KRION was established in 1992. The Company was founded by researchers of Saint Petersburg Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies. The goal of founders was to apply the results of scientific investigations in cryogenic physiotherapy in medical practice and develop cryogenic equipment for whole-body cryotherapy.

Cryosauna Krion has been on market more than 20 years now and today we work with leading sports facilities and fitness centers, spa and beauty salons, medical rehabilitation centers in Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and more than 30 countries all around the world.

Krion developers continuously work on cryosauna technologies and use cryotherapy clinic research in order to contribute to its development. They apply the latest technologies and offer safe treatment for many patients and most effective cryotherapy procedure.

Krion Premium provides with advanced technology that allows you to perform up to 100 treatments per day.
This model is designed for medium-sized enterprises and other businesses aiming to organize regular treatments for a large group of customer. Many benefits come along with the Krion Premium design. Among these is a decrease in average expenditure of liquid nitrogen per procedure. The Krion Premium significantly less time spent for maintenance and repairs and has an increased its workload capability to eight hours straight. Lastly, the Krion Premium has an automatic treatment counter to help you keep track of how many clients you have serviced.


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