CRYO XC™ – Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Chamber

The CRYO XC™ is an innovative device that provides whole-body cryotherapy treatments
with extremely cold temperatures along with a unique Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode
option, that even increases the beneficial effects of the Cryo-session.

Benefits of Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy

Preheating the body for 3 to 5 minutes with up to 50°C warm air opens the vessels which
promotes the blood circulation. Not only does it feel comfortable, but it also increases the
effectiveness of cryotherapy. The onset of the cold influx vascular reaction is stronger, and the
positive effect of the cold can fully unfold.

What are the advantages of using the Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode?


This mode brings additional safety to the end customers thanks to the fact that it reduces
the low possibility of frostbite risks associated with cryotherapy to a virtual 0. Thanks to a
couple of minutes of up to 50 °C session prior to the cryotherapy session, we can eliminate
the moisture from the body surface and prepare it for a safe cryo session.


All cryotherapy chambers have to be dried at the end of the workday in order to maintain
their functionality and cabin surface visual quality, due to the fact that a layer of ice is
gradually building up inside the cabin. The more sessions you do per day, the longer you
have to dry the cabin at the end of the day.

By using the Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode in sessions, you can reduce the time
needed for drying from recommended at least 30 Minutes to about 10 Minutes, which is a
more the 30% time saving.

That means you as a business can spend more time doing sessions and making money.

ROI effect

The real kicker is the Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode though. Normal session can only
last for 3 minutes maximum. Thanks to the new function, the session may now be prolonged
up to 8 minutes, that means as a business, you are able to raise the price of the session and
become even more profitable than before.


Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 37 × 95 in
Warranty (Years)



Cooling Method


Lift System


Dry Out Time


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