CryoUSA is now the exclusive U.S. provider for the world’s most advanced cryotherapy chamber. Cryosense® is a next-generation cryosauna, and the first unit to deliver both cryotherapy and heat in a single unit for a contrasting effect. Clients have the option of starting each session with 40 seconds of heat and then a standard 2-3 minute cryotherapy session ensues. What also makes this experience unique is that the client can safely go to colder temperatures with less risk due to the Cryosense constant dry technology. Clients can also choose to alternate between heat and cold during the same session providing a richer user experience and better results. Likewise, Cryosense is the first and only cryochamber with two different target zones that allow clients to choose greater cold intensity on the upper body or lower body, or keep a consistent level of cold over the whole body.

To further set itself apart from the one-cold-fits-all market, Cryosense offers eight different client experience settings that provide a tailormade session to the specific needs of each individual, resulting in improved recovery outcomes. Equally impressive are the best-in-class components. Cryosense comes standard with a Siemens® electronics package, an Apple® iPad® control unit, BMW-grade leather interior cabin, as well as a structure made from aluminum and high-grade PVC, all impervious to moisture and humidity. Cryosense also has VPN access for remote diagnostics, a 440-lb. lift, and a flat-screen display that shows clients real-time data of their sessions.

All of Cryosense’s industry-leading advances and features will not only please clients but increase ROI significantly. Because it incorporates a continuous dry cycle, it’s the only unit in the world that can run continuously without a break while maintaining the safety of full evaporation versus direct spray. This eliminates 20+ hours of monthly downtime, and also makes Cryosense the safest cryochamber on the market.



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