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Why Start a Cryotherapy Business?

With so many options why start a cryotherapy business? Cryotherapy is one of the newest innovations in the world of health and fitness. It has turned the heads of several fitness entrepreneurs due to its increasing popularity. Professional athletes and trainers rely on cryo to boost their energy and aid in recovery. While cryotherapy provides amazing health benefits to its users, it’s also extremely lucrative for the business owner. Financial analysts project the cryotherapy business exceeding $5 billion by 2025. This is only the beginning for this rising business. Many cities still lack a cryotherapy business in their area and for the moment, it’s still a land grab.

Is Starting a Cryotherapy Business Hard?

Cryotherapy is a plug-n-play business that requires little to no overhead or maintenance costs. After obtaining and installing the machine you can begin selling sessions immediately. Cryo sessions sell for $40, but only cost the owner a total of $5 for the nitrogen used. Therefore, a 3 minute session yields a whopping $35 profit. That alone can work as a business; however, it can also open doors to offering other services for more money.

Is Cryotherapy THAT popular?

Should I start a Cryotherapy Business?  Lebron James in a cryotherapy chamber.
King James in the cryosauna.

You’ve probably seen cryotherapy being used by some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Lebron James uses cryo to continue dominating the NBA. Zac Efron also uses cryotherapy in maintaining and caring for his incredible physique. He even has guests on his fitness show use the cryo chamber after each of their workout sessions. The mainstream attention for this new innovation has piqued the interest of many business owners and fitness consumers, causing a growing market for cryo chambers. Once you have a cryotherapy business in town consumers will be eager to discover what’s behind all the mainstream attention surrounding cryotherapy which will help with marketing.

How Should I Start?

If you’re interested in a cryotherapy business, now is the time to start! It’s so easy to start and maintain that there should be nothing holding you back. Start by first comparing cryotherapy chambers here and reviewing the top performers from 2019.

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Zac Efron Heats up the Cold Cryo Chamber Scene

Zac Efron knows how to make cryotherapy fun! Rockin’ a great new look and headed into an ‘impromptu’ dance session in a cryotherapy chamber, Efron does it for his greater good- a better way to healing and recovery. Many Hollywood celebrities are climbing into the cold for rejuvenation, healing from work stress and sports injuries, and to always be looking runway ready.

Earlier this year, Zac sustained an ACL tear injury while he was tearing up the ski slopes, and opted for surgery to correct the major tear and get him on his feet quickly. With post-op recovery physical therapy, he also chose cryotherapy as a way to expedite his healing. Understanding the benefits of cryotherapy for inflammation and injury, Efron delved into the treatments to utilize a more natural way to get him back into shape.

With a group of friends, Efron decided to do his whole body cryotherapy recovery session while dancing with them in the cold, to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by 90s rapper Vanilla Ice. [1] An appropriate way to endure the few minutes of -200 degree temperatures for sure! Efron understands the many benefits of using cryotherapy in his recovery. From muscle inflammation reduction, pain relief and the benefits of nutrients and oxygenated blood that rushes to the extremities after a session; cryotherapy offered a natural and healthy way for Efron to improve after his ACL surgery.

On his Instagram account he shows how he utilized the cryotherapy along with exercise and training to recover and get back his strength. Cryotherapy is a major bonus in wellness and for dealing with pain and inflammation as well as helping to remove post-op toxins from the body. It increases endorphins after a session and can help some people find more restful sleep. Efron says, “Better every day. Taking it literally, 1 step at a time…”

Recovery with whole body cryotherapy is becoming a popular choice for athletes, celebrities and the rest of the public seeking wellness and healing through natural body processes. Lifestyles are changing when it comes to looking and feeling good, and natural ways to treat healing and stay on top of one’s health and fitness are a trend that continues to grow the interests in technologically advanced treatments like cryotherapy.