Recovering from a hard workout or sports injury, improving your level of performance on the playing field, are some of the benefits a cryotherapy chamber produces. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or an individual trying to shed a few pounds. This is the optimal recovery solution.

The XR cryotherapy chamber sets itself apart from the competition with its superior construction and features. The design team made it a focal point to create the safest cryo chamber in the marketplace today. The chamber utilizes biometrics, 8+ onboard safety features, and thermal imaging solutions. These chambers deliver the recovery your body needs post-workout.

Managing client data is one way the XR individualizes treatments for every user. Utilizing the proprietary Cyclone Flow Technology, the XR chamber distributes liquid nitrogen for an intense cryo experience. The amount of liquid nitrogen that runs through the chamber during a session is below three liters. This is much less than competitors’ products. Power and efficiency are two of the primary deliverables the XR cryo chamber provides for users.

The XR is perfect for sports teams, gyms, or physical therapy facilities that provide recovery/treatment services. An ice bath only goes so far. And, when there are multiple players or patients waiting to sit in an ice tub, the lines get long quickly. With the XR cryo chamber, users are in and out of the chamber in a matter of minutes. The results they’ll experience are superior to the results of sitting in an ice bath for twice as long.

Two fingerprint authorizations are necessary to operate the chamber, and the operator has to touch the screen every 30 seconds for it to stay on. The door has a safety mechanism so it never locks users in, preventing frostbite or other dangers which are a possibility in other cryotherapy machines. The pulse oxygen sensor monitors each users’ oxygen levels to ensure they’re safe when standing in the chamber. There’s a head sensor which provides additional safety for users as well. If the user’s head falls below the line, it will shut down.

An emergency button and shut off valve are also in place on the XR cryotherapy chamber. This distinct feature always allows operators and users to maintain their safety when using the chamber. If something goes wrong, or if users aren’t feeling comfortable, this button will allow them to turn the chamber off to prevent injuries.

There are many ways to recover from injuries or treat your body after a strenuous workout. A cryotherapy chamber is one of the best options available for speedy results, which are superior to any ice bath or other treatment options. If you’re ready to experience the next level cryo, freeze chamber technology, look no further. Check out the XR and see how it will revolutionize the way you train and recover, after an intense workout.


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3 reviews for Cryo Innovations XR

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    While it looks like a rocket ship, using it is not all that complicated. They made sure to have it be a supervised machine, which made me feel safe. Also, wear the right slippers and gloves and you’ll be fine. It’s pretty good after you just worked out and a lot of fun when you’re inside of it. Unlike other units, it also doesn’t feel cramped and you have plenty of space to move about while you’re inside of it, which also helps in the cold. You might feel a tingle afterwards but that’s normal with every cryotherapy machine. Good job Cryo Innovations!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elaine Kim

    This is a solid machine and is one of the best nitrogen cryosaunas I have encountered. It has an impressive design and is moveable (on wheels) and smaller than many (the Juka is nearly 9 feet tall). As a practitioner this would be perfect for small doorways and smaller rooms.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Max J

    I purchased this machine after owning a Juka in my previous two locations. I had thought of buying a third Juka but the nitrogen consumption is just too high (and it seems to use more nitrogen over the years). The XR is pretty efficient and just sips at the nitrogen tank (I think it uses about 3-4 liters per session). I like how it lights up too and it doesn’t have a lift so that’s one less thing to break. Good machine.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

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