US Cryotherapy is leading the modernization of whole body cryotherapy utilizing US manufactured walk-in cold chambers. We offer the Only True Whole Body Cryotherapy systems in the US.

Why expose yourself to hazardous liquid nitrogen when there is a safe and well-established alternative to US Cryotherapy? We provide full-service treatment centers with an assortment of recovery modalities to enhance your wellbeing. Our centers deliver supreme services, superior safety, and focus carefully on the customer experience.

We’ve created Cryo Your Way™ – pricing to fit your schedule, wellness needs, and budget. If you are a Cryo user, try our whole body walk-in systems, you will never go back to nitrogen! If you are new to Cryotherapy, start with the safest, most proven systems in the world at a US Cryotherapy center near you to experience the amazing alternative health benefits.


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2 reviews for C1 Recovery

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jason Lim

    I finally, FINALLY, got to try the US Cryotherapy C1! I have been VERY interested in using this machine and was fortunate to be in an area where I was able to schedule a session. My initial reaction was positive. I am normally a nitrogen guy so I wasn’t used to wearing a beanie and a face-mask, but that was no big deal. After signing the waivers, having my skin temp checked, and getting ready (with my “cryo kit” as they called it) I went in. It felt different than most breathable machines because it is somewhat built into the corner of the room (unlike the CryoArctic that can stand alone as a pod). That gave me a feeling of stability. The cold was good and consistent. I knew from experience that the temperature was only around -160°F but I felt colder because my face and eyes were exposed. After about halfway through the session I noticed that I was not shivering yet as I normally do in nitrogen chambers. By the time I was done I was disappointed. My skin temp had only dropped from 91 to 73 degrees, nowhere near the 45-60 range that I wanted. Final thoughts: it looks cool and is a space saver, but not as efficient as other head-out saunas that use nitrogen. This C1 costs $170,000 dollars plus an $800 monthly fee to operate. For that price I could buy 3 nitrogen saunas.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tammy Bates

    I have been in these chambers at two different locations and both experiences have been amazing. I have never gotten such a great skin temp drop on my upper body with the head out nitrogen systems that I got with this one! I was over 40 degree difference on my skin temperature which is amazing! Highly recommend

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