefits that cryotherapy augments, including:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved blood flow
  • Stress Relief

Cryotherapy and Stamina

Stamina is built by stressing the body through exercise and training the body to endure more intense and longer lasting exercise over time. Regular exercise alone builds stamina; however, pairing cryo 2 or 3 times per week helps build stamina because it allows you to work out harder with less soreness. The majority of people who fail at an exercise routine stop working out because of pain or soreness. Cryotherapy reduces soreness and exercise fatigue, so your 30 minute workout can easily become a 45 or 60 minute exercise routine.

How are you spending this Valentine’s Day? A little cold might heat things up!

The Final Valentine’s Verdict?

Most of the time people are conflicted about what to do for their loved one on Valentine’s Day. The best gifts are those that show thought about a future together. Surprise your partner with something he or she may have never tried: whole body cryotherapy! It will be exciting, fun, and you will both laugh at the experience. Regular cryotherapy can help your sex life by helping you reduce inflammation, boost energy, and feel better about yourself. That is a gift any cupid would love.