Cryosauna IceCube is a special cryotherapy equipment with a specially equipped cabin, in which a low-temperature mixture of nitrogen vapors and the air is introduced. Inside the cryotherapy machine, liquid nitrogen is converted to the vapor and the subsequent preparation of the mixture is performed. Cryosaunas can operate from large vessels (hereinafter Cryo sauna of valve type) in which liquid nitrogen is pressurized or from Dewar vessels (hereinafter Cryosauna of Dewar type).

The principle of operation of valve Cryosauna is based on high pressure, which is created in special bottles in which liquid nitrogen is stored. In this case, Cryosauna’s design provides for a special electromagnetic valve that opens at specified intervals and for a specific time. After the valve is opened a certain dose of liquid nitrogen is supplied in a so-called evaporator, where it is converted into steam.

Unlike valve Cryosauna, Dewar Cryosauna principle of operation is based on pressure difference in the evaporator and in the Dewar’s vessel, when creating excessive pressure liquid nitrogen flows by gravity into the evaporator, where it is converted into steam.

A distinctive feature of all Cryosaunas is an open cabin, opposite cryochamber, it was done to enable a person taking the procedure not to have a feeling of panic or claustrophobia. Also, it promotes the direct contact of the operator with a person being in Cryosauna.

During the cryotherapy procedure the skin is exposed to an air mixture, cooled within the range from -120С to -170С, but because of the small duration of the procedure, 3 minutes maximum, the temperature of the skin does not fall below 10C and consequently, you do not get frostbitten. In average, a health-improving course consists of 15 – 20 treatments at intervals of a day. The effect of health-improving course is comparable to two years of cold water treatment. Procedure clothes consist of swimming trunks for men and bathing suits for women, preferably made from natural materials, and special footwear called “chuni” is put on feet.

Cryosauna IceCube is covered by special shockproof polystyrene (HIPS) from the outside and covered by special water-resistant fabric from the inside. For ease of operation, this model is equipped with 3.5 inch touchscreen control panel with an intelligent interface. Cryosauna has simple but at the same time, informative temperature display above the cabin so patients can see the temperature inside the cabin during the session. We want to pay your attention that this model is the most economical machine of all other cryosaunas, since liquid nitrogen consumption is only 2 kg per procedure, and for one-time cooling is only 1.5 to 2 kg.



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