US Cryotherapy is leading the modernization of whole body cryotherapy utilizing US manufactured walk-in cold chambers. We offer the Only True Whole Body Cryotherapy systems in the US.

Why expose yourself to hazardous liquid nitrogen when there is a safe and well-established alternative to US Cryotherapy? We provide full-service treatment centers with an assortment of recovery modalities to enhance your wellbeing. Our centers deliver supreme services, superior safety, and focus carefully on the customer experience.

We’ve created Cryo Your Way™ – pricing to fit your schedule, wellness needs, and budget. If you are a Cryo user, try our whole body walk-in systems, you will never go back to nitrogen! If you are new to Cryotherapy, start with the safest, most proven systems in the world at a US Cryotherapy center near you to experience the amazing alternative health benefits.


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