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Leicester City Footballers Know the Winning Value of Cryotherapy

The Leicester City Football Club champions know winning. With over a hundred year history of winning football matches, the team uses every winning strategy at their disposal, especially when it comes to recovery and healthy strategy for the well being of their players. Sports science and healing have moved into the technology spotlight, where players are finding new and cutting edge recovery and training methods to change their game. Cryotherapy is one such opportunity for the team to advance their recovery, their endurance and ultimately their winning abilities.

Dave Rennie, the team’s lead physiotherapist has every player use the whole body cryotherapy chamber (WBC) at least once a day, to recover after a hard workout, as well as improving any injury issues they are battling. “This unit affords us the opportunity to return players to fitness fast. Coaches then get more time with the players to work on the games. It’s become central to a player’s adaptation [their recovery and physical development between matches]. It affects the central nervous system and we notice big hormonal changes in players – changes in mood too.” Says Renne. “From a physio’s point of view I’m impressed with the therapy’s ability to shut down the acute soft tissues injuries much faster.” [1]

Cryotherapy advancements have substantially improved player’s recovery times, and allowed for more intense training sessions. Players such as Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Wes Morgan all find great benefits from treating their bodies with the power of cryotherapy. A cryotherapy chamber takes the body temperature down to -200 or more degrees Fahrenheit, and a player stays in the chamber for three minutes. Upon exiting, the body immediately rushes oxygen rich blood and nutrients from the core to the extremities, directly to the tired muscles and injury locations that are in need of healing. The body uses its natural cold response protective system, allowing for inflammation reduction and endorphin releases to aid the blood systems in returning healing nutrients to the extremities.

Football players are finding that they can recover from injury much more quickly, as well as train at a higher level when using cryotherapy on a regular basis to assist their body in its overall performance. Jaime Vardy believes that the help he receives from cryotherapy has helped him stay in the game and recover from his injuries to go on to become a championship winning player.


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Cristiano and Cryotherapy – How a Few Minutes a Week Can Change the Game

Considered as a top player in the world, Portugal’s National Team Captain Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredible example of athletic football (soccer) talent. As an international star on and off the field, Cristiano has kept no secrets from his huge fan base when it comes to how he takes care of his health and maintains his ongoing talent.

While in Madrid, Ronaldo tried a cryotherapy session and it changed his view on workout and game recovery. He realized the incredible benefits for his body after strenuous games and knew it was something that he wanted to have in his daily life.

Cryotherapy was so effective for a fast recovery time, helping his body to be pain free, energize his muscles and restore the nutrients and oxygen flow to his body that he decided to purchase a cryotherapy chamber for his home. He uses the chamber at least twice a week and the benefits show in his incredible performance on the field.

The Cold Facts for a Fiery Performance on the Field

A cryotherapy chamber session only takes 2-3 minutes, and drops the body temperature rapidly. The hands and feet are protected, and men wear a bathing suit. The extreme cold of the nitrogen is a ‘dry cold’ which stimulates the body’s immune system and improves muscle regeneration, while reducing injury inflammation. Upon stepping out of the chamber, the blood system returns the flow in a rush to the extremities, bringing with it the highly oxygenated blood, the lymphatic and blood nutrients and charges into the sore muscles and tendons. Many people have mentioned the energetic effect of a positive mental state after cryotherapy sessions, that lasts for some time.

The body recovers from depletion and strain from intense workout or competitive sports, with a fast and lasting energy, helping athletes like Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo to have longer or more frequent training workouts and improve their game.

Goals- Body, Mind and Sport

The benefits of cryotherapy sessions certainly show on the field, when a footballer can lead in his sport with the endurance and talent that Cristiano Ronaldo shows. Professional athletes across the globe are embracing the use of cryotherapy as a safe and effective way to improve their recovery times, heal from injury and aid in their performance. Reaching goals, staying healthy and achieving superior performance in sports takes the right kind of therapy for the body and mind. Cryotherapy is one valuable avenue to athletic performance that professional athletes choose to be at the top of their game.