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A-Rod & J-Lo Share an Intense Workout and Recovery Session

Major League Baseball great, Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod to most of us, along with his partner, Jennifer Lopez, work out together with some intense and long training sessions. They find that the intensity is worth the time and effort, as it increases their flexibility before performance and helps them gain power and endurance.

Recently, during an intense training session together at the Dallas Cowboys training center, they showed how and why they do these workouts.Their training sessions together helped to ease the body tightness and relieve stress before being on stage for her and on the field for him. They crushed some serious workout regimes in their time at the training center.

Discussing the recovery aspect, they elaborated on the fact that having a full body recovery method was important to both of them, as recovery from training or from performing is critical to their health and busy lifestyle. Rodriguez tried out a cryotherapy session, [1] to relieve the muscle pain and tiredness from his intense workout. The cooling effects of the cryotherapy chamber address the muscle soreness, joint tension and any injury recovery that is needed. Inflammation is reduced and when the 3 minutes in the chamber is done, an athlete feels revived and rejuvenated. Cryotherapy allows for more intense and longer workouts, as the body can recover more quickly with the treatment.

The Dallas Cowboys have a state-of-the-art training and fitness center, as well as a division directly for recovery treatments of all kinds. They realize the critical need to get athletes back to top performance, and Alex Rodriguez utilized this great treatment center to peak his performance recovery. [2]

Cryotherapy medical studies continue to show the value to athletes that have professional careers. A study entitled “Whole-body cryotherapy’s enhancement of acute recovery of running performance in well-trained athletes” discusses the marked physical improvements found in recovery for athletes. [3] Rodriguez and Lopez are just two of many celebrities and athletes that have found the importance of cryotherapy in workout recovery.