CRYOPOD is the world’s first single user unit that surrounds the client with super-cooled air rather than direct liquid nitrogen vapor. This is the safest way to use cryotherapy. It also features swipe card access and an emergency stop button, ensuring client safety is paramount during all treatments.

Our team of world-class engineers have meticulously crafted the CRYOPOD to ensure that safety and efficiency is at the heart of our design and operation. Our software engineers have incorporated the very latest technology into the CRYOPOD including built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and state-of-the-art LCD touchscreens. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 accredited.

A CRYOPOD provides the opportunity to offer efficient single person treatments, unlike multi-person chambers. Data derived from the individual athlete during treatment is displayed on the CRYOPOD monitors and can be utilized by medical staff. CRYOPOD is the only UK built unit that can offer this facility.

Our CRYOPOD software is integrated with cutting-edge biometric monitoring systems. Display screens within the pod provide real-time information and the results can also be transferred and accessed remotely to enable detailed analysis of the client’s treatment data.

We are able to offer you a personalized design solution to fit perfectly with your end requirements. From expertly fitted upholstery available in 17 colors to ‘wrap’ the CRYOPOD in your branding.



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