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What Cryotherapy Chamber Is Best After COVID-19?

With wellness centers and gyms reopening many business owners are asking What cryotherapy chamber is best after COVID-19? With the entire landscape of health and wellness changed from the global pandemic many industry leaders are warning that all equipment must satisfy the post-pandemic customer. What does this mean for current cryotherapy chamber owners after COVID-19 and how can new businesses satisfy what the customer wants?

Four people standing in a cryotherapy chamber after COVID-19
Cryotherapy after COVID-19 will not be a group activity anymore, even with masks, according to a poll of 3500 CR readers.

The Best Cryotherapy Chamber After COVID Is…

Without endorsing any specific brand the best cryotherapy chamber after COVID is the one that makes the client feel safe. By and large most people will not want to participate in cryotherapy in pairs or groups. This has become a problem for electric based chambers such as the US Cryotherapy and Cryo Arctic.¹ Consumers want a personal experience where they are not exposed to another person’s germs. Chambers must now have an anti-porous interior. Some chambers I reviewed have antibacterial materials (such as the XR by Cryo Innovations). Others, such as the Juka have padded cloth interiors that do not allow wipe-downs effectively, and actually absorb liquids.

Is Head-out Cryotherapy The Best Now?

There has long been a healthy debate about whether or not cryo is best with the head exposed or not. While clinical studies are conclusive that it doesn’t not matter the debate continues due to marketing pressure. But cryotherapy and COVID have changed a lot. A Cryosauna Reviews poll of 3500 households (with 2965 people responding) the head-out cryosauna option is a clear winner. The reasons stated by respondents were telling: clients simply did not want to be in a chamber that could contain someone else’s breath even if everyone was wearing masks. The psychological effect of having one’s head out of the chamber was enough to make clients feel safer.

Is This The End Of Enclosed Chambers?

Enclosed cryotherapy chambers are here to stay, but with pandemic concerns now a regular conversation it may not be the time to invest in one. Clients are highly concerned about their immune systems and seek out cryo for its potential immune system benefits. Enclosed chamber owners should immediately address how they will sanitize the chamber and provide air-out times. For clients who do cryotherapy regularly it appears a definite shift is happening to choose cryosaunas instead of enclosed chambers.

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  2. Both the US Cryotherapy C1 and Cryo Artic are single person chambers by design; however, in practice this author has seen operators allow two people in these chamber at the same time.
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Top 6 Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy helps with many things such as muscle recovery, skin rejuvenation, reducing inflammation, decreasing chronic pain, reducing anxiety and depression, and helping with weight loss.

1) Cryotherapy helps with Muscle Recovery

Cryotherapy is most commonly used in the world of sports medicine as a means of providing pain relief and helping muscles recover quicker.  This is popular among professional athletes and fitness gurus.  In studies performed, a majority of athletes performed better after cryotherapy treatment, marked by less exertion, lower heart rates, and less oxygen consumption. This science behind this is that cryotherapy results in more oxygen available to the working muscles and less strain on the cardiac system. In a controlled study where individuals were treated with cryotherapy prior to exercise, they showed a decrease in inflammation, allowing for faster return to activity with less recovery time. 

2) Cryotherapy is used for Skin Rejuvenation

For those with skin issues, such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and others, many have found that cryotherapy has healing benefits for skin troubles. In a subject study, cryotherapy resulted in reduced skin abnormalities, likely due to reduced water loss from the skin, better hydration, and more.

3) Cryotherapy Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is the result of our body’s the immune system fighting infection. However, chronic inflammation is linked to major health issues, like diabetes, depression, dementia, arthritis and even cancer.  Reducing inflammation can reduce the risk to those with the potential to suffer from those ailments. Some studies suggest that cryotherapy can reduce overly reactive inflammation. When the body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures, the blood vessels constrict and reduce blood flow to the areas of inflammation. Cryogenic treatments decreased pro-inflammatory protein (cytokines) levels and increased the presence of anti-inflammatory proteins, in those that went for repeated cryo treatments. Whole Body Cryotherapy has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. The findings indicate that the degree of cooling depends on the BMI (Body Mass Index) and fitness level of the subjects.

4) Cryotherapy Decreases Chronic Pain

Cryotherapy has been shown to improve general well-being and actually improve quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain such as lower back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and pain in muscles and joints.  Cryotherapy reduces pain by decreasing inflammation, increasing anti-inflammatory proteins, improving antioxidant balance, and increasing endorphins. Studies have shown that chronic pain sufferers show pain relief after repeated cryotherapy treatments, with lower pain sensation in muscles and bones, faster recovery, improved mobility, and other improvements including less fatigue and better sleep. 

5) Cryotherapy Reduces Anxiety and Depression

The body is one interconnected system, and how we feel mentally can be altered by physical treatment. Studies have shown that whole body cryotherapy sessions can help to heal psychological strain. Individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, after undergoing cryotherapy treatments, along with their doctor-prescribed medication, were found to have lower symptoms of anxiety/depression and increased mood due to the treatment. 

6) Cryotherapy is for Weight Loss

Proponents of cryotherapy believe it supports the weight loss process. In cryotherapy, the extreme cold temperatures force the human body to work harder to keep warm, which burns calories. It also boosts metabolism, which helps you to continue to burn calories throughout the day. Many cryotherapy users claim a single session can burn hundreds of calories.