Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the RevoCryo is the only Cryotherapy unit of its kind in the world. A completely portable, easily moveable, and storable Cryotherapy system. Perfect as an addition to a small business with limited space, or a portable solution for practitioners, sports teams, or enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Designed and built using our experience in top-level professional motorsports where, like the space program, only the highest quality materials, the strictest attention to detail and working within the narrowest tolerances possible will guarantee the expected results. Developed to offer an entry-level option in the Cryotherapy space, the RevoCryo delivers the same temperatures and performance as other Cryotherapy units, at a fraction of the cost.

Move it. Transport it. Store it.
Your RevoCryo comes packed in a pair of ballistic hard cases that can go anywhere with you. If you’re a small business owner with limited space but the desire to add an excellent revenue generating service, you can store your cryotherapy unit away when not in use or move it from room-to-room, location-to-location as needed.

Aerospace, Military, Nuclear Industry Grade Fabrics
The material used in the construction of the RevoCryo chamber is found in aircraft, the space program, special operations military equipment, and even nuclear reactor rooms. Designed to withstand the harshest environments on earth and beyond, our chamber withstands the extreme temperatures of Cryotherapy without the addition of bulky foam insulation that degrades over time. Superior engineering and design permit means our specialized fabric is individually hand-stitched by our US-based Master Craftsmen into dozens of air chambers of such strength they are able to provide the structural support for the chamber and the insulating performance to maintain the temperatures necessary for the Cryotherapy process.

Ease of Use
The user experience is leading edge with an industrial controller, with touchscreen capabilities, designed for use in heavy industry, large-scale automotive production and in nuclear power generation facilities.
Operating a Cryotherapy session on the RevoCryo is as simple as selecting a time, temperature setting, and pressing GO! For safety, the RevoCryo is not able to be operated without a person physically standing outside of the chamber at the touchscreen kiosk. Cryotherapy should never be performed alone!
The RevoCryo has Wifi capabilities which provide the user with monitoring and reporting functionality and can notify our support team of any maintenance or function issues.


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