Impact Cryotherapy is the leading manufacturer of cryosaunas in the US. From engineering and design, quality assurance, and safety and energy efficiency, to installation, training and service, our cryosaunas and customers are supported by an expert team. Impact Cryotherapy has end-to-end control of the entire process. We collaborate with our customers to continually enhance our products with the highest manufacturer standards.

We believe in the cutting-edge of technology. And we believe in making sure that technology can keep up for the long-run. That’s why we developed our “Smart Sauna” software — by simplifying the user interface and integrating a monitoring system, the cryotherapy specialist has complete knowledge of the cryosauna. Direct communications from the software to the cryotherapy specialist means exceeding safety standards and ensuring sessions are replicated without fail.
Our Customer Operations Team embodies the Impact commitment — to provide our customers with unsurpassed, end-to-end support and access to specialized services and activities.

A Client Services Specialist prepares you for installation and build-out, including cryosauna specifications, space dimensions, ventilation requirements, an oxygen monitor and more.

A Certified Cryotherapy Instructor delivers the industry-leading course, “Whole Body Cryotherapy Operator Training: Safety is Essential,” at the installation of your cryosauna, as a refresher or for your new staff.

Nitrogen Gas Relations
The Director of Gas Relations acts as a liaison with your gas local company, before and after installation. He addresses questions regarding the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and/or Fire Code, specialized manufactured gas tanks, microbulk systems and other gas matters.

Service & Support
Led by the Director of Cryotherapy Engineering, our team of Cryotherapy Engineers provide unmatched expertise to ensure Impact’s equipment meets the high performance you expect.

The marketing team provides pre- and post-install assistance on Grand Opening marketing plans, brand and promotional strategies, social media and website development.


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  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    I had this for 3 years and sold it. Bought a CryoArctic and it is “okay” but really both are not impressing my regular clients. The impact just seemed flimsy and my competitors (in the same city) had the XR and I lost many people to them. I thought going with the CryoArctic would be good because of breatheable air but it isn’t that great of a deal as many people feel that they are locked inside. Selling my Arctic on FB if anyone is interested.

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