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Top 4 Cryotherapy Machines That Do Not Require Dry Out Time

The technological advancement in cryotherapy along with the rise in incidents such as cancer, sports injuries, and cardiac diseases has led to the growth of cryotherapy. In fact, the cryotherapy market is forecasted to grow to $319 million by 2024 from $206 million in 20191.

Subsequently, there are plenty of attractive opportunities in the market thus making the acquisition of a cryotherapy chamber a good investment. These cryotherapy machines that don’t require dry-out time will save you time.

Incorporate Cryotherapy Into Your Salon With These Machines That Do Not Need Dry Out Time

 Buying a cryotherapy machine without a dry-out time will help you serve more clients over a short period thus boosting your profits. Here are the top 4 machines without dry-out time.

Cryo XCTM  

Cryo XCTM  is a cutting-edge gadget that gives whole-body cryotherapy treatments at extremely low temperatures. It has a Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy Mode that boosts the machine’s safety and simplifies maintenance.

Better yet, the thermal contrast cryotherapy mode enables you to lower the dry-out time needed to as little as ten minutes. This means you can have more sessions per day and also enjoy energy savings of up to 30%. Besides, you can prolong sessions and charge more for a higher ROI.

Krion Premium

With more than 20 years in the market servicing over 30 countries, Krion Premium uses the latest technologies and offers safe treatments. Moreover, the use of advanced technology allows you to offer over 100 treatments per day which translates into more income for you.

Krion Premium is designed to use minimum liquid nitrogen while allowing you to cater to a large group of clients. Since it does not need time to dry out, you can work for eight straight hours. Better yet, the machine needs minimal time to maintain and repair.


Cryosense is a pioneer next-gen cryo sauna that offers cryotherapy and heat in the same session. The machine also stands apart with its eight different client modes that allow users to customize their treatment sessions.

With many advanced features, Cryosense satisfies your customers and greatly improves your return on investment. The unit can run constantly without stopping while retaining full evaporation since it has a continuous dry cycle. This reduces monthly downtime by over 20 hours while keeping it safe.


Cryo°Cabin is a whole body cryotherapy cabin with a precise flow control system that minimizes consumption. As a result, this whole-body therapy cabin uses one liter per minute thus saving on costs. In addition, the machine has active sensors and detectors monitoring in real-time to ensure client safety. 

With a de-icing feature, you can expect a long work time and over 100 sessions per day. The maintenance-free sessions and the use of smart software enable you to run treatments with minimal effort.

Boost Your Salon’s Profitability With the Above Cryotherapy Machines Without Dry Out Time

The above machines allow you to run many sessions in a day translating to more clients served and higher ROI. Since the cryotherapy market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10%2, investing in the above machines will boost your salon’s income.

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