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An Overview of the Top 4 Cryotherapy Machines From the USA

Investing in a cryotherapy business is among the leading profitable ventures now.  By 2020, the cryotherapy global market’s valuation was at $3.8 billion and the growth rate projections show it to grow further1.

This makes cryotherapy a good business to venture into. These top cryotherapy machines from the USA will be perfect for your business.

Top 4 cryotherapy machines from the USA

Designed and assembled in the USA, these machines adhere to all the US standards and regulations. Consequently, their products are of top-notch quality. That said, here are the top 4 cryotherapy units from the USA.

Cryo Innovations XR

Cryo Innovations XR was designed with athletes in mind making it an excellent choice for gyms, physical therapy centers, and sports teams. This machine helps expert athletes as well as those looking to lose weight in recovering post-exercise.

The chamber makes safety its highest priority. With thermal imaging, biometrics, and more than 8 onboard safety features, you can rest assured that your client’s safety is taken care of. Besides, the chamber has an emergency button and a shutdown valve in case of emergencies.


RevoCryo is an excellent fit for small businesses with small spaces and any other businesses that want a portable unit. Although smaller compared to other machines, RevoCryo delivers the same user experience and temperatures as expected at a lower cost.

RevoCryo is easy to use. With a touchscreen, users can simply select a time and set the temperature to start a cryotherapy session. In addition, the wifi connection enables monitoring and sending of alerts in case of any issues. 

M-Cryo Elite

M-Cryo Elite comes with tons of customizable features making it a good fit for all forms of business or for personal use. You can personalize the interiors, exteriors, the sizes, and access various financing options. In addition, users get free after-sale services like installation, delivery, training, and a warranty.

The machine is reliable and efficient making it fit for both low and high-volume operations. The unit can handle up to 20 treatments per hour. Furthermore, the interior is frost-free hence you do not need to dry it during the day.

C1 Recovery

C1 Recovery is a single room chamber that can accommodate 12+ treatments in an hour. It can accommodate two people per session making it an excellent choice for a busy salon or spa. Better yet, this unit will suit your needs, budget, and wellness requirements.

This machine prioritizes customer safety and experience. In place of liquid nitrogen, the chamber uses electric refrigeration. Therefore, it is a whole body, a walk-in system without nitrogen exposure. If you are looking for a nitrogen-free machine from the USA, then C1 Recovery is a perfect fit.

Kickstart Your Salon and Spa Business With the Above Cryotherapy Machines from the USA

All the above machines made in the USA prioritize the safety and user experience of the customers.  Similarly, they are a good fit for entry-level businesses with small spaces and budgets.  

The global cryotherapy market is going to reach 6,727.3 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 9.8%2. Hence, the cryotherapy business is an excellent opportunity for growth. Start your salon cryotherapy business with the above machines from the USA.

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