Give your body a detox with this cryosauna, from CryoNiq, the Cyro XC, a perfect accompaniment to your home gym or bathroom.

What is cryotherapy? This is the pressing of extremely cold or freezing air on to the body. It can have a positive effect on the body, destroying dead skin and dead cells as well as healing muscle and joint aches. In its most basic form, it involves the taking of an ice bath or placing ice packs on the affected area. But spending time in a cryotherapy chamber is much more effective.

The cabin features two aluminum doors which pivot and have extra safety features.

The machine features include a magnetic valve, a coolant, and a pressurized tank to ensure that the air entering the chamber is the right temperature. All your aches and pains are completely frozen away.

Although this is a machine designed for home use it has an industry standard pressurized cabin that sports clubs and gyms like. This means the machine can handle multiple users every day without ever getting worn out.

Notable Features:

– Drying cycle: The speedy yet efficient drying cycle also means that the machine needs shorter maintenance breaks. This means that multiple people can use it more frequently without you having to wait.

– Elevation: You can raise or lower the stand inside of the machine. This ensures that the person using the machine, whatever their height, is not submerged and that their head remains outside at all times.

– Power supply: The power supply is a standard 220V and 22V AC, but you can change this.

– Weight: The machine weighs 320kg or 600 pounds. The XC is a strong and durable machine.

– Temperature. The temperature of the machine can vary from -100 to -160 degrees C (-166 degrees F to – 320 degrees F).

The maximum power supply is 2 kilowatts per hour. This is particularly good when compared to a standard computer which if left on for 8 hours in a day consumes 600 kilowatts per hour. The machine is 2180 in length by 1450 in width and 870 in height.

The time this machine takes to load is only one-minute. You will never be hanging around, waiting for your sauna you can usually hop straight in.

The machine uses liquid nitrogen to ensure the best quality of air compression for the user. The consumption rate is 3 liters in precooling mode and 4-7 liters during user. The consumption levels during use depend on the preset mode you select.

There are two computer screens to control the presets and the temperature of the machine. One is on the outside and the other is on the inside.

The machine comes in two different choices of colors for both the inside and the outside. The choice of colors for the outside includes ice white, light grey, cashmere, dark grey, black, dark teal, and carmine red. On the inside you can have red, black, grey, navy blue, blue reflection, and orange reflection.

This is an excellent top-of-the-range machine that is of near-professional like quality. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to pick one up today.


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Dimensions 59 × 37 × 95 in
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