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An Overview of the Top 4 Cryotherapy Machines From the USA

Investing in a cryotherapy business is among the leading profitable ventures now.  By 2020, the cryotherapy global market’s valuation was at $3.8 billion and the growth rate projections show it to grow further1.

This makes cryotherapy a good business to venture into. These top cryotherapy machines from the USA will be perfect for your business.

Top 4 cryotherapy machines from the USA

Designed and assembled in the USA, these machines adhere to all the US standards and regulations. Consequently, their products are of top-notch quality. That said, here are the top 4 cryotherapy units from the USA.

Cryo Innovations XR

Cryo Innovations XR was designed with athletes in mind making it an excellent choice for gyms, physical therapy centers, and sports teams. This machine helps expert athletes as well as those looking to lose weight in recovering post-exercise.

The chamber makes safety its highest priority. With thermal imaging, biometrics, and more than 8 onboard safety features, you can rest assured that your client’s safety is taken care of. Besides, the chamber has an emergency button and a shutdown valve in case of emergencies.


RevoCryo is an excellent fit for small businesses with small spaces and any other businesses that want a portable unit. Although smaller compared to other machines, RevoCryo delivers the same user experience and temperatures as expected at a lower cost.

RevoCryo is easy to use. With a touchscreen, users can simply select a time and set the temperature to start a cryotherapy session. In addition, the wifi connection enables monitoring and sending of alerts in case of any issues. 

M-Cryo Elite

M-Cryo Elite comes with tons of customizable features making it a good fit for all forms of business or for personal use. You can personalize the interiors, exteriors, the sizes, and access various financing options. In addition, users get free after-sale services like installation, delivery, training, and a warranty.

The machine is reliable and efficient making it fit for both low and high-volume operations. The unit can handle up to 20 treatments per hour. Furthermore, the interior is frost-free hence you do not need to dry it during the day.

C1 Recovery

C1 Recovery is a single room chamber that can accommodate 12+ treatments in an hour. It can accommodate two people per session making it an excellent choice for a busy salon or spa. Better yet, this unit will suit your needs, budget, and wellness requirements.

This machine prioritizes customer safety and experience. In place of liquid nitrogen, the chamber uses electric refrigeration. Therefore, it is a whole body, a walk-in system without nitrogen exposure. If you are looking for a nitrogen-free machine from the USA, then C1 Recovery is a perfect fit.

Kickstart Your Salon and Spa Business With the Above Cryotherapy Machines from the USA

All the above machines made in the USA prioritize the safety and user experience of the customers.  Similarly, they are a good fit for entry-level businesses with small spaces and budgets.  

The global cryotherapy market is going to reach 6,727.3 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 9.8%2. Hence, the cryotherapy business is an excellent opportunity for growth. Start your salon cryotherapy business with the above machines from the USA.

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Can I make money doing cryotherapy?

Can you really make money doing cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is popular in professional sports and boutique gyms. But can a small business owner make money doing cryotherapy on a budget? The answer is a big yes! First, cryotherapy appeals to fitness, sports, and beauty-seeking clients. Secondly, there are not many small businesses that can provide a service to that wide of an audience.

Make money with cryotherapy man standing in chamber with pulse oximeter
This unique cryosauna measures blood oxygen levels with the included earclip pulse oximeter in real time.

Can I make money doing cryotherapy by myself?

Many small businesses have started as a cryo-only shop. For example,No Limits Cryotherapy in northern California opened in a strip-mall next to a Safeway grocery store. As a single person operation No Limits has turned a steady stream of customers into a functioning–and profitable–business. The key to making money by doing cryotherapy is locating your business in an area where clients will come to you. Ideal locations are near gyms, yoga studios, chiropractors, spas, and weight loss centers. These locations are already pulling in customers who can easily add cryotherapy to their regular schedules. You may even be able to develop a referral program with these businesses to help one another.

Add cryotherapy to your current business

If you have an existing business you can add cryotherapy to bring in new customers. Businesses often find a point where they have a developed clientele. Adding a new modality can open up an entire new revenue stream. These new customers can then also be brought into your existing services. Bottom’s Up Tanning and Spa introduced whole body cryotherapy and quickly saw a 40% increase in new walk-ins for cryotherapy alone. These clients were quickly upsold into packages of tanning, waxing, and cryotherapy. Bottom’s Up estimates that 1 in 5 new customers call or walk-in asking about cryotherapy. Additionally they offer “Free Cryo Fridays” for new customers to bring them through the door.

Make your cryotherapy free

Many businesses sell cryotherapy sessions for a great profit. However, using specific times and days to give away free cryotherapy results in a higher volume of customers. By all means these owners sell more cryo than they give away. But as an illustration they describe how “freebies” allow them to meet new customers and offer them incentives to become regular members. As a business the bottom line is always controlled by how many people walk through your door.

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Is Liquid Nitrogen Dangerous?

Liquid nitrogen is completely safe when it is handled correctly. Like any element you must take precautions. In the industry it is usually electric cryotherapy manufacturers that will say liquid nitrogen is dangerous. But is this accurate? Is it a more affordable form of cryotherapy?

Is liquid nitrogen dangerous for cryotherapy?

Nitrogen is a natural element and is 78% of the air we breathe. Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold, and this is why it works for cryotherapy. While it can be dangerous if it contacts your skin directly it is not dangerous as a gas. Cryotherapy changes the liquid nitrogen into a cold gas, -230°F cold, and it safely fills the chamber without any liquid contacting the skin. Earlier cryotherapy machines using electricity to produce cold air could only reach -150°F. Engineers developed Nitrogen machines to give the coldest temperatures possible.

Didn’t someone die?

Yes. Someone actually died in a liquid nitrogen cryotherapy chamber in 2015. Her name was Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, and she was a manager at a health-spa. Chelsea did not die from freezing temperatures as some early news reports stated. She went into the cryotherapy chamber after hours unsupervised and attempted to run a session all by herself. While in the chamber she tried to take a photo and dropped her phone. When she bent down to grab her phone she accidentally asphyxiated herself and died. Authorities immediately shut down the clinic for not following basic safety procedures that prevent these tragedies. Cryosaunas now use even more safety features. Developers used “redundant safety” to prevent this from ever happening again, such as these examples here.

Why isn’t it FDA approved?

The FDA has not approved cryotherapy for a simple reason: it does not claim to cure or treat any disease. This applies for all forms of whole body cryotherapy, both electric and nitrogen gas. The FDA has written warnings about liquid nitrogen for all consumer businesses: restaurants, gyms, and spas. But it also states that it is not the FDA’s role to regulate it as it is not used to cure or treat a disease. Most incidents involving liquid nitrogen causing an injury are in bars: bartenders top off cocktails with liquid nitrogen for a “smoke” effect. They are supposed to tell the customer to wait until the vapor clears before drinking, but sometimes this doesn’t happen and someone is harmed. Injuries with cryosaunas are quite rare due to the safety features designed into the machine.

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Cryomachines Inc.: Everything You Need to Know About Their Cyrotherapy Products

Do you wake up every day with sore and aching muscles? No matter what you do, you’re never able to find any relief. You’re desperate for a solution to help with this pain.

Look no further! Cryotherapy may just be the solution you need. Not familiar with cryotherapy? Don’t worry – most people are just now learning about this new technique for pain management.  

One of the leading companies in the cryotherapy industry – Cryomachines Inc. – is at the forefront of this technology. Learn more about how they got started and their many products below!

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy uses freezing cold temperatures to treat and manage muscle soreness, provide pain relief, and help with inflammation.  It can also be used to help manage anxiety, migraines, and treat some tumors. 

With its countless benefits, there are many companies now promoting and manufacturing products for cryotherapy. Cryomachines, Inc. is on the forefront of this technology.

Cryomachines Inc.

Cryomachines Inc. is a leader in the cryotherapy industry. In 2008, they were among the first to bring this revolutionary new treatment to the United States

The company both manufactures cryotherapy equipment as well as distributes it to many treatment facilities. It created one of the top machines for cryotherapy – the Cryochamber M-Series – which currently has a patent pending.

They also provide their clients with consulting and safety training. This ensures that their products are used in a safe matter and are properly maintained.

Cryomachine Inc. Products

Here are their most popular cryotherapy products.

Cryo M1 Walk In Chamber

The Cryo M1 Walk In Chamber is unlike any other cryotherapy machine out there right now. It’s an all-encompassing chamber. When you walk in, your face is completely inside of the treatment room. 

The M1 Chamber is considered one of the coldest chambers currently on the market. The temperature can go as low as -320 degrees F. It’s also considered very safe. You can breathe inside of it without any risk of nitrogen. There are 2 O2 sensors to monitor the oxygen levels as well.

This is a very user-friendly machine and can be used back-to-back without an issue. It also takes very little time to pre-cool which means clients do not have to wait. Finally, it has many cool features such as a sound system which allows clients to relax during their treatment.

Juka Cryosauna

If being fully immersed into a chamber make you feel uneasy, the Juka Cryosauna could be your solution. With this machine, your neck and head are outside of the chamber. This allows you to breathe in the room air and feel not so claustrophobic.

Like Cryo M1, there are O2 sensors to monitor your oxygen levels for safety. The Juka Cryosauna also has a door shut off to prevent any of the nitrogen from escaping the chamber. The Juka doesn’t get as cold as the Cryo M1 but still gets to an extremely freezing temperature of -260 degrees F.

This machine is easy to use with a screen controller. Since your head isn’t fully immersed in the chamber, you’re also able to easily communicate with the technician as you’re receiving treatment.

Metrum Cryo-T Elephant

This device is the least intrusive out of three cryotherapy products. Instead of entering a chamber, the Metrum Cryo-T Elephant is a handheld device that specifically targets the area of treatment.

By targeting specific areas, this device can help reduce swelling and pain with its cool temperatures. It can go as low as -238 degrees F. In addition to treating pain, it can be used for cryofacials as a beauty treatment.

The Metrum Cryo-T Elephant is safe with a laser sensor built in to prevent frostbite. It’s also user-friendly with a quick start and screen.

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Now that you’ve read about these amazing machines by Cryomachines Inc., you’re probably interested to learn as much as you can about cryotherapy. Don’t worry – we can help you with that! Learn about Cryotherapy Products here to discover all that there is to know about the future of cryotherapy.