Our CRYOCAB® cabins are equipped with innovative control and extraction devices guaranteeing total safety.
They are equipped with sensors that continually analyze the interior environment of the cabin and provide real-time information to the control system. Any abnormality (patient, oxygen, nitrogen) during the session is thus detected immediately stopping the arrival of nitrogen and resulting in an extraction of the nitrogen present in the enclosure of the cabin.

An electrovalve is used to manage the arrival of nitrogen in the enclosure of the cabin. In addition, an integrated LED light comes on when it is turned on and flashes in the event of an alarm. A differential circuit breaker guarantees an additional level of safety. It is integrated into the electrical cabinet of the cabin located in the technical area.

The BODY SLIDER system was designed to allow the user to not breathe nitrogen during the cryotherapy session.

Unlike other systems equipped with an electric lift to be adjusted for each person, the CRYOCAB® cabin is equipped with rising doors that allow to precisely adjust the cooling chamber to the size of the person. The doors are automatically placed at the shoulders before the diffusion of nitrogen. An innovation that offers extra comfort that prevents the user from breathing in nitrogen.

Extractors located at the top of the doors suck the rising nitrogen and stabilize the cloud below the face during the whole session. It is thus guaranteed not to breathe nitrogen. An extractor located at the bottom allows the immediate evacuation of the nitrogen in case of opening of the doors or any other alert. The mechanical elements necessary for the positioning of the CRYOCAB® cabin doors are not subject to the negative temperatures generated during the treatment.



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