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Warranty: Repair or replacement if necessary within a specified period of time

Cooling Method: The means by which the chamber is cooled

Mobility: The chamber is easily moveable

Dry Out Time: A period of time is required to dry (defrost) the chamber after a certain amount of uses

Financing: Financing options available for cryochamber purchases through the company

Point of Sale: Integrated point of sale system that stores client data, keeps track of sales, and manages subscriptions for easy quick interaction

WiFi Enabled: Ability to connect with WiFi. Typically allows for instant software updates and data tracking

Tablet Display:
Touchscreen device used to operate the chamber

Tablet Display for Client: Large format tablet display for the client to follow along with during the session

Thermal Imaging: Thermal mapping of body’s temperature throughout the cryotherapy session

Fingerprint Authorization: Allows client to access account via fingerprint as well as providing chamber safety and ease of use

Head Sensor: Safety sensor that detects head placement and shuts down the machine if head falls below threshold

Pulse Oxygen Reader: Ensures heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitoring blood oxygen levels of the user

Onboard O2 Sensors: Sensor that measures oxygen levels to ensure client has breathable level of O2 at head level during their session

Self Diagnosis/Auto Updates: Ability for software to self diagnose issues and apply software updates automatically

Customized Marketing Material: Marketing material created and customized for your business

24hr Customer Service: Around the clock service and assistance